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Hello everyone,

so, would you like to be a community manager for World of Warplanes? Then you should know how to recognize Gaijin saboteurs, how to sabotage Gaijin forums and how to pretend you’re a regular player :)

Check this out. This is the official set of questions (in Russian) that the future community management employees get asked (notice it is saved on worldofwarplanes server, so it’s legit). In case it gets deleted, here’s a backup.

Page 2, block 2:

“Расскажите, для чего КМ-у нужно работать на конкурентных ресурсах?”

Write down, why does the Community Manager need to work with the resources of our competition? (SS: lit. “tell us”)

“Как вы думаете, каких принципов следует придерживаться КМу в ходе работы на конкурентных ресурсах?”

What do you think, what principles should the Community Manager follow, when working with competition resources?

“По каким признакам можно выявить сотрудников КМ-ов конкурирующих проектов на ваших ресурсах?”

How can you identify the Community Manager employees of our competitors working on your resources?

….and bonus, Wargaming Community Managers are apparently encouraged to use “sock puppets” or “twinks” (SS: fake second accounts, not identifiable as belonging to Wargaming employees, pretending to be regular players) in forum discussions:

“Ответьте на комментарии пользователей (требующие ответа на ваш взгляд) к этой новости из-под официального аккаунта и твинка.”

Reply on the user comments (if you think such comments should be replied to) to the following news with your official account and with your sockpuppet (SS: literally “twink”)

Nice. I wonder how many sockpuppets we are talking to on WG EU forums. The test looks like this (these are real questions the CM gets asked, not a joke):

Player: “Terrible fail of the company. When will they get a grip and stop producing unplayable trash?!”
WG employee answer (real account):
WG employee answer (sock puppet):

Player: “The graphics is terrible and bad. How can this be in 2014? No money from me!”
WG employee answer (real account):
WG employee answer (sock puppet):

Player: “I have a question – does the company have one normal game? Or did everything end with World of Barbie?”
WG employee answer (real account):
WG employee answer (sock puppet):

Player: “I watched the video for 2014, you should learn from your competition how to make games!”
WG employee answer (real account):
WG employee answer (sock puppet):

There are a bunch of others. Pretty funny :) So, be careful about sock puppets :)

37 thoughts on “WoWp Community Management employee tests

  1. I guess I’m not surprised this happens. I’m just kinda surprised they got caught out in such a stupid way.

  2. Everyone with half a brain knew that WG has shills posting on the forums, but it’s good that now we have irrefutable proof – that will shut up all the retarded sheeple from spewing nonsense about “conspiracy theorists”.

    • Large companies employ shills, more news at 11!

      Seriously though official forums should be avoided for any game, Reddit’s pretty infamous for the shill population too, doubly-so for War Thunder. At least the Gaijin official forum shills are marked with MLP avatars.

  3. for us players it’s a game….or more games…
    for’s money….or more money

  4. So if Community managers are encouraged to sockpuppet im sure Wargaming would be perfectly fine with their own players using sock puppets to provide valuable game feedback, right? …. Right?

  5. @William Griffiths: Alt-accounts are allowed in EU forums for players;)

    For the news: not a big deal. There are reasons, why checking profile page is advised when in doubts (statistics, number of battles, history of clans if available, history of posts etc). I haven’t seen any WG sockpuppet with 20k battles and unicum rating yet, you know;)

    In fact I am surprised because you are surprised;) I have seen this (or suspected something similar) in many forums, even on War Thunder forum. BTW, some of its (Gaijin) staff and part of moderator team frequently reads and (rarely?) writes on WG forums. And they do not have their status in signatures (in a rare cases when they were identified);) I think it is possible that some of them try to influence public opinion.

  6. Greeeeeeaaat work SS… You now realise that no-one will ever be able to pour water on any retarded tinfoil-hattery with people linking to this post and going ‘ZONG OH NOES U R WERKING 4 TEH EVUL WGGG!!!1111′?

    • Hey, if you wanted to make your sock puppet look authentic you could get it banned from the forums, then let it come back with another id…..

      ….repeatedly. :-p

      But seriously, now some of us just can’t post at all, I already get accused of being on the WG payroll enough. THX SS.

      I don’t see how “reporting” this does anything helpful. It just feeds the tin foil hatters.

      • I’m not surprised that BattleMetalChris is spewing this idiocy, he’s an autistic retard after all, but why do you agree with him? Do you REALLY think that exposing lies and manipulations of companies is a wrong thing to do? Why, because it hurts their profits? How can truth ever be wrong? This does a lot of good – it will make many people aware that they are being manipulated. So terrible.

        • But it’s nothing new, it’s not exposing anything that those of us with half a brain didn’t already know about. All posting it on here does is feed the tin foil hat brigade who will then spew it back onto the forum because they don’t even have half a brain so this is all news to them.

          And I’m sure that Greedy Goblin is working on an article already citing this as proof that the mm is keeping him down and WG suppress the truth by using fake accounts on the official forum.

    • Holy shit, that’s the worst attempt at damage control I’ve ever seen. Or maybe you’re really this dumb, but that’s even worse for you – at least shills are getting paid to act like retards, you do that out of your own volition.

    • It’s not like they are the only company that does this, every company out there has a vested interest in deceiving you to get you to buy their product, or at the very least not buy their competitors product.

  7. Actually, even the questions are funny, it makes sense. You must follow the competion. And the second part can reveal your own nature, how you react on people and critics.

  8. Socpuppets on WG forum. ORLY? Biiig surprise… If i had a large company with an official forum filled 90% with retarded posts by frustrated whiners of which 3/4 dont pay for my product i would do the same.Gotta counter it somehow…

    3 samples from forum (not trancript, just the genereal intetion of the whine…) on the IS-6 mission…
    * argh mai gad, this IS-6 mission during christmas, arrrgh, why does WG so dizrezpectful, i want to spend time on the other gamez i bought on christmas discounts, WG daz not rezpect my time*
    * argh mai ghad, another nation (japan) to grind WTF WG, why u add another nation, itz zoooo haaaard to do thizzz*
    * argh mai gad, impssibru IS-6 mission, fak ju WG for a useless mizion no one can complete, no onez can do 700 k xp in ONE MONTH, impossibru WG, wai u cannot underztand theeez*

    Oh, btw. I completed the IS-6 mission in 2 weeks and yes, i do have a RL.