Editing comments now possible…

Hello everyone,

Edrard installed new plugin, that allows you to edit your comment for five minutes after this comment was published (I want people to be able to edit their typos, not massive backediting of comments). Please try it out and see if it works :)


75 thoughts on “Editing comments now possible…

  1. That’s bad.

    Edit: is good :), but it doesn’t show “this comment has been edited” info.

  2. Pffft, I don’t believe it
    Edit: wait, I do! cool coutdown timer too :P
    Will really help :P

  3. SS, I was out buying some books when I found one of those great “don’t have a source but it’s true!” books about german superweapons during WW2.
    Now I don’t really trust anything written in it but it did mention a strange “Pzkpfw IX” in the same chapter as the Löwe and Maus. It looked like the AMX 40 and the Tiger H got a bit too friendly… you know…

    Was there ever any project about a Pz IX or have I found another “my grandpa said so” tank? I can scan the page if you want.


  4. That is an awesome feature and very useful!

    And having been edited it’s even more awesome!

    And having been edited twice it’s even awesomers!


  5. Bla, bla?

    edit: Yes, bla bla :)

    edit2: WOW! There is a cute little circle! AND IT TURNS!!!

    • Apparently it was put in maintenance mode and has been forgotten about since, meaning no one can edit it and actually contribute to the near blank page known as the Jap tech tree….

  6. Would be nice to show an “edited” note for comments, even better if you could add something to show the original unedited comment so we don’t have trolls unleashing shitstorms and then they edit their original comment to look like a saint.
    EDIT: Oh the fucking irony… I didn’t realize it was only possible to edit before 5 mins. But I still insist.

  7. I want people to be able to edit their typos, not massive backediting of comments

    You bastard!

    • i hope you will edit that comment

      EDIT: you did it

      EDIT2: it looks like i can edit my comment unlimited times but only for 5 minutes

      EDIT3: confirmed

      EDIT4: GJ Edrard

  8. SS, do you have any new information about the new upcoming tank model file modernization, that will render our current skin/remodel mods useless?

    Edit: I know it’s going to invalidate all skin/remodel stuff, but I want to know more details. Kapisch? :D

    Edit2: Comment editing works fine, I think :) Spasibo Edrard ;)

  9. Very nice, a little thing noting that it was edited would be nice also, but not 100% needed. Also could be useful if you ban someone to leave their post and put a “This user was banned” etc

  10. test 1: 7:24 PM
    test 2: 7:25 PM

    Yep, it works all right. I can’t count how many times I’ve been wishing I had this so I didn’t have to double-post to fix an error! Thanks SS and Edrard!