Hall of Shame

Hello everyone,

you’ve been asking about it and here it finally is, the first Hall of Shame of 2014! Presenting you the worst retards, trolls and nazis of World of Tanks. Click “Continue reading…” at your own peril!

Let’s start with something light – Czech and Slovak rage.

WorldOfTanks 2013-12-27 22-35-53-50
WorldOfTanks 2013-12-27 22-35-57-48
WorldOfTanks 2013-12-27 22-35-58-78

As you can see, Slovak players are sometimes not fond of Czechs either.


(“Go suck your friends’ dicks on TD”, “Roudnicek (player nickname), you are a cunt! I wish your kids to die! They got AIDS from me. You Czech cunts!” “I fucked you in the ass”)

And here we have some nice well-wishers!


I think this guy is really confused…. wut?


Sucking at World of Tanks? Must be the Jewish and Black people’s fault!


For a person “born in 1939″, this guy sure is angry


Hacker rage is always nice :)


For some weird reason, this guy’s hate is extremely specific…



Bashing the Polish is always popular…


Above: “Hi to all Polish arses”


However, this deranged guy seems to think it’s all Russian fault…


This guy has some very, very weird fantasies


Even the best are not immune…


Talking about overreacting…


Various assortment of retards


Another “pride of the Czech community”


Not sure what’s up with this guy and crematoriums…


Above: “You Polish whores go play tetris and not tanks”


Above (in broken German – the guy is Czech): “Polish cunt go to Oswetim uncle Hitler is waiting there”

Your mother

And bonus: Rage in German, no point in translating this shit.


207 thoughts on “Hall of Shame

    • Before I start I am going to assume we are all grown men. WOT is a video game with is just pixels on a screen. The comments that I have seen today have first of all made me laugh so hard a literary shitt my pants and second of all why does everyone hate poles? What have we done to upset you so terribly that you wish we all had tickets to visit uncle Adolfs aushzwitz “camp”. For a start I think most of these were Russian hate towards poland. Russia has took en over poland and occupied it for over 200 years in witch I hasten to add the poles never let themselves be russianized. Has poland ever done such a thing to Russia that makes them wish all poles would die. No. Also what’s up with the hate on jews? and saying that uncle Adolf would like them to visit a camp. I see this as horrifying that people would want other players family’s to get cancer aids get raped or murdered just because they have done something to upset them in a frigging video game. I think that it’s funny that these grown men play video games instead of working or something. so why does everyone rage at jews, poles and many other things because they got upset in a video game? Because they need help. Mental help.btw please someone tell me why does everyone hate poles? After reading this, since I am polish, I hope I will never go to post communist Europe where people play wot and say things about poles.

    • Also perhaps poles such is because they don’t have time to get better because poland us a poor country and you need to work your ads off so ya I think they care more about there job and family than getting better at driving a virtual tank made of pixels

    • Atleast you can avoid the Poles.
      It really seems mean, but I mean seriosly, Poles suck, not all of them though, but most. Worst is when you meet a OP-1S without camo, but still it has two Polish flags on it and the guy is 5k 340 44%.

      • Percentage of Poles ‘sucking’ is the same as among other nations, the thing is, Poles are met more often (because they are the largest playerbase)…

            • Then why they’re the only nation to stitch their flags so eagerly in the game ? You really think that french, british, germans, spanish and italians don’t put their flags on because they are ASHAMED ? Of what ? Wealth ?

              • i dont think so but the truth is that the majority of the polish players [also the players from other counties] (with there flag on BOTH sides of the turret) are retards …

              • You do know the british/french/german/russian/etc players can just play *their own national tanks* and fulfill the need for patriotic pride this way.

                And this anti-polish bullshit? Been around for ages. The whole ‘all poles suck’ is just a convinient excuse to keep perpetuating the same old resentment that’s been around since the first poles got displaced from their homeland. Which puts this one at around at least a century and a half ago.

              • Whoa whoa whoa… Wealth? Italians? Not in same sentence. My family there breaks there backs for half of what they’d make in Canada. Grazie Berlusconi!!

              • I’m French and i put our flag on all tanks (well, at least those I care enough to put a camo on). Other French players I know do the same.
                Why, do you ask ? Well because we want other players to know that we’re the elite of humanity and that they’re just syphilis-ridden peasants compared to us.

                @Grumpy_Stranger : there’s no such thing as real-life resentment towards the Poles, at least not in France. Maybe the UK (because of Polish immigration taking over the country), but that’s it I guess.

      • ” OP-1S without camo, but still it has two Polish flags on it and the guy is 5k 340 44%.”

        AHahhahaha, made my day.

      • The Czechs sucks, the germans sucks, the slovakians sucks, the brits sucks. Everyone sucks! But only a few % of players in each country plays good, but somehow the poles are being insulted.

    • Rogulski? Are you Polish? Bcs *** ** PL **** ***** **** *** Polish ********** *** ********!

      :P :)

    • oh yes, polish players are right-hand of God … excuse me, but they are not the “best” on this game…

      • Sooo… which nations is flawless?
        Poles are the majority on EU servers and tend to use easly recognizable names – these are the only reasons why they get bashed for noobery.
        Don’t get me wrong – there is whole lot of polish noobs. What I’m saying is that perecentage of polish noobs is similiar to perecentage of german, french, english, czech and other noobs. PL noobs are just the most recognizable.

        I just wrote the same thing twice, but I’ll leave it like that, because why not. I just hope that no hate will ensue after my post.

      • Sorry but I don’t speak polish.

        You found one, but look how many insults are coming from German and Czech players for instance… The thing is, they are the biggest playerbase so meeting potentially retarded player is more likely and the stereotype keeps going on and on.

      • if you look at it, everyone hate Polish, Jewish or German. and all of this comes back to WW2. guys that was 75 years ago when it started, and the people who throw most of this have is Chech, Slovaks and German. i have nothing against those countries as a Pole but the hate i recieve from them is unacceptable. we are the biggest target and also ‘SIEMKA noobs’? that means HEllo in polish

        • Some people have such miserable life that they put their minds in the past. Its just a way to escape reality and problems of the current day.

        • the point is … every moron who posts “SIEMKA” at the start of the battle is on one side in the first 30 sec. dead … or… on the other side he says in the base and died in the base as the last one in the battle and has nothing done …
          just my opinion

          • Once I saw a Polish guy writing SIEMKA every single kill he made and he was unicum, just so you know, maybe he tried to defy this unfair stereotype.

              • No shit sherlock, theres only a handful of unicums overall – hence the name.

                I did it few times too just for fun, but im not a unicum :< I guess I wasnt the only one. Its kinda funny because I often get hated on right after the "siemka", yet when I start with "sziasztok" (which I learned playing WoT, because polak węgier dwa bratanki) theres not much chatter.

                The anti-polish stuff just gets boring, but the most scary thing is that people actualy believe that, like they dont even recongize its just a stereotype. Id love to see some statistics about that nationalities WR ^^

                • Im kinda used to this anti-polish bullshit because I know that 3/4 of these “people” (i prefer the term “monkeys”) just jump on the bandwagon to be “cool”. But I just can’t imagine what someone has in mind when he’s talking about gassing certain nations and laughing from millions of people killed in WWII. They should be hospitalized.

                • Unfortunately it’s easy to scapegoat when humanity’s defective hueristic analysis tends towards false pattern recognition. Thus; Many stupid ideas and stereotypes are born.

                  Roll on the AI overlords. I await our robot masters.

    • I have seen a lot of Polish players raging and insulting other nations. But no other will bother to send the screenshots anywhere. It was all on polish or very bad English so why would anyone else care?
      SS makes kinda bad picture here. Its not like Polish players are innocent victims of everyone elses rage.
      And most of the time there is a reason for that rage.

    • While I agree this kind of thing is bad and stupid… It’s just internet, if someone wants to talk shit about others, its just his choice. Such dickheads reminds us about what’s wrong and harmful.

      You need to man the fuck up too, you can’t get mad or else he gets what he wants and that is attention. Lack of attention will make him stop sooner than outright banning, after all there is always a way around the ban.

  1. EU server chat: multicultural success. You can get raged at in a variety of languages, enriching your life experience.

  2. A lot of buthurt Hungarians this time,lol.
    Also, Kazna thought that if Exnom is here, they should also try to make it !

    • VTEPS, HHR-A, HUNS2…
      its funny cause in Hungarian clanlife they’re One of the Best clans.
      i Hope that those butthurt ppl Will get their punishments. (im a HUNS Member)

      • I know. I am Romanian, but also speak Hungarian very well, so even in the first couple of posts I saw some swearing in Hungarian. Interestingly, didn’t see any Romanian this time :))

        • Because we Romanians are nice guys. We don’t insult other players in chat , we only say : “sal ro” and “Bafta RO”.

  3. What a pathetic bunch of ignorant losers!

    I did get told to die of cancer the other day must run the replay and grab screenshot for the next HoS.

    • Well its not they are bad players, but a big part of them think it is completely normal that everybody understands polish, so a majority(not everyone) just spams the chat in polish, not even trying to speak english. And ye, getting that alot of times can piss of some players xD

      And it can get really annoying when they start talking like they were on Facebook or something :P
      They aren’t the only players but the largest part of players in WoT are polish.

      • The only time when these casual shit poles speak their English is when they try to insult you. The more intelligent Poles that don’t have the tanker_pro_69PL names always stay undetected.

          • Very true and probably the reason behind this pollack = bad player stereotype. Good players are generally smart, they know English and can easily communicate with other players in English.

            Not so smart players don’t understand english but they know that many pollacks play the game so they send an investigative “SIEMKA” to see how many polish players there are in the battle because otherwise they can’t communicate with team mates.
            This also applies to the PR0_xXXI’m_a_PL_playerXXx69_PR0 name, the PL suffix works just like Auto-siemka.

            Obviously not so smart players don’t play well too.

      • @ EmperorSafirius and others, could you please provide some prove why you belive that poles are the larges part of players.
        It is just that i do not belive it-
        For one this statement is definetly wrong for russian server, even for Eu server i do belive that they are on secound tops.
        Do prove me wrong i hope, mfg eXterminus

      • You don’t even know how many polish are speaking english. And that is the main problem of this whole polish bullshit – you concentrate on those who don’t understand english and you don’t realize how many times you chatted with someone in english during battle and that someone was polish guy. Many times a good player too.

    • Just as EmperorSafirius said, there are many normal polish players, however the amount of “siemka morons” is really overwhelming and i cringe every time i hear that fucking sentence and think “here comes another shit storm in chat”. I myself stick exclusively to English and hope no one notice that “pl” in my nick(that alone gets me some attention form certain special cases). I managed to get a few weeks of open beta and been playing ever since the release. To be honest it wasn’t as bad before but just s the player base grows, same goes for morons population in EVERY nationality. It’s just we have the loudest morons of all.

      • Its not so much the number of polish people in-game but the number of polish PATRIOTS there….and most of the time patriots are also….well not very bright…every time you see that IS-(insert number) or KV with polish flags on both sides and with bad ratings as well..it just makes you cringe…
        besides im starting to think Czechs are even worse sometimes….

        the one thing i dont understand is why people hate Jews…i mean how do you even tell if someone is a Jew or not? its usually quite easy to spot nationalities but i havent seen anyone with the Star of David so far….

        • When you use word patriot like that, please put that word in “…”. Otherwise you just insult real patriots.

        • I would refrain form calling them THAT, in fact i believe they know nothing about the true meaning of the word, only the washed out propaganda spewed by a certain political party of ours(PIS= right wing ultra-nationalists and the true rusophobes of our country, don’t touch anything connected to them unless in a Hazmat suit).
          Yea, it is quite ironic to flail polish flags while driving soviet tanks, personally i couldn’t care less about flags, waste of real money to me and visual mods do that for free without causing shit storms.
          I also can’t, for the love of everything understand that whole hate-hate between Polish and Czech players, I’ve visited our southern neighbours a few times and folks there are quite the opposite to what we see in WOT.
          Sadly for some racist tards, just because is enough(how it works, i will never know)

          • Please keep You hate speech toward other Poles where it belongs. It makes You looks childish, when You whine on international site,

            • And here I thought I had freedom of speech(to a reasonable degree) here. You don’t like it, fine, You don’t have too, but I merely stated my observations.
              Oh, and proper form while addressing someone in 2nd singular is “you look childish”. Sorry, but using English for 14 years made me a bit nit-picky

          • Im Czech and in-game i kinda…hate both nations…its doesnt have anything to do with real life though….but with the way many of them behave when they reveal their nationality….like a czech platoon TKing me when i told them they shouldnt platoon T8s with a T5…..

  4. I was almost expecting to find me here. I lost it after one RM-B WT too many and let loose a shell into our own one.
    This guy flipped out, there is now a thread on reddit with the replay showing him raging about how hw’s going to shit-smear my clan, how he’s gonna get me permabanned. I had a quiet amusing conversation with him though.
    I did wrong, but his reaction…

        • In first look, hes wrong, because the really bad Background of this “greeting”.
          In the second look, he’s right because it is an greeting like hail to everyone or so.
          But I think it’s a wrong greeting in the wrong game!

        • What’s your problem? I said he is a moron because anybody who thinks anything related to nazis is ok is clearly brain-dead. And I don’t see anybody anywhere saying “Sieg Hail” except the WW2 german soldiers.

          • My problem is your over reacting. WWII was 69 years ago (hehe) and you still manage to get offended by it? Well not only you, but all people. That shit was three generations back…

            • Ah, I see. So what you’re saying is that since so many years have passed that Nazis and anything related to that must be “ok” to use. Well sorry for you if I think that is retarded and stupid.

          • lol… so if a phrase is related to a bad person it’s bad ? So don’t say Hello cos some1 in WW2 said it and he killed many people. Stalin killed much more people than Hitler in this Gulag prisons. Learn some history and then talk.

            • Again.. you are a moron. If you think that word means a regular “hello” why isn’t everybody using it then? You Sir are the one who needs to learn history.

              End of story.

              • Ok then, Mr. Professor, tell me what this words means ? Insulting me will not make you smarter.

                • Etymology

                  From German Sieg (“victory”) + Heil (“hail”), a common chant at political rallies in Nazi Germany, meaning roughly “Hail Victory!”


                  Sieg Heil
                  The greeting Sieg Heil, used in the Third Reich during the Nazi era and by neo-Nazis today.

                  You know what? It took me 1 minute to find this.

                • “Sieg Heil!” (Hail victory!). It was adopted in the 1930s by the Nazi Party to signal obedience to the party’s leader.

                  The phrase was ADOPTED, not invented by them. The problem when you hear Sieg Heil is to associate with WW2 cos it was used mostly then, but this phrase was used earlier. If you conncect this phrase to WW2 only… bad for you.

      • Boys – as a german i can ABSOLUTELY say that everybody greeting others with “sieg heil” is a hardcore nazi and/or retard. Using this sentence is a crime in germany and some other countries – same as “heil hitler” and greeting with the right arm in front of you. There really is no need to argue about that.

        Btw.: WOT is not a roleplaying game – impersonating nazis is just … not ok to say the least :).

        • Exactly. I’m not German and I know that. I mean, for inteligent people, it should be common knowledge, but I guess Admiral_Hipper isn’t exactly the brightest person around xD

    • There’s the association with the Nazis, which is unfortunate, as the only reason it has that context is because of the Nazis (literally translated it means “Hail Victory”, which while nationalistic isn’t necessarily supportive of National Socialism – it’s the fact that they used it as a catchphrase, though nowhere near as often as the movies would lead you to believe, that gave it a negative connotation).

  5. That guy with the comment about white hot fat chicks and KFC at base made me fell off my chair and roll over under my desk laughing. ROFL

  6. Still wondering how long it will take before i see myself in here :P Just had some rage by an platoon who tried to push me of an ridge and when it didnt worked just teamkilled me.

    • Ya know, I kinda thought about it the other day and I think that its much like a family that never solved serious problems because they’re “family” and like in normal family, such conflicts are more emotional than with a sworn enemy.

    • I have had some curries that, the next day, did indeed smell like something had crawled up there and died. Is that what the poor chap meant?

  7. urgh….always the same…polish, jewish, black people stereotyping bashing….i really thought i would see myself in this one….i don’t care about nation or race, but i do swear/insult a lot, specially on artyfags or noobs in general, but i guess to be in hall of shame i should start using more broken english and insert some of the racial, nationalist insults also :D :))

      • Srsly ? Reported for that ? Nothing fancy, you just get chat blocked for insult/provocation max 2 weeks. That is.. if you buy gold, if not, I have no idea what’s the fate of players that don’t buy anything in the game.

  8. I’m going to say this… chink isn’t really a “good” insult towards Asians (only saying this cause I’m Asian). Hell, most of the times I just laugh when someone says this to me, it just shows to me that they’re just jealous of my people.

      • I wanna say yes it’s towards Chinese players but then you have people thinking that Chinese are Japanese that are Koreans that are Vietnamese that are Hmong that are Thai that are Chinese. But nevertheless I haven’t been given that insult on the NA server… yet, besides “noob” or “noob team”. The only insulting thing that happens on the NA server is when a ally IS-3 team kills you just because he hates communism and thinks your a communist just because of your game name.

        • If he hates Communism, why does he drive a Communist tank?


          (Yes, I know it’s Russian, but Russia was the USSR at the time it was in service, and it’s named after Iosef Stalin, so it’s a Communist tank)

    • You can always reply along the line of “Asian->Master race”. Counter racism…by using racism!!!

      I think before long I might find myself in hall of shame, because I said too much “B**** plz I am asian” when I sealclub :(

  9. So much hate for absolutely no reason.

    Children learn this behavior from somewhere, and that is a shame.

    • *Children learn this behavior from somewhere, and that is a shame.*

      From FTR s Hall of shame. :-)

    • Indeed. Hatred isn’t something you’re born with, it’s something you’re taught to feel towards others.

  10. This is pretty sad to read, yet I have almost never seen anyone write garbage like this on the live server. Seems to be pretty rare.
    Its usually people calling teams for n00bs or people just cursing arty.

      • Oh die in your ass nigger.

        Btw, to wish cancer (kanker) on somebody is very common in the Netherlands. Could be from eslewhere, but it’s the only country I know that it is common. VD’s are also popular.

        I’ve heard “die in your ass” quite a lot in my time…no, not as a greeting when my mom woke me with the last of her cigar…I think that would be a fate worse than cancer…

  11. Hehe, nice to see that two of the ones I submitted made it to the list while I’m still not on it. *Puh* xD

  12. this is one of the reasons that I play on NA server even if I have to cope with a 140ms ping because I live in Portugal
    it’s obvious they weren’t properly educated, in some cases they are like that because their parents are the same and tought them to despise polish and other nationalities

    but when you read all posts there’s one who seems almost inoffensive and almost like a little bit funny, the one about polish becoming biofuel
    I know that this one is as wrong as the others but because there’s so much of a gap between the seriousness of the other comments to this one that, while in shock about the things people can say in a game, I thought this one was funny

  13. I went to portugal once…oranges are plentiful and everywhere I looked; especially on the side of the road…girls dressed to go clubbing at all hours of the day are plentiful, everywhere I looked; especially on the side of the road.

  14. “go to sleep in Poland SIEMKAS!!!!”
    Lol, I guess that most siemkas do sleep in Poland.
    “scientists say that in 20 years polaks will become biofuel”
    I really lol’d at that, at least it’s different from the usual fuck,gay,n00b insults.

  15. I understand some of the rage (not the stupid racist/disease though), the game is nowdays mostly unplayable mess with onesided battles most of the time (you either steam roll or get steam rolled), while decent matches where almost every tank counts are indeed very rare.

    So while WG faps at rising playerbase the game is turning into a cand\-crush saga/farmville leisure type of game, where team play is a curse word and an entertaining while challenging battle an insult.

    The amount of total retards/weekend warriors will eventually be the downfall…at least for me. I stopped wasting money on the game some months ago and my years-worth of premium is expiring in 6 days (yeah, I fell for the last year’s trap named “discounted premium for a year”….silly me)…will I continue? Dunno :)

    I don’t have enough time to waste it on mindless and painfull grind that is not fun. Don’t get me wrong, I like the game, but I hate most of the playerbase…and I’m not expecting miracles, just basic stuff…like trying to shoot the enemy at least :)

    Anyway, some rages are really funny and I’m still looking forwards to have my very own entry here one day! :D

  16. So just you butthurt noobs know:
    Poland IS the biggest playerbase on EU server.
    There are the same ammount of german campers and map tourists, czech killstealers and blockers, italian faggs and “ill spot with arty guys”, spanish 45 wr noobs and portuguese 44 wr noobs as the ammount of polish siemkas. EOT or GTFO.
    Yes, polish players like to have a damn PL suffix and flags as other countrys also like but maybe not as often, so who fucking cares about it?
    Yes, polish names are very recognizeable, so what? I bet you just look at the polish nicknames… lol
    Try to concentrate for example on german names only. I bet you will find much noobs. Than try that with other nations, you will see the results and think how retarded you were before…

    Who the fuck are you butthurt peaplr to call polish peaople “shit poles” etc i can do that to: shit germans, czech assholes, italian bitches, duch pussys, spanish bots, english cocks…. is that funny? no.

    Take youre pills and and use your brain and your butt wont hurt anymore. srlsy.

    • I think a lot of the annoyance comes from how nationalistic the Poles can be (and before you call me a hypocrite, yes, us Americans are no better, in many ways we’re even worse, but at least we have an excuse of being one of the three major military powers in the world alongside Russia and China, and are officially the largest economy in the world, whereas Poland is best known for being repeatedly invaded by various countries, including but not limited to Sweden, Germany and Russia…although they DID fight off the Turks once, back when they were still considered a major power in Europe and the Middle East, but nobody remembers that one)

  17. SIEMKA PL!

    And I still have better wr than 90% of ragekids on the eu server. Fuck yeah.


  18. That last pic was really hard to read. There’s no way in hell this guy is a minute over 11 years (evidenced by his nick). A 40yr old Man could at least spell “Hure”(whore) correctly!

      • ? Mine ? Because the post I’m referring to is in something some degenerate, misguided people would refer to as “german language”.

  19. And don’t forget, you’ll get chat banned when you tell them stay in their (siemka/gypsy/moin…) country ;)

  20. These people are a bunch of scumbags its a game ffs no need for racism and generally being a all round dick.

  21. To be honest I think that this “Hall of shame” is a bad idea.
    I have heard of people that try to make comments like this, just to get on here. (Dont want to say their names)
    Some people are backwards, and if they feel like they have no problem with writing this shit, they probably dont have any problem with getting their names here. They live for messing with people and like trolls, they feed on getting people upset about it.
    All it does is make them try harder and harder saying stupid stuff to get their 15 min of fame (for whatever they can do).

    So unless you want to make people continue with this shit ingame, I sugest that you stop posting about it here.

  22. Hmm…you know what else we could use? A Hall of Fail, for players that, for some reason, took a game that by all means their team had no excuse to lose, and had one solitary idiot throw away the entire game for trivial reasons (because it takes a team to win, but only one idiot to lose).

    Point and case: a T-34-3 driver in this one game yesterday on South Coast. I was platooned up with a friend, who was in his IS-3 and I was in a KV-5, and the two of us and this T-34-3 were capping for the win, and mere seconds from victory in spite of a Type 59′s efforts to reset (he kept bouncing off of us, since we angled well), but suddenly, the enemy arty appears behind a rock, in no position to reset, but there nonetheless.

    The T-34-3 driver, with the capture counter at 98 percent, drove out of the cap circle to kill their arty, and though he succeeded, this meant that our victory was now impossible, because this now meant that the enemy could come back to reset whilst also capping our base because the defenders were even less competent than this moron. My platoonmate and I did our best, but we were overwhelmed by sheer numbers, and to add insult to injury, the T-34-3 STILL got killed by the Type 59.

    Even the ENEMY team overwhelmingly pointed out that this ONE IDIOT was responsible for throwing the whole game away, all to kill one stupid arty that wasn’t even a threat to us (which was really the only useful thing he did during the game; it was myself and my platoonmate that broke through the enemy defenses and did almost all of the work on the Eastern flank, whilst the idiots on the other flank and in the middle just utterly failed as usual).

    • It would take a whole new blog, team of 50 editors to process just the daily dose of ‘tards and it wouldn’t be funny to watch or read :D

          • Indeed, that’s the whole principle behind the concept of Schadenfreude (humor derived from the suffering of others), which is the cornerstone of slapstick comedy, particularly in American comedy.

  23. Yay! Even my clan “compilation”, 666th, was advertised. One has even said I made his day. :)

  24. Hard to be a Polish at EU server? Try being a Brazilian on the NA server… first thing ppl will do is to start the infamous huehuehue thing… Gladly I can say I’m Italian too.

  25. Hello,

    All of u that likes to insult Poland, polish ppl.

    Please be my guest. Come to my country and say everythig u have to say in my face.
    Just tell my why do u do that? Is there a reason to hate me? U know me, did i do anthing bad to u?

    Things that u write in chat are very very insulting and it only shows your level as a human being.

    Greetings to all of u

  26. Hah, fuking retards in wot. I mean I rage some times as well and will probably end up on name and shame, but im not a racist or a tard for real, like these guys. I have trolly personality on the nets, thats all. Whats funny is the huge amount of clan people acting bad. I would expect better for people like what, specially from clans like kazna and efe. They are imo fucking morons some of them. So much racism, so sad :(.

  27. “EvilSoul
    on January 20, 2014 at 6:17 pm said:

    Once I saw a Polish guy writing SIEMKA every single kill he made and he was unicum, just so you know, maybe he tried to defy this unfair stereotype.”

    If he was driving the FV215b 183 then… SIEMKA! :-D

    I like to start the match in such a friendly manner just to see which butthurt anti-PL kill first.

  28. Seriously, this is extremely selective. If you were to name and shame english and American WOT players who dish out foul mouthed abuse to … well, everyone around them, you’d go into hundreds of pages.