19 thoughts on “8.11 CT round 2 tomorrow

  1. Yea, it’s kinda sad I can’t even try it. I can’t login just like many other people there because when I use my email for EU account that I also used on US server it keeps using US database and I have to login to US server where I have only T1 … so I can’t try my E4 and E3 after this TD balance … funny that I could not play the previous test too because of this stupid synchronizing of gold and free xp.

    • does it really matter ?
      its not like if you try it now and dont like it, they will change anything …

      You can pretty much try it when its live :D

    • it could be worse, you could not be able to download it, and you can’t properly test something on the test server, since there they only play only tier 10 with gold shells, so any balance, buff or nerf can’t be properly noticed because of that

      • I would rather not be able to download it than download 6GB and then not be able to login. I would like to try E4 and E3, especially because of RoF buff. I have played every test since version 0.7.0 but last two tests does not work for me. I am used to gold ammo spam on CT.

        • Not to put a too fine point on it, but we get a lot of Gold and Credits as well as free xp on the testserver to unlock and replicate any tank setup you would like. Your precious E4 and E3 are really just some mouseclicks away from T1…the only difference would be that you would have a standard 100% crew without additional skills. ;)

    • SuperSpy, where’s the problem?
      In Test server you get so much free XP and silver that you can unlock both E3 and E4 from T1 ten times and drive them till you get sick :)

      • I have exactly same problem .. its first time it appeared .. and awesome Support was not able to help me .. EU support told me to contact NA support and NA support told me to contact RU .. would you like to see the communication with those useless idiots? :D