8.11 – Chinese Chi-Ha change

Hello everyone,

there is apparently one more undocumented change (discovered thanks to the guys from Tank Inspector team) – Chinese Chi-Ha was changed. The visual model was slightly changed and the turret frontal armor (for both turrets) buffed from 25mm to 35mm. The gun armor was also slightly changed.


The “red” one is old, the “orange” one is new (hull thickness remains the same, but the color red is now used for the 35mm zone). Notice the suspension details.


10 thoughts on “8.11 – Chinese Chi-Ha change

  1. Seems like they corrected it at last, it had some minor differences compared to the Japanese one, the biggest one being the different turret armour and the engine deck was slightly different on the Chinese one compared to the Japanese.

  2. Wait so now the Chinese Chi-Ha is even more better than the Japanese Chi-Ha? So it get’s a light tank camo bonus AND an armour buff? Wow, no point in even playing the Japanese Chi-Ha now.