WG EU fail: Orlik medal post – stronk history

Source: Dom1n’s blog

Hello everyone,

today, Dom1n (Polish blogger) pointed out in the linked above article that Wargaming’s Orlik post is not exactly historically accurate. So, in order to fix the info:

- the vehicle on the picture is obviously not Orlik’s 20mm TKS tankette, but a TK3 with a 7,92mm Wz.25 machinegun. The 20mm version looks like this (very difficult to look up the correct picture, took me as long as like 5 seconds):


- Victor IV Albrecht von Ratimor (as posted in WG’s article) was actually von Ratibor, here’s the announcement of his death:


- the man on the picture posted by Wargaming is actually Roman Radwan-Okuszko, not Roman Orlik. I can see where this came from though, several western sources mess the picture up.

I actually thought that Wargaming made one more mistake – not long ago, Listy wrote a post about this encounter, where he states Ratibor was actually riding a Panzer IV and commanded two LT-35′s, but after looking up several Polish sources, I think Wargaming might actually be right, prince Ratibor likely died in a Panzer 35 (t), according to Polish sources. However, even Polish sources differ in here, so it’s really not clear.

Either way, these historical posts should be as much accurate as possible. Orlik’s heroic action deserves nothing less.

21 thoughts on “WG EU fail: Orlik medal post – stronk history

  1. The biggest part of this fail is the fact that WG actually stolen the whole idea from Polish Community Contributor, hallack05. He wrote a comment on the article, suggestin that he is really pissed off on that.

  2. >wg eu fail
    Nothing new, carry on…

    I got my Orlik’s medal in my amx 12t when it was tier 5, it was a good match. Killed t-44, ferdi, kt and some 3 other tanks. Reaction of one of my teammates made it even better: “omg amx you cleared the whole flank!” :D

  3. Like the medal gaff, Nichols medal… “Awarded for destroying four or more enemy vehicles with a medium tank.”

    Picture on the Medal is a Crusader… A light tank (in the game).

    • IIRC Crusader was classified both as a medium tank, too, because it was a transition of sorts.

  4. I’m still baffled Nichols’ Medal wasn’t changed. It’s a medal for Medium tanks but the Crusader in-game is classified as a light tank.

  5. and i was wondering why the tank in the medal looks different to the one in WG’s news.

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