8.11 tier 10 TD changes

Foch 155

- engine nerfed from 1200 to 1000hp
- AP/HEAT alpha nerfed from 850 to 750
- gold ammo pen nerfed from 408 to 395
- various changes in armor

Waffenträger auf E-100

- hull traverse nerfed from 30 to 26
- aim spread when turning turret for 128mm gun increased by 212 percent, for 150mm by 75 percent
- turret traverse nerfed from 24 to 22


- reload buffed from 18,3 to 17 secs
- alpha reduced from 850 to 750


- reload buffed from 21 to 19,5 secs
- alpha reduced from 850 to 750

Object 268

- hull turnrate nerfed from 30 to 28
- aim spread caused by moving increased by 11 percent
- aim spread caused by turning increased by 11 percent
- maximum reverse speed nerfed from 18 to 15 km/h
- reload time buffed from 17 to 16,5s
- alpha nerfed from 850 to 750
- gold penetration nerfed from 450 to 395

145 thoughts on “8.11 tier 10 TD changes

  1. Object 268
    - maximum reverse speed nerfed from 18 to 15 km/h
    Noone is going to play it now ;)

    But Foch… yea, nerfhammer f***ed him pretty hard.

    And 212% increase in aimspread for WaffleTraktor? What isa that? Now the aimcircle will be so huge like driving T92 with dead gunner and damaged gun?

    • The aimspread when moving turret now is so minimal that even small change makes huge %
      + you still have 1.5s aimtime – not really a nerf

    • Actually the reverse speed is one of the strengths of Obj 268. Beeing able to fire and quickly take cover makes Obj 268 very dangerous. For me its a bigger nerf than lowering the alpha.

      • If they really nerf WT traktor now no one will grind this line anymore.. So u see the point xD But dont cry this is intro/cosmetic nerf Next patch will be cammo nerf and all “after arty nerf”/fake TD players will sell TD*s from garages Selling old tanks and by new ones is a point of WG nerfs

  2. Nicenicenicenicenice!
    And the T18 is not that hard to kill, just shoot its huge upper front plate, 16mm high angle armor, even some autocannons get trough the front…

    • The trick is one, living long enough to aim your shot (chances are he’ll have fired his howitzer at you at least once by then), two, actually hitting the target (most tier 2 tanks aren’t accurate enough to reliably hit a target the size of the little strip of armor at reasonable combat ranges – to hit it reliably requires getting close, which plays to the T18′s advantage), and three, hoping it doesn’t bounce (not a problem with proper guns, but with MGs or autocannons…).

      Or you just do what I do: load up the 2-pounder on the Cruiser Mk.III, which has an average penetration with normal AP of 64 mm, and with APCR, over 120 mm (enough to pen a tier 6 and some tier 7 heavies from the front).

  3. And again, I set course to level up through tiers and when I arrive on the top, the vehicle is nerfed

    • If you look closely, these nerfs are mainly adressing the issue with ram tactic.

      You probably did saw a Foch 155 running straight at you, ram you and then unloading his massive damage at you. Yeah that’s something that won’t be so easy now with this nerf BUT imagine you’re playing like all TD’s, camping or slowly backing-up the front line with your firepower. Foch will still be pretty strong in classic TD game play.

      • Uhh One of the main points of the Foch is that it was a good td brawler. The Aim time makes sitting back and sniping a huge pain.

        • Get SU-122-44 instead. I do not drive a Foch as I don’t play tier X, but it sounds like the same basic gameplay to me. And it’s huge fun and makes tons of credits – but I am probably preaching to the choir here … ;)

          • not at all the foch is all about burst if u don’t kill someone with the clip ur dead

          • Yeah, the autoloader is a huge difference of course. But the SU has such fast reload and high DPM that the spiel of “take a hit, then kill the enemy before he can reload” works out pretty nicely imho.

  4. I might have misunderstood it, but I thought we were told that the T110E3 and T110E4 kept the same DPM after the alpha damage reduction. But when you use some simple math:
    (850 * 3.28) / 750 = 3.72 rounds a minute, which equals roughly 16.1 seconds reload. Which means we get 1 second less than we were promised, same applies to the T110E4. In the end its still a reload “buff,” but they lose DPM.

    • Maybe they felt the need to do something to compensate for the ~300 mm average pen?

        • The T110E4 has got a (semi-)turret. But I agree with you that TDs should have higher pen than mediums. Problem is that around 300 pen you can pretty much autoaim anyway and a further increase does not make a big difference. Yay powercreep!

    • 1 sec less ? Aren’t you too sensitive ? Is 1 sec of reload much of a difference ? You rely on it this often ?

      Chill bro, just chill, you still deal 750 dmg on average and now you can deal with lighter targets easier.

      You also deal the same module damage as before, so why so serious about the whole thing ?

      • DPM slightly nerfed, but now you can 3 shot mediums faster; besides the autopen HEAT that can go through E3′s front semi-reliably got nerfed, so you shouldn’t complain.

        IMHO E3 is actually buffed, not nerfed in 8.11.

      • they made the reload the same on the foch but reduced its alpha… basically nerfed the clip if u guys ever played the foch it was fine as it was

        • I don’t understand how after SS pointed out that with all the “OP rating” systems and graphs the Foch is OP in every way, some people still claim it was balanced.

          You must either have one or be retarded to make such a claim.

    • Whineboys will still whine about glacis plate, practical difference will be overmatched armor by practically anything, including random roof penetrations like in Obj.140.
      No idea on commander cupola though. Guessing they only thinned out sloped 180mm spot, which actually was very bouncy.

  5. The nerf hammer at its best. Poor Foch and 268… I didn’t play the WT, but this nerf seems pretty devastating for it.

    • It’s not. The WT still has that alpha, it just has to play a tad more carefully now.

      That damage could push entire flanks with a backup 268, it was so good.

      I had one enemy team push the east of cliff with a WT E-100, a 183 Deathstar, and some meaningless medium. I found it by stumbling around the corner in an E-75 and proceeding to become the first fatality of the game about a HESH round, engine fire, and 4 WT gold rounds later.

      Things went downhill from there.

    • No they didn’t…

      It’s still has the best camo index and the armor. Fuch 155 got the bigest nerf, and it deserved it, because it WAS OP, because it was so mobile and had stupidly big pen and alpha damage, and all of that with 180mm armor at a ridiculous angle. So that thing deserved it.

      The only OP factor that still is on the Obj. 268 is the camo, it’s ridiculous. You fire a gun behind an opaque bush at i.e. a T-62A fron 250m, and the Object is still fucking invisible.

      I for one welcome this TD nerf, and that’s coming from a guy that OWNS an Object 268, and still love it.

      But I especially welcome the nerf of the OP WT E100 which HAD that ridiculously low aim time and aim spread.

      However I still did not test out the changes, even though on paper (at least for the 268) it doesn’t matter. Because it’s supposed to be a CQ support tank with a lot of heavies, or sniping from ridiculous ranges…even though the shells move (as it seems) half the speed of the BL-10 rounds.

      Anyway, downloading the test patch and I’ll see what’s the big QQ about for the Object 268 at least.

  6. WTF E-100 : dispersion factor for 128mm during turret rotation is now 0.17 (0.08 before nerf), bigger than WTF Pz IV (0.16)

        • 400 dmg? more like 420-430 eventhough it says 390 on average. Yea, maybe every 10th shot is 390….it’s seriously fucktard easy mode tank and the longer they keep it OP the harder they will piss off players.

      • Yeah, that would work on the KV-1S with the D-2-5T, but as compensation WG would probably end up giving it access to the 100 mm gun that some models had (they plan to do this whether the KV-1S is nerfed or not), which would have a higher DPM than the 122 mm gun but at least won’t outperform the guns of other tanks of that tier by as wide of a margin, being comparable to tanks with guns of similar calibers, like the T-150 with its 107 mm gun (the KV-2 has this gun as an option, but everybody uses the 152 mm on that one anyway so it’s irrelevant) and the ARL-44 with its 105 mm gun.

  7. Looks like perhaps T110E4 and T110E3 usability for CW will be slightly increased after being not nerfed as hard as the other TDs?

  8. Waffenträger auf E-100
    - hull traverse nerfed from 30 to 26
    - aim spread when turning turret for 128mm gun
    increased by 212 percent, for 150mm by 75 percent
    - turret traverse nerfed from 24 to 22
    212 wha ??

    • The classical WG way, create tremendously OP vehicles so people use free XP for them in 1-2 patches, then nerf them to the ground.

      Seriously, if nerf by 212% is now considered “balanced”, how come it didn’t get nerfed when it was introduced? The only thing I can think of is that WG creates OP vehicles only to consume players’ free XP and then nerfs them to make way for new ones.

      • >Seriously, if nerf by 212% is now considered “balanced”, how come it didn’t get nerfed when it was introduced?
        Because the metagame doesn’t get used to a beta tank with beta stats in a day.

      • Sunshine, I just want to let you know that I was so annoyed by your ignorant bitching that I felt the need to make a WordPress account just to tell you what an idiot you are.

    • The cool thing about a percentage increase is that it is always relative to the base value, which was very low to begin with. Go figure. ;)

      • Well on the first test server where we tested new german TDs i said Wte100 is OP and saw how it doesn’t lose aim spread on the move/turret traverse. It had better spread than mediums on the move, WG knew it for sure, but didn’t wanted to touch it to milk out some cash out of exp converters.

        • > WG knew it for sure
          I’ve heard the same story out of TF2 when they introduced the Equalizer. It’s a tier 10 tank destroyer with exceptionally odd weaknesses (long reload, no armor, size: house, backyard support) that players needed to account for in the metagame: There needs to be some reason why you’d pick it over the Foch 155′s massive front plate, shorter stature, and incredible penetration.

          They’re at minimum just as likely to have considered that the WT E-100′s metagame would have taken getting used to before they’d think about actual balance, because a small subset of the population on an all tier 10 test server isn’t the same as the general population server. I also think they didn’t believe TDs were bad until the data trends after the artillery nerf came in.

  9. C’mon, continue the whine. Now point on the mediums, and after it the heavies. But wait, no! After these arties will be strong again. So nert the arties again. Oh no! TD’s became stronger like that. So nerf them again. And if you started, go along with meds and heavies again… and again.
    Circle of devil…

  10. Looks like T110E4 isgoing the M60′s way. Nerf after nerf, until there’s no more but shadow of it’s former self.

  11. I am gladly trading 100 alpha for a faster reload with a still brutal alpha of 750. And “only” 395 avg. pen with premium ammo? LOL! Who needs prem ammo with 303 avg. AP pen on an Obj.268 anyway?

  12. Actually, this are just temporal nerfs. All tds will get nerfed class wide later on. This will cause problems untill all TDs gets nerfed, as we can see TheTuber writes “obj704., we meet again old friend”. Imagine all tier 10 TD players think that way and we will have a bunch of overpopulaterd TD games in tier 8-9.

    • Yep, thats true. Altho I’ll add that I’m more of a medium tank player, when it comes to playing high tiers. The only tier X mediums I dont have are 2 of the 3 russian ones.

      But I agree,
      TD’s will still be the “go-to” class for players looking for high damage ratio’s, because a few hits will already results in a 2k+ damage done. Because of this I still think many players will simply play TD’s instead of a heavy tank, or medium. I’m not sure how WG intends to tackle that, but I dont think nerfing TD’s into the ground is the solution, but rather in making other vehicle classes more appealing.

      • Where is your logic? If you nerf TDs, less people will play them -> more people will be playing the other tank classes.

        • My logic is fine, I guess. But how about yours?

          A merry nerf-go-round where each class takes a turn is not the solution, thats what I’m saying. Where do you think vehicles in this game will be in about a year or so, if WG were to follow your vision?

          Think about it

  13. Nice. Very nice! Now the OP FV215 and perhaps we can actually start playing again. Especially that Foch is op as hell.

      • i really dont understand that complete TD nerf… why serb states WG wont react on any petition, while they do react on forum whinners who can’t play against TDs. i do not have any T10 TD, yet i do play against it a lot with my heavies, and i have no trouble doing so

        it is all about ppl lazy or bad enough not beaing able to learn how to play against TDs. when all TDs will be nerfed this way, the gameplay will get much worse imho, heavies will become OP in general, and WG will start nerfing heavies… neverending circle of nerfs will end in totally screwed game

        • The same told arty players before nerf. :D

          They don’t react on whiners they react on rising number of tier X TD’s. Its not a coincidence its rising. So many camping noobs are driving them because they are the ones who make the biggest boooooooom. And its true games are slower now because of it.

          • can’t agree with that. the problem of camping is problem of map balance, not TD’s issue. above that, noobs are able to camp with anything, you will meet the same number of noobs camping with TDs like with heavies. actually, noobs often use rush tactic with TDs instead of camping

            • Than I am probably noob beacuse I like an agressive play with TDs.

              Actually Foch and Obj 268 are like fast meds with big gun. Why to play IS4 or E100 if you can play such beasts?

              And the high alpha dmg prefers defender over attacker. Yes players will camp with anything. The point is how much dmg the camper can make before the attacker can reach him. If the dmg is too high the campers will have the uper hand. If its balanced the campers are dead meet. That’s why to nerf alpha and dpm.

        • “…why serb states WG wont react on any petition, while they do react on RUSSIAN forum whinners who can’t play against TDs…”


    • Those 10 or so points of pen reduction probably decide whether you can autopen SerB’s favourite tank or not. ;)

  14. So if I understand it right, these are the only TD changes ?
    They didn’t touch my precious StuG?

    I meant.. the announced TD nerf applies only to high tier TDs ?

      • sure but they were talking also about removing camo class bonus… so I wasnt sure .. it’s stilla TD… even though its a tier 5 ….

        On the other hand… I can see many low-mid tier TDs completely useless then, so they will need to compensate that … which in the end might be much more work to do…

  15. 212% aim spread increase sounds a bit tough….the WT E100 is already quite difficult to drive due to vulnerability, long reload and its size with the non existant camouflage.

    • difficult to drive?

      then you arent driving it right!

      the wte is ridiculously easy to use, if you use it to get to the front lines, you re not using it properly at all

  16. I welcome the buff on E4 if thats all that will get changed! 268 seems not really appealing now. Feels like they will nerf 704 too because of this.

  17. Guys If i made my maths correct there is also a dpm nerf, right, although WG said there wont be? I am not sure though but it looks like if i compare reload and alpha? Enlighten me! So sad i grinded 300k xp for 268 and now it gets nerfed but whatever its always the same…cheers

  18. Waffletrager e-100

    “aim spread when turning turret for 128mm gun increased by 212 percent, for 150mm by 75 percent”


    now thats a nerf!

    • Not really. It is not much of a nerf at all. That is like saying SPGs were nerffed in their accuracy…

      What was actually nerffed in SPGs was the aim and reload times.

      Plus, if you still don’t get it, the aim time on the WT E-100(fake tank from hell) is still 1.5s.

      So… the WT E-100 for the most part was not hit with a nerff bat. If you want to see what a nerff bat does go look at a Grille or Hummel.

  19. You should see more 183B’s now, but HESH is broken and most will be suprised how ineffective it is in most cases.

  20. Good, good. Powercreep is decreasing. This is from a mainly TD player. But what i don’t like is their plans to nerf TDs as a class because of T10 OP TDs. Low-mid tier TDs aren’t OP at all. They are UP whatosoever. This is what i don’t like. WG can’t take small leaps. They either make it grossly OP, or nerf it to shit. In this case they won’t nerf the T10 TDs who deserves it, but they will also nerf whole class which is bullshit imo.

    • I agree. I do not own any T10 TD an yet I see no point in such punishment for Foch. Some nerf is ok, it can not have mobility armor and gun, but to take it all away? That is cruel. Regarding upcoming complete TD class nerf – I worry about it. As you say, they are lost when it comes to balancing. It can not be that they do it only for money which they may get from grinding and converting. People will be doing the same no matter if they convert for TD or Heavy. A player is either that mad or that rich that he will spend money on that or he wont.

      Same was with arty nerf. They nerfed it to the ground, which may have balanced some, but other are useless. I neither have T10 arty but I understand why people complained about it. Especially low tier ones. What if same happens to TDs now? Or will they make it rng dependant like for example GW Tiger P? You either kill with 2000 dmg or wont hit anything the whole battle. It is sure fun for that GW driver and also for that full dmg victim. Now both suffer.
      If they stepped in and dealt with particullar OP TD in the beginning, none of this would happen. Of course number of people grinding TDs increase on all tiers. It takes time for hundreds of thousands players to grind to T10. Some do it in month, some in a year…

      TL; DR :
      WG should finally decide which class will they favor and which in their eyes should form the bulk of battles. Make it heavy, medium if they want, or even lights or TDs, it is their choice, but till they choose one class for “mainstream use”/”general issue”, this circle of nerfs will never end.

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  22. guess most of all the whiners here don’t even own one of the nerfed vehicles. sadly crying is always easier than learning…

  23. A step in the right direction towards better balance on tier 10, however there still are some things done wrong:

    I am glad they nerfed Object 268′s DPM, however T110 TDs did not need a DPM nerf as well.
    Yet again, nothing was done to FV 183′s HESH.
    Foch was nerfed too hard, the armor nerf was totally unnecessary. Maybe they should revert the engine nerf to re-compensate?
    WT E-100….that is not a nerf. IMO they should increase autoloading time to 3 seconds, 4 seconds for 150mm and nerf aimtime and accuracy for 128mm to reasonable values. But WG won’t nerf it seriously as long as it acts as a cash cow.