Chinese Tank Museum photos

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it’s been a while since we had any sets of photos. Dominatus (US forums) visited recently the Chinese Tank Museum in Beijing and submitted some interesting pictures from it. Here they are. Please excuse bad lighting. Also, this post is very picture heavy.

Chinese Chi-Ha


Chinese IS-2 – notice the frotal armor shape

IS-2 - note stepped glacis





Chinese Stuart

Movie Stuart

North-Korean Pokpung-Ho (Storm Tiger) M-2002 MBT (1992)

Storm MBT

Another Stuart


SU-100 and SU-76


SU-76 gun


T-34/85 turret – note that it has no loader’s copula

T-34-85 - note no loader's cupola

Type 59 with Type 62 and Type 62 turrets

Type 62 and Type 59

Type 62 turrets

Type 63 with various turrets (including Type 62 turret and a turret with L7 clone)

Type 63

Type 63 APC

Type 63 mockups (I think, no info panels)

Type 63 with L7 clone

WZ-111 – prototype with test weight instead of turret


“122″ and “132″ – prototypes

122 - not sure which version

132 - note muzzle brake

An old grainy photo of a local copy of SU-76

Funny looking SU-76 (locally produced)

Old pictures from Chinese civil war – the first one is really familiar (I totally forgot what it is – Ha-Go?) and the second is some sort of CV-33 type tankette



Chinese ISU-122′s on 1954 parade


American LVT’s with ZIS-2 guns (tank destroyers)

LVTs with ZiS-2s

Soviet vehicles in Chinese service – the last one are the SU-100 tank destroyers

Soviet vehicles in Chinese service


63 thoughts on “Chinese Tank Museum photos

    • they are too lazy to copy…i think they are directly imported from Russia and just rename them

      • True, china had to establish tank building from scratch, even worse for them, the country was devastated by 30 years of constant warfare. No wonder they didn’t give a fuck and just imported stuff from their ideological ally.

            • I think he more means “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” kind of thing so rather than develop their own armor the chinese could just use russian stuff that was already proven to work. And pretty much all Chinese tanks are either Russian imports (IS-2), direct copies of Russian tanks (Type 59/WZ-120 and T-54), or designs based off of Russian tank doctrine (110 and IS-3). Unlike other nations (US, UK, Germany, Russia) the Chinese didn’t do a lot of their own research and designing, a lot of their military hardware is copied. It’s just a colloquial thing with China, they don’t just do it with a lot of weapons they also do it with common consumer items. Think of chinese knock offs, like bags, watches, movies, clothes, etc.

  1. Chinese had both versions of IS-2 with straight and stepped armor plate.
    T-34-85 did not have loader’s cupola, Type 58 had it, to enable mounting of AAMG.

    • Yes, he forgot to upload the picture of the one with a loader’s cupola. :)
      No AA gun on the one I saw though, or a mount for one.

  2. Reason why the chinese tech tree is by far the least popular is now obvious.. I wonder why they even bothered to release them on other than chinese server..

  3. Actually that is not a North Korean Pokpung-ho

    The DPRK Pokpung-ho looks like this;

    Notice the different road wheel design, it uses the T-55 torsion bar system.
    The turret is also very different and it appears to be using a L7 clone. Could be mistaken about the gun of course but it looks too small to be a 115mm or a 125mm.

    • Ya know… the museum used to have OLD tanks and your pics look kinda new… just sayn’ it might be an older version. I wouldn’t be surprised if North Korea still developed an old design.

      • Would have to be a complete different tank because the main design is actually based on the T-62 and the Chonma-ho also incorporating technology from various Soviet tanks also the Russian T-90 like the 125mm smoothbore gun.

        The tank apparently made its first trails in 2002 and according to some shady sources it might have been available as early as the 90s.

        The tank in the picture features American style torsion bar suspension and the chassis looks like from a different tank not from the T-62.

        All this according to Wikipedia and other sources, it would not make much sense if it was a very early prototype because its so radically different from the Pokpung-ho.

    • Yes, it’s not the Korean tank. It’s just called “Storm” and was designed for the Middle East export market.

    • Its way too modern for that, it has a 115mm or a 125mm smoothbore gun with plenty of modern equipment and a 1000HP diesel engine featuring Composite armour.

      And it was designed in the 80s, its like putting a M1A2 Abrams into the game.

      Also the picture you see is not really a Storm Tiger but some Chinese tank I have never seen. Storm Tiger looks like a heavily modified T-62

    • the only T-34-X plan that might have prototype is T-34-2… others are just… meh

  4. 那个焊接炮塔的是风暴式坦克。楼主没拍到坦克博物馆的好东西,有个馆是不开放的。 坦克博物馆还有缴获的94式超轻坦克,似乎是世界唯一一辆


    • These aren’t the only photos I took. I had the opportunity to go into the semi-secret room, but I didn’t want to come back another day to do so. Plus I doubt they’d let you take pictures in it.

      • 另外很多样车是交给工厂自己保存,没有送到博物馆… 有的则毁于核试验

        中国北方有一处广场上还有英国的酋长式坦克 涂刷了类似PLA的涂装