24 thoughts on “WG EU – weekend mission fail

  1. I am really curious if they will ever be able to create a weekend-special without any kind of fail.

  2. In Soviet Russia -10° is warm summer day, is nearly tropical. Vodka is nice refreshing drink in Russian summer, drink lots of it. Then program special, is good, is warm day comrade.

  3. Yep, I got mine on Sand River. Not exactly a summer map, but it fits the “It’s Too Hot Here” theme better, actually.

  4. The name of the mission says everything: It’s too hot here!

    As far as I know, Severogorsk very closely resembles a gulag. And in gulag, people were working. Working very hard. So hard, that even in -10 and a metre of snow outside they felt like in hot summer.

    Moreover, in Soviet times when an authority says it summer, then it’s summer, regardless of what you see through the window… you can’t get rid of stereotypes overnight… :)

  5. I think Ectar said it was changed because summer maps are the kind of maps that are least available in MM will go dig up his comment

    Yeah heres his comment *Semi important edit*

    Also please note the win for mission “It’s Too Hot Here!” and the win condition for “Summer maps”- this is intentional. Whilst the event is a themed event for a historical desert encounter we felt that only rewarding players for doing matches on desert maps was a bit of a tall order as they are the least common map type. To make it more enjoyable we switched the condition to be on the most common map type which in turn makes it easier for players to complete.

    • Actually, summer maps are by far the most likely ones. There are 28 summer maps (excluding Port and Dragon Ridge), four winter maps and three desert maps.

      • just posting his comment dont hate the messenger. i think they changed it so its not desert but all maps by the look of it its still a major fail.

  6. It is awarded battle after, i think. But it also works when you lose:

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    Tak jsem právě odehrála jednu prohranou bitvu na letní mapě a byla v TOP 10 a hasičák přišel okamžitě…no…máte šanci toho využít a já to jdu řešit..