Weekly FTR contributor review

Hello everyone,

as promised, here is the overview of this week’s FTR contributors. I value all your help equally, no matter how small, so I just want to thank you all once again.


J.K. (Ireland)
S.D. (Belgium)
Richmi (Czech Republic)
Webium s.r.o. (http://www.mywotmods.com/) (Czech Republic)

Please note that if you want your full real name or nickname listed, you have to write me your nickname (or your consent for full name publication) :)

23 thoughts on “Weekly FTR contributor review

  1. hi,

    I am S.D from Belgium.
    Saelens Davy(Ingame: Saelens)
    I like to read FTR and srry that i only give 0.66 € but i dont have anymore on Paypal.

    Great Saelens

  2. Come oooooon fellow Germans, contribute a little and stop being the mean cheapskates that half of Europe thinks we are. (Yeah, I DO see this as a contest and matter of national pride ;)