64 thoughts on “RU server: 1 million players online

    • Coming from the ASIA server, I don’t recall it ever hitting the 100k mark :-(.

      But then again, our coverage is small in comparison to the other servers….

      Which somewhat makes me worried we’ll never get WoWP….which I don’t care much but I’d really like WoWs ASIA.

        • Lol, i play world of tanks for the first time in NA server and got ~300ms ping, and it’s actually pretty good, not as lag as ~300ms ping in Asia server (in fact, it’s way worse in Asia server with that ping)

      • I don’t even think there are 100k players (alts and bots included) on ASIA. The recent transfers from VN server might have changed that though.

        There was a WOT ASIA forum comp over the holidays to see if they could break 25k and they couldn’t manage it, even with some gold up for grabs.

  1. More. I think around 230k. Both servers have been completely full before. EU1 has an max of 113k and EU2 also i think. Once when EU1 was offline there were 130k players on EU2 but with massive lag and then that server went Knock Out.

    Pretty much every evening the servers reach maximum capacity lately. At least EU1 does since there is often a qeue and EU2 is then at 100k+ players.

    Also the lag gets really awesome when a server reaches 100k+ players. But no sign of EU3 yet :(

  2. EU peak has been atleast 241k, but it often breaks the 220-230k (almost every day its close to 200k afaik)

    i wonder if it will ever be higher :p

    • China server is a wierd one. They have four servers, yet their max online playercount has only been 150k. They must get a great connection, mean while in capitialist Europe, EU1 keeps dieing and respawning, and EU2 is 200k getting squeezed into it.

  3. Earlier this week, they asked the RU server players if they would prefer x5 XP for the first win or x2 XP for all battles. The players chose x2 for all battles for today. Then there’s this plus 30-70% credit earning. I guess that’s what it took to get 1 million online.

    • I remember reading about those events and wishing EU had the same. Maybe we get them some day.

    • I just remembered, we also have a “hunt the pros” mission today. Kill a player with the “EVENT” clan tag for 150 gold or something like that. It was supposed to only be on RU7 and RU8, so these normally low population servers (located in Netherlands and Germany) had over 100k each.

  4. Cool numbers.

    As for EU…we’re at @250k milestone…but in order to exceed it we really need a new cluster…Both servers already started lagging(exactly how it was before EU2 was created, on EU1)

  5. Funny how they can have 1 million players on a RU server at one time with no problem but as soon as 30k players get online in NA, the crappy ass Telia servers bog down as ping goes to hell and gets laggy as shit. But they swear it’s not the issue even though there have been post after post SHOWING the break down is with Crappy ass Telia.

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  8. I remember when EU servers hit 250k players the lag was unbearable, my stronk Capitalist internet of 50mb/s was not even enough to stop the lag from those shitty WG servers. Why does EU only have two clusters? We need more, there is even allot of packet loss with just 150k on.