WG EU fail: promoting fake tanks

Thanks to Chr15 for this one

Hello everyone,

this is something that actually made me giggle. You know how Wargaming has regionally-split Facebook pages, right? If you are German, you will see the German page, if you are American, you will see the American one and so on. Well, the German WG FB page is really funny, because it apparently employs historical specialists. However, WG “specialist” does not mean “expert”, it means “his mum said he’s special”.

Check this out – German FB “specialist” is asking, what tank is this?


Yea, that’s a photoshopped picture – a notorious fake, allegedly showing the E-25 hull, but in reality it’s “just” a Hetzer, shopped to look like the E-25. Unfortunately I can’t link it to you (you have to be German to see the German WG FB page, or at least reconfigure your FB somehow).

Obviously, people who actually deal wit a tank game should be able to recognize blatant fakes. No E-25 hull was ever built as far as we (and Mr.Doyle) know. According to Kniepkamp, several hulls were built by Alkett, but noone ever found them.

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  1. Someone should post the fake “second battle of Stalingrad” images with the Maus and E-100.

      • Basically the same as that one kid we all knew who would lie to you about random stuff for no apparent reason….because it automatically means he knows something you didn’t and that gives him an ego boost.

    • Simple, if you’re a part of small community/forum that’s focused on such stuff and you deliver something like this you become quite a celebrity right off the bat, now imagine some people who never achieved anything and now they’re “someone”. For some people that’s alot, so all we can do is expect more such fakes to come.

  2. the first answer at the screenshot is good “its a photomontage …. from Mr Nast”
    its a model builder freak who made a lot faked blueprints. (E-79 Zecke, E50M, Krokodil …)

  3. Thanks for posting this, the explanation of a “specialist” made me nearly fall of my chair :D Keep going on your good work, me and many others really apreciate it!

  4. I believe the pages are divided by language preference, not necessarily region. I’ve got WoT’s FB page liked, but I also indicate to FB that I can speak german(in reality, just a little), so I see both English and German FB posts

  5. Damn I’ve found the original picture some time ago and now I can’t find it. If I remember correctly it was a Jagdpanzer IV.

  6. Yeah they really screwed that Photoshop up, the quality of the E-25 is not similar to the rest of the picture, the tank is way to clear compared to the rest which is grainy and washed out.

    Also if the tank have been driving on dirt why is there no dirt on the rest of the wheels. They forgot important details also the tank is partially floating which looks stupid.

    Taking a closer look you can see the shadows does not correspond to the position of the sun in the picture, there are no shadows on the tank either.

    • Well iam sorry for being part of europe , and for you having to see websites that are not in your language .

      greeting from germany

  7. So the new bench for gpu’s will be wot.
    The phrase “But can it run crysis” will become “But can it run Wot?”

  8. “but in reality it’s “just” a Hetzer”

    Which Hetzer ?
    1)-Jagdpanzer 38(t), with it’s fake nickname “Hetzer” (administrative error)
    2)-Jagdpanzer 38(d) – E-10, also named Hetzer officially


  9. Well it is not like the german wg guy wanted to start a historical conversation about that tank , he just wanted to discuss that picture.
    It is facebook , not some historical tank website.

    While i like to read here about news on world of tanks i think your wargaming critic is sometimes a bit too far fetched .

    • When a “tank specialist” can’t see obvious photoshop specially if it’s about a tank whose model never been built/found irl then he should be bashed because he deserved it. Now go suck up on WG somewhere else.

      • Thank you for your kind words. Like i said i think the guy just wanted to pull wot fans into some conversation , or share that picture , he did not want to start a historical debate about tanks.

  10. Well, you should seriously consider to use other name then “fail”. On this blog it is like in every third topic :) It really starts to get on nerves :D