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    • I think it might have a similar mechanic in place as planes when shooting through propellers. synchronization gear. Only shoots when propeller blade isn’t in the way of the bullets.
      Although it might be complicated when it’s not a fixed gun (which is only ever aimed at one single point).

          • I really like the look of this one. Skip the rotors and tail and the (ahem) glass cockpit and its not a terrible looking light tank.
            Quite why twin rotors AND a tail were envisaged I cannot fathom.

            • Because the glass is in frames it could be bullet proof glass.

              If the rear prop was rotated so that it pushed the tank-coptor rather then how it is now it would be a workable design but the tracks are a lot of dead weight.

  1. Someone ought to make a game with that wondrous product of human imagination. There was a siege helicopter in RA2, but that was a bit different and not as awesome as this “Grasshopper”.

  2. Oh god did we come up with some retarded shit, but I’m hoping the Sentinel and its details/files are in those archives, that thing was an awesome tank for its time, pity we never put it into production.

    • Actually we did, 65 AC1 were produced, 1 AC3 and 1 AC4 plus original prototype. Surviving Sentinels can be seen at the RAAC tank museum at Puckapunyal Victoria (serial number 8030), and at the Bovington Tank Museum (serial number 8049). The only completed AC3 (serial number 8066) is located at the Treloar Technology Centre at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

    • LoL. A revolution of these airborne tanks? “hmm guy, i’m camping at base to wait for…hmm…. a helicopter tank?”

  3. It would make the ideal attack helicopter if they just made the design a bit more “helicopter” Instead of tank hybrid, I mean 20mm/35mm armour and put all the cannons at the bottom instead and to the sides and it would be the perfect Hind of 1944.

  4. Read Ralph Peters novel ” The war in 2020″ it has. US army task force of flying tanks that look like this things great grand children.

  5. Just get rid of all the tank features, place the cannon on the underside, and you’d have a helicopter gunship twenty years before they entered service in any sort of numbers irl.