So, who wants to own a tank museum?

Source: Armchair General website (thanks to Listy for sending me a link)

Hello everyone,

now, this is an interesting (and a bit sad) piece of news. To quote from the article

William Gasser, a semi-retired businessman who often call himself “a former millionaire,” is seriously searching for an individual or organization that would be interested in receiving a tax free donation of his huge Tank Museum located currently in south central Virginia in the town of Danville. This museum is situated on an 89 acre site that includes a 330,000 square foot building which houses 118 armored and artillery vehicles, 160 mid-size weapons (Bazookas, Flame Throwers, Recoilless Rifles), 60 rifles (some rare, others current), an International Hall of 340 Generals in uniform, and a unique 1/16 scale 6000 square foot indoor battlefield for radio controlled tanks. The collection also includes International Tank & Cavalry artifacts from many time periods, plus support facilities that serve as a gift shop, classrooms, research library, cafeteria, and workshops to maintain the artifacts.

So yes, basically Mr.Gassner is looking for someone, who would carry on his legacy, since he opened the museum more than 30 years ago, in 1981. The vehicles are allegedly 30 mil USD worth in total according to Mr.Gassner’s wife, who is the museum’s director and the collection includes 40 vehicles loaned from the US Department of Defense. For more details, please read the original article.

So, what do you say, Mr.Kislyi – do you REALLY need that one more building on Cyprus? :)

17 thoughts on “So, who wants to own a tank museum?

    • I guess the Chieftan will be upset considering that’s the Littlefield collection being broken up.

    • Boy am I glad I managed to visit the MVTF before they decided not to keep it going. Too sad the owner who had true passion for the tanks and means to manage it died.

  1. “unique 1/16 scale 6000 square foot indoor battlefield for radio controlled tanks”

    World of RC Tanks

  2. “So, what do you say, Mr.Kislyi – do you REALLY need that one more building on Cyprus?”

    ..Da… ‘Murika is an evul caputalist pigdog….not a tax haven for my squillions…

  3. The more I think about it the more i feel that I NEED one!
    But 1st I need to know if it comes with a custom coffee mug, can’t claim ownership of a museum if it doesn’t have custom coffee mugs.

  4. Great, as if I didn’t have enough reasons to hate the rich…

    Just one more thing that could be mine, if not for lack of money…

  5. Wow, the Danville facility is being broken up?

    The other group here in VA, Americans in Wartime Museum, has their ambitious Prince William county site being developed, maybe they can talk to the Danville guys. It’s close to Washington D.C. and if anything, the new site will be on the I-95 corridor.

  6. This could seriously set their name a lot more then financing a search for some lost planes like they did last year. I hope WG actually hears about this and takes action… talking about advertising opportunity in the US…

  7. Maybe the museum could actually benefit from being owned by, or at least cooperating with WG.

    Think of the “free” advertisment.

  8. I think I am fine enough with my T-55AM, T-72M2 and a M48 Patton, costs just as much as a new car without taxes. T-72M2 is actually cheaper than the T-55AM for some reasons and the M48 Patton