T-54 model 1949 light tank variant

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Hello everyone,

what we have here is a quite interesting thing. Some of you (with very good memory) might remember one interview with SerB for the Goha.ru portal from more than two years ago (you can check it here), where – while discussing potential light tanks – he mentioned an ultra-lightweight variant of the T-54 tank a potential hightier candidate for World of Tanks. I’ve seen this interview before several times, but I honestly never found anything about this special T-54 variant, until it showed up on US forums today. It’s pretty interesting actually. Here’s what we know about it.


The article states that there was some testing of various types of tracks for T-54 tanks around 1949. At the same time, in May 1945, the design bureau of Plant No.183 (Kharkov) designed a light variant of the T-54 tank with improved terrain passability compared to the production T-54 model. This light variant could serve during special operations, where passability, speed and agility were needed more than superior armor protection. In order to achieve that, this light variant had wider tracks (580mm).

Both tanks were to use the same components, so the lighter variant could be easily produced by the plant in parallel with the original vehicle. The only things different were the hull and the turret, both having reduced level of protection, but kept the original shape (armor angles and such) of the production model. Final drives were also subjected to some small technical changes.

This is how they planned the vehicle to look from front:


Armor schematics of the light vehicle (1949):


The armor was changed as such:

- upper frontal plate (60 degrees) from 120mm to 80mm (240mm EFF to 160mm EFF)
- lower frontal plate (55 degrees) from 120mm to 80mm (209mm EFF to 139mm EFF)
- hull side (0 degrees) from 80mm to 60mm
- upper rear armor from 45mm to 20mm
- lower rear armor from 30mm to 15mm
- frontal hull roof from 30mm to 20mm
- rear hull roof from 20mm to 15mm

The suspension was slightly changed. Original T-54 suspension on the right, lighter on the left:


The turret shape was modified to remove the frontal shot trap. Its frontal armor was also reduced from (T-54) 200mm to 180mm, the sides were reduced from 160mm to 120mm, the turret roof from 30mm to 20mm and the rear from 65mm to 60mm. The roadwheels were also to be a bit smaller (810mm diameter reduced to 790mm), torsion bars were also thinner (52mm to 42mm diameter) and the tank of course was lighter. Its weight was projected 31 tons. It was to armed with the D-10T 100mm gun, the power-to-weight ration was to be 16,8hp/t (using the 520hp T-54 engine) and its maximum speed was to be 58,7 km/h.

This vehicle was, according to its designers, to solve tactical problems where using regular T-54 tanks was not practical. Note that the Chinese actually went even further and reduced not only the armor, but also the size of the original tanks, creating the Type 62 by miniaturizing Type 59. That happened of course more than a decade later. Apparently, this project never progressed past the drawing board stage.

So, what do you think? Could this be the tier 8 Soviet light tank? 175mm penetration gun sounds sufficient, maybe the armor would be a bit OP…

54 thoughts on “T-54 model 1949 light tank variant

  1. Think it would make a good T8 light. You counter the armour by reducing some soft stats, ROF etc, Make a good ambush scout.

  2. T-54 light variant than remind the chinese light tanks 59-16 wz-131 and wz 132, and Type 62. I wonder they are much better or worse than the Chinese scout counterparts???

  3. It has same dimensions like regular T-54, or not?

    “….he only things different were the hull and the turret, both having reduced level of protection, but kept the original shape (armor angles and such) of the production model…..”

    I think it is…More speedy but vulnerable rather than regular T-54? I think it can be very good against tier 8s, maybe against some tier 9s and maybe a few tier 10s. Especially slow TDs…

    But there is a little problem i think. Tank is big “a little”…So it can be hit easily.

      • Which makes it pretty big for a dedicated scout. Then again, the ru251 isn’t that small, nor is the Walker Bulldog…
        Still, this looks more like T8 MT prem material, the gun seems good enough, since it’s the same as a T-44 gun, in essence. Give it smaller ROF, worse aim-time and the tricky half-cheat armor seems viable.
        The only thing that seems strange is the p/w ratio and max speed, too much for a T8 mt.

      • Silent remember in the T110 thread, we had this same discussion in regards to the T54 really supposed to having 100m.

        80mm is still very respectable, hell the Japanese STB1 really has a tru upper Glacis of 32mm thick. That is the 3rd upper piece.

        Anyways 80mm is still very bouncable and if it has super speed it will be the best by far.

  4. So, what do you think? Could this be the tier 8 Soviet light tank? 175mm penetration gun sounds sufficient, maybe the armor would be a bit OP

    its soviet so its fine for WG

      • then please tell us how is this not OP? T-54 level of armor on a T8 and gun slightly worse in terms of soft stats than T-44….

      • Yeah, we all know how Russian tanks suck. Unlike beasts from the West, such as JgPz IV, VK 30s, VK 36.01, VK 45s, Sturer Emil, Maus, M4 1945, ARL V39, AMX 12t, Lorraine 40t, M4A2E2, M6… Oh, almost forgot about these ridiculously OP brits and nippons.

              • “You are wrong” makes for a perfect argument.
                I wonder why all of the tomatoes are driving Russian tanks… It must be that green colour. Surely not the fact that some of them are 2-shotting or 1-shotting same tiers, magically bouncing, overtaking everyone… Naaaah.
                Really, I’d love to hear about how ARL V39 outperforms SU-100 or M6 is better than KV-1S, but I have better things to do. Keep on being delusional, I heard that it makes people happy.

                • On the ARL and SU-100 I cant comment. I havent played the first and I dont remember the second. Hellcat ends that arguement though.
                  KV-1S is only place where you are right. Damned thing is too fast and deals too much damage.

                  VK 30s are decent. VK 4502A is awesome as f*ck. Made of Chuck Norris. VK 4502B is better then IS-8, worse then E-75(God of tier 9 heavies) and ST-I. Lorraine is good in experienced hands after buffs…

        • JgPz IV is a fine tank with great mobility and enought armor.
          VKs 30.02M and 30.01D are fine, 30.01P is big and 30.02D is horrible.
          VK 36.01H is still a big medium.
          VK 45.02 A is worse than Tiger II and it doesn’t have enough mobility (also I don’t know why it doesn’t get the Tiger II gun) and the B is a rear turreted E 75 and isn’t that bad.
          Sturer Emil has got a big gun and you have to survive with the tank being… well less than optimal.
          Maus is bad because gold, tier X TDs and arty.
          M4 1945 is like the Tiger with a bit worse gun stats.
          ARL V39 isn’t that bad, good pen and fairly decent mobility.
          AMX 12t has shit elevation angles, that’s all.
          Lorraine 40t is a big AMX 50 100 in tier IX and it actually doesn’t seem that bad.
          M4A3E2* has good armor to fight its own tier (not TDs or ARL 44/KV-1S guns).
          M6 is a T1 Heavy with 90mm and not that good.

          • I disagree with you as well.
            VK 4502 A is badass. Best tier 8 heavy in the game for me. Ausf B is decent… at least better then IS-8. The E-75 is awesome as well.
            Maus needs more city maps really…

          • Pretty much nailed it, but I have to disagree on some points.
            JgPz IV is getting penetrated by everything that isn’t stock or it shoots at extreme angles or extreme distances. But main thing that kills it are the useless guns for that platform.
            VK 36 and 30H got nerfed to hell, 02D and 01D are nothing to be thrilled by, only 02M is decent.
            45A is just good-for-nothing tank, 45B could be fine if not for the mobility.
            Crap Sturer Emil has only gun for its defence and it still has limited ammo load.
            M4 WAS like the Tiger before it got buffed to a good tank (that RoF buff made Tiger H playable), now it’s just big medium wanna-be with nothing special about it and outperformed by any other heavy on that tier.
            V39 – horrible gun arc, no armor whatsoever.
            12t is outperformed by any tier 6 scout.
            40t – you could count on your hands people enjoying this tank.
            M4A3E2 (my mistake) is a heavy wanna-be with no mobility and terrible guns.
            M6 is just xp pinata with mediocre gun.

            • Its sad, but the only thing I can say is L2P (especially on VK 4502A …).
              Its fine, you dont like some tanks. Does neither mean Soviets are OP nor that the tanks are bad.

              Off topc even more: are you the guy with some STALKER vids on his YouTube?

            • Well I wasn’t talking about the 30.01H, no body should talk about it. The M 4 has better p/w ratio and a bit better armor, other wise it’s worse than the Tiger in practically every category. You’re right about the V39, but I think it’s a decent machine still. 12t is more ment to circle and kill IMO. The 40t is better than the 50 100 in every category exept the armor. The Jumbo has decent mobility, but just bad top speed, still the same gun as the E8 and better gun than the A-43.

  5. A T-54 scout (with scout camo) that would reliability bounce AP from other tier 7-8 lights, are we going to buff the view range from 390 too? Why not 420 view range in honor of Colorado legalizing weed?

    Knowing WG they wouldn’t give this tank the tier 7 D-10 gun, it would be the D-10T2C with grossly OP HEAT and ROF.

  6. I assume the softer stats like gun depression are equal to the T-54 as well. The main advantages this thing would have would be that it is faster and has a higher acceleration, making it easier to flank with, but given it is limited by the same weaknesses as the T-54, it would take some getting used to.

    Note: I’ve never driven the -54 or its kin.

    • If it gets the same MM spread as the 13 90 or WZ, I think that it will be just fine. What I’m more concerned about is the fact that at Tiers 9 and 10, scouts are neutered by both the LT nerfs after the Great Arty Nerf of 8.6 and the meta shift towards TDs and chokepoints to avoid being sniped by them. It’s becoming very hard in some cases to passive scout, and even then, Tier 9 and 10 meds do the job just fine anyways. Until they manage to introduce much larger maps with more open space akin to Steppes or a more diverse Malinovka, they’re a drag to teams for the most part.

      • Lots of people do play T-44. Easier grind up T-54, tolerable depression, and a more handsome tank than the 416 (this-SerB approves.)

  7. One thing for sure, it would be very easy to implement (and easy is the _keyword_ here ;))

    • THIS! It sounds too OP for a tier 8 scout. Maybe it would fit tier 9 light tank but after they confirmed alternative hulls for tanks I also think this could be a secondary version of T-54 hull.

      T-54 – good armor, able to mount the best gun, less speed, less mobility.
      T-54 model 1949 – light armor, unable to mount best gun, more speed, more mobility.

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