Stream: Rita’s new schedule

Hello everyone,

this is some info for those of you, who like to follow Rita on stream (that “Stream” button on the upper bar). Rita now has (unlike before) regular schedule she will try to keep according to her own words. The schedule is here:



PS: there is an interesting competition upcoming on the stream for nice prizes I think, I helped design it so you might want to refresh your knowledge of tanks… :)

21 thoughts on “Stream: Rita’s new schedule

  1. That’s 4am here. I sometimes get to watch the stream on weekends if she started early or late in the stream if I got up early for work.
    Maybe I will fluke a Aussie question at 9pm your time one day.
    Regardless both of you do great work and I appreciate it.

  2. I am from Downunder as well, so timing is early morning. But will certainly make the effort to watch them.

  3. Never understood what is so interesting in watching someone play WoT when you can do it yourself.

    It”s not like the pro starcraft streams that you KNOW you will never get to that level.

        • Yeah right…. it has nothing to do with rita being a girl and the internet being full of weirdoes….its all about the cat jokes.

          • Don’t tar people with your own low standards. Rita has great presenting and interpersonal skills. The mods are not retarded unlike a certain streamer and the chat is jovial.

            • “Rita has great presenting and interpersonal skills.”

              You wouldnt say that if it would be a guy. Just admit you are one of the weirdos :D


              She isn´t even good at playing WoT. I saw like an hour of her gameplay and it´s a) camping behind bush b) seal clubbing c) coming out when safe and finishing nearly dead enemies.

              You can do great stats on this, but it doesnt make you player worth watching.
              If you wanna watch cute girl a) go out and find one b) watch porn c) watch some funny series, not a game stream

              • Its called thinking and playing at the same time and having situational awareness ,would you be more happy if she went full retard every game.

                At least she speaks,
                Circon says he’s the most laid back streamer.
                His streams send you to sleep its that boring most of the time.
                Quicky streams are not to bad if you want to learn bits of useful info his communication is very good with the people watching is stream.

                • It is a different atmosphere with Circon. I go there for the chat because we (chat) usually get into long winded arguments about tanks, girls or random stuff… While Circon plays WoT.

              • Yes, this is statpadder from the forums :P

                Maybe i am wierd, i do play WOT after all :o

                I like the channel because its friendly and she is charming. Sometimes you want to switch off and have fun. When i want to learn stuff I watch Luciquel or Emu.