Hall of Shame special issue: ESL admin

Thanks to Spyo for this one.

Hi everyone,

meet “tRUStY”, an ESL Admin (ingame nickname: tRUStYhu)

Trusty is a really nice guy. He’s 23, he has nice webpages, he is into Call of Duty and World of Tanks. Trusty doesn’t like Jews (since he uses the word as an insult), what he does however like is abuse of power his ESL admin position brings him. Check this out.

At first, Trusty decides to rage a bit.


He’s also very polite as you can see


And he’s pretty sure of himself…


And here, he’s bragging how he can’t be punished for insults… because he’s an “ESL admin”


You know, Trusty, I wouldn’t trust you further than I can throw you. This is the kind of people that ESL is associated with?

Edit: do those people really work for Wargaming? If so, well… good job picking them.

179 thoughts on “Hall of Shame special issue: ESL admin

    • I think he is now :)

      ESL: Account deleted.

      Hes website: “Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

      Justice strikes with force

      • When I see assholes like this one say crap like this, I take a screen shot, and then submit it as a support ticket…insta-ban every time. The longest I got someone banned was 7 days (premium account too) for repeatedly saying anti-semitic crap in open chat. The guys just didn’t learn. 24 hour, 48, then 72 then 7 days…posted it on my old clan’s website so that everyone in that clan could keep an eye out for him. That was how we got him banned multiple times…that would work on this instance as well.

        • yes please report me also. sadly there are the ones who do and say shit, and those who report everything…even green grass…congratz you are on same level as the first group.

          • Well, yea – there needs to be a balance. Someone will report anything just to compensate their complexes. Afterwards, will watch how someones account is banned and “feel the power” which he lacks in real life.

  1. I hope there will be some kind of sanction after this. That’s just plain ridiculous, trying to abuse his “power” so that he can say and act like he cares?

    If WG really has his hands on this one then they really need to do something about him. Otherwise they are clearly allowing these kinds of things to continue.

    Just wow.

  2. Besides the “insults” he’s right, I’ve said tings far worse even on general chat and I was never banned!

    So, I think if he gets a bit more practise in fascism we could get along very well.

    • Well, I got chat banned after saying “gypsy land” so I wouldn’t be so sure… but you know, he’s an esl admin so of course he won’t be even chat banned.

    • Do you get banned for insults in the battle chat? I mean,if you send a ticket,do they consider it,or they just tell you to use the ingame report function?

      • They never watch it, they reply to you the automated ingame system work and blah blah blah. But if you insist, they might check it out. But also they will check you out :)

  3. Simple fell of WG power corrupts young minds and brings them to the edge of insanity… They sink into the great darkness as heads of righteous fall, struck by the mighty banhammer.
    Ban the polacks, gas the jews, soviet party of wargaming will prevail!

    Also russian vodka and tanks are the bestestest, americans are faggets, zsrr saved everyone etc etc

  4. Reports don’t work no matter who is reported person lol. It’s bread and circus for dummies. Just think for a second. If the system is automatized then clans, ESL players, tournament teams and even ppl with multi accounts would spam reports at each other to get enemy banned… OP
    If they wanted to check it manualy WG would have to hire half of the Earth population for the job…

    Sending tickets to support? Good luck with the amount of nazis, flamers and trolls in every battle. Not to mention it usualy takes support 2-3 days, then they respond with broken google translator english and usualy it’s something like “we need replay” or “did you try to uninstall mods?” no matter what the problem would be…

  5. Typical Hungarian-player behaviour.
    And I am also Hungarian so I can say this, right? (Just like how Polish can freely bash polaks)
    The things Hungarian players tend to say in game is really shameful.
    Shame on me.

    • His broken English tells it all. I expected some native insults as well :P
      No need to bring more disrespect on a country which is already deep under the sea of sh*t. If WG has brains, they’ll fire this ‘fasz’ . ;)

      • I think they will only warn him not to do this again. Also I think ESL not= WG.
        This guys is working for ESL, not WG.

        Is it just my observation, or are Hungarians the only ones using “gypsy” as a swearing word?

  6. clown skins….save replay, remove mods, take screenshots from replay without clown skins who are useful as an ashtray on a motorbike

  7. The games mechanic is the problem because after 10 minutes of bloody sweating , saying words like cunt,jew,polak,kurva and so on… after that 10 minute you get 2-3 posts in hall of shame a stroke, a stressed hour, and -20 k credit also you get 100 xp or a bit more because you couldnt get any damage at all , and it just “fucks” up your whole day (at least mine is fucked up after 2-3 matches like this … okay its a game but hell this game is so annoying) so i just left it where it can hold a place on my hdd and i went casual on war thunder
    i dont say that game is better then wot (or wowp pff) or any better than other mmo anything but if i get all of my planes on shoted down in certainly 15 minutes (yes im a noob throw me rocks please and leave) but i just say meh after all and return to hangar and take another group of planes and play again
    i dont have to farm (too much) for coins , if i realy want to get the top planes i have to get other ones to get the top level planes ( right now its fucked up and there is 5 tiers lmfao)
    the game is “balanced” in some matter if it got huge ass guns hellofa big dps and if the enemy person is lucky it can kill you easily(with a lower level plane) if you cant fly your plane well
    this game has its ups and downs too like wot but i think (for me) wot “generates” too much stress and just watch the hall of fame that people just went crazy (except nazis theyre always crazy in the bad way ) they have to deduct their stress on somebody or on some race,nation,country,religion

    • Errr, not sure what you are on about, but I didn’t understand a word of that…

      Can I just have a thimble full of whatever you have been taking?

      • It’s a Gaijin sockpuppet.

        Hello Gaijin sockpuppet, welcome to the World of World of Tanks Sockpuppets :D

  8. This is usual for Wargaming apparently they don’t pay much so if you pay peanuts you get monkeys in return. This guy is nothing though compared to what we have on SEA.

    The moderators sell spots on the CW map for gold and free xp. They also favor these clans by letting them into province battles even when the seeding time has closed , All the way to giving clans the award tier ten tank like hte m6o and vk . Sometimes even to players who don’t have a clan but deal with them in gold.

    A lot of you will yell conspiracy at me for this but i know people in the COAF i think its called , the few good people in there cant be bothered anymore since its got so bad. In my personal opinion WG and WOT has seen its best days seems like its spiraling down hill and out of control.

  9. Hmmm…..
    Judging by the replies here I’m the only one who doesn’t really see the problem.

    Is it that he is an admin that he is not allowed to call names anymore?
    Or do you guys feel like nobody is supposed to call names to anyone?

    Thing is, I just don’t understand how people can get offended by remarks like this.
    Who cares what other people say.

        • Himmler did honestly do researchers a favor by collecting all known accounts of witchcraft and putting them in one place as an archive. And preserving them…

          His methods of collecting the research material however leave much to be desired. Most of the stuff nobody knows where it came from as the “paper work” has been misplaced and lost.

          I mean he is only a school teacher… what do they know about real research…

          (I know, I know, too many shots fired… I will let myself out now.)

          • ITs Jews, they are exclusive, higher race, they can kill you and will be not crime, becouse they are “jews”, they can do crime and still they are inviolable. Try to sue any “jew” and they call you racist and criminal. Only “Jews” fought in WW II, so trash bow before “JewS”

      • LoL, so if you wrute “shut up spain camper”, i bet 100% this creen wosnt here.
        Lets why a lot of peaople hates fucking Jews, they are higher race, inviolable, sacred, they monopolized WW II, only jews fight in war, only them have bereavement, turned WW II into money sucking and exalting jew race. A lot of soviet KGB criminals live in israel fucking jews, but hey they can kill other nations, nobody can persuit and kill jews, like they doing, they call you rasist.

        • You mean the soviets, right? They are the ones trying to claim all WWII is their, they were the only ones fighting. Is this right, no, so stop with this jew thing.

    • It’s not the fact that he swears, but more that he does it while he holds a ‘responsible position’. E.g Obama can go home and swear to all gods, but if he does it on TV, he will be on all news worldwide.

      • Mörk, you fucking faggot, go home.

        (I dont’ see why this could be an insult. Faggots are a tradtional British dish. And having sex is normal, right? All cool.)

  10. I think he’s sacred or WG found out about what he said well whatever happens I hope he gets punished

      • He already replied: I don’t get it…is the aim of the game to select an individual who is cocky and beat him into the ground and destroy his interests so that he is not so cocky? Is that amusing somehow?

        I don’t belong on this planet :|

        PS you are all a bunch of polack nigger wog wetback paki currymunching gook yank republican jews. Please cross out those that do not apply.

        PSS Only the truly weak and cowardly fear words equally as much as violence.

  11. In his defence, the enemy may have been both camping and Jewish. He was just clarifying who he was talking to… :-)

  12. HAHAHAH after my report on EULA my clan find another shitty things…

    We must have some glorious luck to find all this shit…

  13. Wow… i’m just speechless at this. Like words can not describe how my face looks like right now. Its a combination of anger, disappointment, and laughter for that “ESL adim”, I really hope we can get a response on his reactions to this event.

  14. His ESL team account has been deleted! Check out those 2 links… His webpage is down too…

  15. I don’t get it…is the aim of the game to select an individual who is cocky and beat him into the ground and destroy his interests so that he is not so cocky? Is that amusing somehow?

    I don’t belong on this planet :|

    PS you are all a bunch of polack nigger wog wetback paki currymunching gook yank republican jews. Please cross out those that do not apply.

    PSS Only the truly weak and cowardly fear words equally as much as violence.

  16. Dont use word “Jew” its sacred, and you have no right even mention it. I suggest to think new one, how about “TrashIsr” or “Isralmor”?

    • Screen for rasism and insulting, whait to be in half of shame, you used world – “jew”
      PS. Do you like this SS.

  17. Can’t you get banned for using those hit skins the person is using in the pictures?

  18. Yeah, fuck ESL.
    Those bastards took 3 months to get WG to pay up for a reward, just because they couldn’t get their lazy ass to call and press them to pay up.
    Oh, and shitty interface that would make 2004 blush in embarrassment, and just for the lolz, corruption!

    It does not surprise me their admins aren’t screened for being little shits like him.

  19. Excuse me offtopic, but I have just found this:


    I reffer to: “No a tady na fóru se přece vždycky najde někdo, kdo si to jejich fňukání přečte a ještě je za to poplácá po zádech, pokud je to stejnej připokakánek” – for english readers the last word is something like “the one who shits his pants”

    What catch me off guard is the agreeing of the Idaho, who has the moderator status. How can somebody like him be an oficial moderator?

  20. It’s about 2 things here:

    1. He used a word recognised to be used in a discriminatory way, could have also been ‘Eskimo’ or something else and he is some kind of representative of an official organisation, And he meant to insult to the max.
    2. In the chat afterwards he showed the attitude that he is above the rules and can’t be punished.

    So the ban/exclusion from ESL is correct and the only way to deal with that.

  21. True, for the amount of swearing and teamkills I have thrown at all the idiots (real idiots, not “hurr durr n00b team losers”) I should have gotten a 6 months ban, but I have yet to get banned. I have even gotten blue on a few occasions but still nothing…..

    And when I reported retards, nazis, well-wishers etc. sometimes they were banned, but recently the only thing WG tells you is that there is a report system.

  22. Ok
    find difference:
    camping poland/german/spain <- not insult, not "special topics"
    CAMPING JEW <- insult, whine, world disaster, seperate topic, wolrd bigest problem.
    SS pleas sugest to WG put "JEW" word as swear LOL

      • Idiot say the diference between “camping german” and “camping jew”, so we have special race “jew” or this word mean insult and must be restricted? I still cant understand dumb Eu logic.

        • Say differnce between “jew kids” and “polish kids”.
          Say difference between “camping germans” and “camping homo”.

          Pull the other one its got bells on…

            • Then you clearly are stupid. German is a nationality. English, German, Spanish whatever and Jew is an ethnicity. If someone called me an English cunt I would be fine with that but if you start going into racial terms that is when it’s a problem.

              • So “Jew” is offensive word and must be banned? again i just taked this from youtube: (there are plenty)
                Mazal Tov ! – The Jewish Wedding Song
                how they dear, they must remove all videiots with rasist tittles

  23. “This is the kind of people that ESL is associated with? Edit: do those people really work for Wargaming? If so, well… good job picking them.”

    Let’s consider that usually people do not write into their CV’s and applications that they are morons or racists. It’s simply outstanding that this issue has not been ignored and was made public. As we all have seen, there was a blitz-reaction by ESL. If this person was/is working for WG, which is very questionable, I hope they reacted the same way like ESL.

  24. Trusty is a nice guy, but I know that sometimes he looses his mind. I also got the replay from Spyro, after that i had a long conversation with Trusty.

    And SS, the answer for U: No, they aren’t working for WG as I know. And Trusty worked well on ESL.

    Changes in his clan: I think nothing. As I wrote before, i had a long conversation with him, and I think he understood what I told him. I think we won’t kick him out for this rampage, but he (I think WG already gave him what he deservs) will get some punishment for this in the clan for sure.

    Deputy Commander of OBI

  25. Hello,

    Thx to FTR for this special Topics ;)

    I hope the ESL Admin Team have checking this topics too, and, will take some sanctions.

    I know this type of comment do not reflect the entire ESL Admin team spirit (I know some French ESL admin Team).

    I hope this guys will be ban by WG and, will not be longer ESL Admin.

    Truty said into IG chat (last screenshoot) : “But try it”

    Spyo thinking right now : “Now, It is done :)”

    Hall of Shame Miner

  26. So , the jews can call anyone whom is not a jew a sub human / animal / goy but if someone mentions the word ” jew ” in any negative way what so ever they get butthut ?

    Death to the Criminal State of Israel . Death to the Synagogue of Satan . Death to these Christ rejecting hypocrites Judas .

    Heil Hitler .

    You can ban me but you cant ban the truth you shit Silent Stalker Cunt .

    Heil Hitler .

      • You know what else should not be anonymous ? The names and faces of murdered Palestinian Children !

        Oh yes , let us suppress anything bad about the state of Israel . Let us ban anything critical while we run over kids with Merkavas . God’s People .

        If the Jews want peace with the world they should stop waging war on the world .

        • You are that stupid that you think all Jews support Israel? Real Jews don’t support Israel as in the Torah/Old Testament it clearly forbids Jews to step in Israel until the messiah comes. So Jews do not support Israel. Those are Zionist pigs open your eyes.

            • I dont understand now, Hi jew is OK, camping jew <- insult LOL dumb Eu logic :D
              So decide once "jew" is restricted word or not for god sake idiot.

              • Really boy, do you just pretend to be stupid or you really don’t know why people call others “you filthy jew”? If the second is the case try to learn european history. And not just the WW2.

                • Realy moron? I think youre stupid, tel me one th reasone why you can call other peoples by nation and this mean nothink, but if you “touch” jews automaticly you become rasist lol. So jew is higher race like GOD? :D
                  Funny, but we have “problem” like old rus anecdote about Malevich “Black square”. The problem was how to write this masterpeas in USA, becose “black” is politicaly incorrect , so they write “Afro American square” LOL
                  These think become stupid and are behind logical line.

                • So you moron don’t understand the word “context”?

                  “He is a Jew” – is not an offence
                  “Jewish cemetary” – is not an offence

                  “Gold noobs.
                  You really expect people will not use an ammo which is in the game?
                  You fucking Jew! “- now thats an offence.

                  Is this case the word “Jew” is clearly an offence. Why? Because its author is nazi idiot and he actually thinks the word “Jew ” is actually offence. So this word is not an offence to me but a clear sign the author is nazi idiot. And such belong to hall of shame.

                  American PC is of course also idiocy.

        • Monster ? Monsters are those whom stole the land from the Palestinians , imprison them in squalid ghettos , harass them with every opportunity and make their life a living hell .

          By all means , keep running kids over with tanks and calling anyone whom disagrees with it monster .

            • Muslim Propaganda ? The crimes of the Criminal State of Israel are well documented and you could go there yourself and see . Are you a zionist shill or a zionist proper ?

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              Go right ahead be offended .

      • And you just went Ad Hominem via a meme . Whom cares about innocents dying ? what is important is that no jew gets his feeling hurt .

        I really dont give a shit about Hitler , but if the jews get pissed of over the simple word ” jew ” then we might as well say Hitler a few times . Give them a real reason to be upset .

  27. In the elitist Hungarian Community the OBI is nothing but a bunch of ignorant retards with shit stats and skill.
    we like to use a special phrase for them (krumpli which means potato, or ubi [short of uborka] which means cucumber).

      • Az 1700wn7 fölötti játékosoké (gondolom az “elitist” elkerülte a figyelmed, lehet hogy nagyon siettél a reagálással ;) )

        egy kis fegyelmet vihetnél a klán életébe, vagy esetleg a zsidózás még belefér nálatok? :)

        SS dont ban us pls. We are Just Talking about the incident.

        • Most komolyan arra húzogatod, hogy mekkora a WN7-ed? Elég szomorú ha csak ezzel tudod Magad mutogatni.
          Ne mond meg, hogy ki, miként vezesse a csapatát.
          Szerintem Téged is elkapott már a méreg és olyat tettél amit hideg fejjel lehet, hogy nem tettél volna. Ne akarjátok már ezért azonnal börtönbe zárni. Tudja jól, hogy hibázott, hogy túllőtt a határon. Pont.

          Az, hogy e miatt elítéltek egy egész klánt és ráhúztok a tagjaira ilyen idióta jelzőket ismételten csak Rólatok ad bizonyítványt és nem rólunk. Mindig tisztességesen játszottunk, a magyarokat segítve és ez innentől is így lesz.

          Legalább ennyit megért Trusty sajnálatos kifakadása, megtudtam, hogy személy szerint, ilyen előítéletes társaságba soha nem akarok bekerülni!

          • Tehát nálatok lehet zsidózni anyázni stb.
            egyébként ha ki is fakadok, azt ts-en teszem, meglehetősen poénos stílusban(szakasztársaim nagyon szeretnek pont emiatt). Azt hogy a statomra verem meg no comment, baj ha vki jobb játékos, ill hogyha azok összetartanak és együtt játszanak?

            baj van az értő olvasással vagy mi (Lásd lejjebb)?

            • Az “értő olvasással” semmi probléma, legfőképp azért mert ezt úgy hívják, hogy szöveg értelmezés, de valahol lemaradtál a nyelvtan és irodalom órákon biztos, hogy a WN7-ed húzd.
              Egy szóval nem mondtam, hogy a zsidózás elfogadott, elmondtam már Trustynak is véleményem, aki felfogta. Nem hülye, egyikünk se az, elragadta a hév. Megesik. ha ezt tovább göngyölíted és a klánra is kiveted egy ember rossz pillanatát akkor tudlak sajnálni.
              Biztos tudsz nagyon vicces lenni meg szórakoztató, de itt most nagyon félre nyúltál. Nem 1944-48 között vagyunk, hogy kollektív megtorlásról beszéljünk.

              Amúgy nem baj ha a statodra vered magad, csináld csak, de bízom benne, hogy viszed majd annyira az életben, hogy ne ez legyen a legfőbb erényed.

  28. This means, that all the clans that appears in hall of shames are “nothing but a bunch of ignorant retards with shit stats and skill”
    A clan member doesn’t mean that the both clan is full of his clones, this is collectivity i think…

    • Jaj a szívedre vetted? :(
      “how terrible!”

      Szilunak elmondtam a véleményem, de Nyílván az információáramlás annyira még nem megy mint az anyázás.

      • Talan kezdjuk ott utokepes, hogy Neked szemely szerint se jogod, se alapod velemenyt nyilvanitani magarol az OBI-rol, mert fikarcnyit sem tudsz rolunk. Hogy mit szabad es mit nem? Az gondolom evidens, hogy sehol sem toleraljak az ilyet. Igy nalunk sem. Ahogy Prophet is mondta, Te sem vagy jobb egy centivel sem. Biralsz es kopkodsz nyilt forumon egy olyan klant akikrol szemernyi infod sincs. Hal istennek eddig nem volt kozunk egymashoz es ahogy nezem ezutan sem lesz. Forum huszarkodsz itt a 40 kilodra, de a WIN7-eden kivul meg semmi sem mutatott felfele eletedben kis baratom. Lehet jartatni a szad, mert kockulason es forum trollkodason kivul mast ugy sem tudsz.

  29. Dear Szilard.

    Will you brave enough to tell you’r nickname? :-) And why don’t you speak in English? Everybody should know you’r interesting opinion about 1 persons behavior = the whole clan. Actually… everybody can say anything… prove you’re 1700 not just 700 :-)

    • Im not Szilard, just try to read a little bit effectively. And that’s you’re not “you’r”.
      I wouldn’t tell my nick cause you already know it. Btw when I’m arguing with fellow countryman I prefer to speak on our mother tongue (as probably you would do the same)

      • Oh and one more thing: my opinion is based on the experience which I’ve got from some OBI players’ behavior during thousands of random battles, plus its NOT ONLY my point of view.

        • Hm, ofc, i trust u got so many experience to judge human behavior with your 15 year, maybe go out and, speak with real peoples not just with nicks and accounts your buffoon.

        • OBI members are always changing, like in every clan… Trusty isn’t OBI member any longer (check it if you want), thanks to this topic,and some “trolls”, so you say something about or clan, but how many are still of our member from that “some”? “NOT ONLY you’r view” as i said before… anybody can say anything… btw u’re speaking in the name of you’r clan, but you are member till a week? :)

          Amúgy nem, nem lehet se zsidózni se anyázni, senki se tolerálja, de amit te csinálsz az se más “In the elitist Hungarian Community the OBI is nothing but a bunch of ignorant retards with shit stats and skill.” nyíltan fikázol másokat,olyanokat akiket nem is ismersz, szabad szájú emberek,pedig mindenhol vannak még nálatok is, élő példa te vagy rá :)

  30. Account deleted
    Website dead

    Shots have been fired and appearently hit right on target.

  31. You people are the reason the world is fucked up and not paradise. Not hyperbole…all you people that yell into the faces of people that you disagree with…your inability to seperate yourselves from volatile situations only causes misery for others.

    I have called close associates ‘Jews’ when taunting over a percieved act of monetary hyperconservatism.

    I have called close associates ‘Greeks’ before when taunting over alleged acts of buggery.

    I have called close associates ‘Irish’ when taunting over brain-fart moments or when they are incredibly drunk and rowdy.

    So all you idiots yelling are wrong.

    Those that are close to you realise that you are kidding with racial stereotypes. When you start joking in this manner around people you don’t know, you are either a troll or an idiot…

    …or you are on the internet where nothing should be taken seriously.

    The other side are braindead trolls.

      • You don’t get it :|

        It’s ok, we are all God’s children…

        Ok, with patience…

        I come from a truly multicultural society. People from all over the world live together in harmony. This is because we know the true face of racism, and we just call a dickhead a dickhead regardless of their race or creed. The one thing that I am most definitely proud of in my Australian heritage is that we don’t like bullshit in any form that isn’t entertaining.

        I grew up with a lot of greek mates. I still twist their nipples by calling anal sex ‘greek style’…and they give as good as they get. Socially normal.

        You are a social retard or a troll…only logical options :P

        • Hatred will outlive the stars themselves . It is the only human feeling that is truly honest .

          God ? well we all see just how much of a fuck God gives for the world .

        • Logical options, huh?

          The fact that you seem to adhere so strongly to obsolete superstition proves that you know nothing of logic.

  32. Also, before you braindead trolls loudly object to me calling you such, please consider if you are truly blameless and in a righteous position to judge others. He who is without sin may cast the first stone, or some such shit.

    Stop being dickheads please…I know that know not what you do, but please…try.

    God, in all his forms, will not condemn me for calling anyone a ‘Jew’ for not buying premium ammo. God may look unkindly on the actions of those with the intent of turning brother against brother.

    Love is always the right choice.

  33. Thanks for posting these Silent…
    I hope all WoT partners are aware of the behavior of their ppl online as it can badly damage their reputation.
    The cry of “noob!” is forgivable, but racist and homophobic insults deserve permanent bans.

    • STFU ANOTHER JEW CRAP, There is more and more people understand and hate fucking JEWS little GOS shits.
      HOw i want to move back in 1940 and laugh in these fucking jews FACE muahaha.

  34. “Camping Jew” There i sno offensive, but afcourse our NEW GOD Silentsatlker MORON RETARD become JUgde already, and it give interpretation PUBLICY. LEts why im kicked his ass in real motherfucker jew protector little retard moron, you are NOT JUDGE, not even fucking bulshit GOD. YOU DONT KNOW WHAT OTHER PEAPOLE KEEP IN MIND, so GTFO RETARD SS, DIE MOTHERFUCKER IN REAL FUCKING “GOD”