Leaked Russian TD’s? A fake.

Hello everyone,

not everything that appears as a leak is one. Today, I posted the following picture:


It’s supposed to be a “supertest tree”, including three new premium TD’s. I am sad (happy?) to report that it is a fake. The reason I fell for it is quite simple: last year (in May), both the GAZ-75 and IT-45 descriptions were leaked and icons existed too (as far as I know, even models do). I thought Wargaming simply decided to implement them with delay, but it is not so (yea, I had it confirmed by a real supertester).

By the way, those of you, who said it was a photoshop – nope, it wasn’t. It is actually possible to edit local client XML files to create your own “version” of the tree, that’s probably how they did it. Another leaked thing later today were “statistics” of these vehicles. These are also fake.

I am sorry for the confusion.

18 thoughts on “Leaked Russian TD’s? A fake.

  1. Good Guy SS accidentally posts fake leaks then informs to us they are fake as soon as he knew (unlike other “people” that loves having fake information around)

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