About the Ingame Missions…

Hello everyone,

this post will be strictly subjective and my personal opinion only, so if you are interested in hard facts only, you might as well move on.

No? Very well then, you’ve been warned.

Today, two hours ago or so, I was grinding slowly my Centurion I. There is this mission active (today is its last day), where you have to get 25 kills to get some reward (50k was it?) or something, so I was doing that and then it struck me. Why am I playing? I don’t feel like playing. Oh yea, the goddamn mission.

When Wargaming introduced the mission concept, I kinda felt like “Hooray, this is what I remember from Warcraft, this is going to be great!”. What I meant was the World of Warcraft “dailies” – a repeatable mission, where you have to do something. What I forgot however in my eternal optimism is that the dailies in World of Warcraft were fundamentally different from the World of Tanks ones.

World of Warcraft PVE dailies were a place to completely switch off. You know you have to kill X monsters to get item Y and that was it. So you went there, switched the WoW sound off, put on a music and did that for half an hour. No fuss, just you killing some monsters, ideally in a PVE zone. Yea, sometimes a ganker appeared (a slang term for PVP player, roaming the world to attack the opposite faction’s members, partially equal to our “sealclubber”) but that was rare. When you finished the daily (unless it was a frustrating one, those I skipped), you felt refreshed.

WoT dailies make me tired. The problem of daily quest in an essentially PVP game is that you can’t switch off (or, rather, you can, but the results will be terrible). You want to play a few battles – and you do, but then you realize you are halfway done with that mission, it would be a shame not to finish it, right?

Wrong. As soon as I start thinking this way, I am basically fucked. I start focusing on (for example) getting kills, but you know how it goes, the harder you try, the worse it goes and you start to get frustrated. You bring down a tank tier higher all by yourself only to have an asshole, that was camping the whole battle jerking off behind a bush steal that kill and ride off into the sunset.

And that’s the keyword: frustration. Finishing WG missions is frustrating. This is not necesserily as true for the “long ones” (monthly missions), but the dailies certainly are, at least for me. So after two battles with 2k and 3k damage but 0 kills, I was like fuck it, I’ll leave the daily on 17/25 and I’m gonna go cook. Or watch something. Or go play something else. Or maybe I am just tired by WoT in general…

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      • Thats why i only Play t5 this month…^^. call me a sealclubber, i dont care, at least there are less killstealers and if i do good, my team wins…^^

        • When are some missions, i dont care about him, to end of play day. Then i check how many left and how many i done. Simple.

          • 50k cred missions aren’t really worth the frustration anyway. And only a few missions are worth taking on the frustration (beyond your usual fun time playing WOT), where the rewards are substantial, such as a free premium day for 50k Dmg, free T15+slot, etc., basically something a bit unique or what you can’t have without spending some gold.

            • well, 50k dmg for a day will come automatically but i never try to do complete longer missions for one prem day, which means to play a few hours for maybe 1€!?
              Even the t15 wasn’t worth it, as it was much cheaper to buy it then to play hours and hours…

  1. Interesting observation and I completely agree your views on Missions. I have almost arrived at the position of not even bothering to check the Mission board, so I can concentrate on my game play. If I do get a ‘bonus’ then I consider it just that : a bonus.

    However, if a Mission fits in with my overall objectives currently, will be slightly more proactive about it.

    • I have to agree with you completely, never gone after a mission to date, just played the game in front of me. Anything that comes extra is just that, extra.

    • Same here, I don’t even check the mission board. I just play and sometimes 5 extinguishers pop in my pocket. It’s all good.

    • I am using a mod that changes the after battle report screen so that there aren’t missions shown in there. Initially that was a bugged mod but I liked that so much I kept using it with a few modifications. I think it keeps some of the frustration away because I don’t see mission progression after every battle.

    • Same here, missions are a bonus for me not the main objective.
      The main objective is to drive out in a tank I like or need to grind on and have fun.

      Then again the same was the case for World of Warcraft, I stopped doing dailies in wotlk,
      and even before that I always skipped the annoying ones and only did dailies when I felt
      like it.

  2. I felt this way about the mission for the S35 German tank last month.

    It made me almost not want to play because I had 2 days or so where I had to go out and be one with actual life… so I couldn’t grind through the horrible Jagdtiger… I’m still less than 40k XP into the JT, that stock gun with the slow tank, makes it much worse than just continuing on with JP2.

    I started the mission for the British tanks, but quit at Matilda… realized it’s not worth it unless I platoon with people that can carry super well.

    If they have another super long mission like the IS-6 mission, for an actual good premium tank, I might try to do that one. Otherwise I’d rather just actually pay for the tank… good thing I get to test them on the test server beforehand on occasion!

  3. Well you are right. Now, if WoT had a PvE element, you would see me geek out on the game a whole day.
    But now, Im not even checking the mission screen. Hell, I go 5 battles and if I already lose all of them, i lose the enjoyment to actually play the game, let alone do missions. Im grinding up the Tortoise to the top gun, but if I cant win 5 battles in it, im done for the day with the game :P

    • I have also grinded Tortoise’s top gun (already learning how to use FV215b(183) and it’s like Ultra-Violence skill level :P) and it wasn’t much fun of play but when I got it, well… 10*400 dmg per minute does the difference. I decided to keep Tortoise, it’s fun to play it occasionally, once a few days. ;)

    • Well, it’s make me remember when we got “15 win” mission, you got 100k credit when you reach that. I’m rage quit when i play almost 30 battle and only win 6. Hell… too many retard running around, make me tired when playing alone. Have 3 kills… still lose. Ok, i’m not good enough. 5 kills… still lose.May be i got bad luck. Hold a flank with 1 another tier 6 in my Chito, 2 of us kill 7 enemy, mean while another flank with 13 men can’t hold 1 OP-1S with 2 medium….7 kills in e 75 with all enemy tier 9 in my flank died… still lose. “wtf you guys want me to? kill all enemy tank myself?”. After that, no more daily mission, and no WoT for 2 day.

  4. You made the mistake of trying SS :)

    I just play normally and finish missions/get kills just as always. Focus on playing normally and the prizes will come :)

    • Yeah, Im playing just like every day too. When I need to collect frags for mission – I just play a tank which has the highest K/D ratio in my stats and I don’t follow this “I’ll lose this game and won’t help my team but I’ll get 1 frag!” rule.

      • We have several missions running on the NA server right now plus a 3x weekend. There is a mission for platoon victories, damage, and 25 kills with a med., if you complete all those daily it’s a total of 975000 diver bonus for the day, plus the 3x and crew exp bonus missions. I’m cleaning up by just playing my regular game this weekend. I finished it all the last two days and will finish today too. It works for me, and I have a new T62a and T25AT in my garage now in part from these missions.

  5. i went back to wot because of the dialy missions i tought it will be better to play for something and not to grind but after the first 2-3 months of missions they made similar to this one and it became frustrating and annoying and i had to sit 4-5 hours in front of the comp just to finish these kind of missions so i left wot again they can “fck” up everything and they used their superpower and im wot free i just watch ftr for wg fails and provide some info for some of my friend who playing the game still

  6. WoT always makes me frustrating, I advice taking a break when that happens, life is much more than WoT. and if you can’t have that then there are other games than WoT!

    • I play WoT and when I’m frustrated I play DOTA2 just to remind me I’m better at wot than dota, and then I reutrn to grinding chi-to…

  7. That’s why you should have a sealclubbing tank in your garage. Typically SU-85B, Hetzer or M8A1, to easily farm these missions.

    • I think you dont get the point… The point is that the game isnt fun doing the missions when there are others doing the same thing. So how would sealclubbing help? You think he would be the only guy doing it? He would just compete against others, making it even harder.

      • +T40
        +100% crew
        +100% camo skills
        +6th sense
        +rammer, binocs, camo net
        450m view range and insane camo on tierm 4. Enjoy your ownage. Like a SU-85B only with better Hp/t, gun depression, gun traverse and view range.

        • Oh yeah….you know it. If more folk realized the view range you get get out of that machine and understand how to use it….you can sit in a bush at the far end of render range and nail people when they can’t ever see you.

          There are times I’ll play this machine or the Rhm-B WT all day just due to that one major feature. View range. Guys….it’s all about camo and spotting. When you figure that out and how to exploit it you will do well.

  8. The missions are designed to make the slightly more than casual player stick around a bit longer each day, and if they are suckering you into doing that then they worked.

    For me, I have no problem quitting having 28 of 30 kills or 29 of 30k damage done.

    As for the missions which require you to play like you have no life for a pixel tank then they don’t interest me at all. I got 3 days premium out of the IS-6 mission but I also got an elited SU-100 and the first skill completed on the T-34-85 so it was something I would have wanted to do anyway.

  9. working as intended. maybe you should learn to make pizza from scratch where you can blow an entire day on it

  10. I know exactly how that feels. I normally don’t bother with the missions unless they can be done in 1-2 hours tops or if I really feel like playing WOT the whole day (that’s rare). I also don’t play Team Battles no matter the mission.
    I think the most fun you can have in WOT is when YOU decide which tank to play and ignore the missions.
    It’s so annoying when you have the kills or the damage but you also need a victory for the mission, but because everyone went with the lemming train, died in the first 2 minutes or was the last tank and was aiming the opposite way you get a defeat.

  11. Completely disagree.

    What you’re saying is that mindless grind in WoW is good because after completely wasting your time you feel “refreshed”. Sure, because you just stopped wasting your time, that has to be a relief.

    On the other hand WoT rewards you for doing what you’re already doing – except it rewards you for being more efficient (getting more kills, or xp, or dmg, or wins). Especially with the current requirement of being in top10.

    In other words, WoT mission rewards you for mental activity, which is a proper thing to do regardless of what you do – while WoW rewards you for being braindead.

    Yes, I can completely see how many would prefer WoW approach and criticize WoT..

    • Dont know if troll or masochist…
      Mental activity? Did you even read his post? How can it be fun doing 3K damage per game, and seeing some tomato noob getting the kill,…almost every battle… You gotta be brain dead if that doesnt frustrate you happening the whole day..

      • This looks like anti-Sochi propaganda post; where someone completely ignores the good things, average things, and focuses on finding all the bad things no matter how rare, and if they don’t exist then invent them.

        Typical WoT mission has nothing to do about what you described. It’s usually about “win 20 battles” and stuff like that, which is a no issue to any skilled MMO player, and comes from just playing the game with some mental activity. If you don’t have the time to play that many, you don’t play, and no problem.

        • Thats what SS is actually talking about. But I dont think that you understood that at all O.o

          Why waist the whole day for a simple mission? ;Missions like this, which are simple for unicum statpadders(no life) but normal players kinda get annoyed if they cant do it in one whole day. Logical thing.

          Plus: dont drag politics here ok? No point in sinking that low.

          • What SS said is what SS said, it’s impossible to “not understand” it. He said, and I quote: “World of Warcraft PVE dailies were a place to completely switch off. (…) So you went there, switched the WoW sound off, put on a music and did that for half an hour.”

            Which basically means mindless grinding and a complete waste of time.
            And the point was that that is better that WoT system. It’s not.

            The rest of your post.. I don’t know what to say. If simple WoT missions are too complicated or demanding for you, perhaps you should install WoW and put the music on..

      • Just stop caring if you get the kill or not, i will always try to perform my best and make best decisions, sure i check missions page, but i mean getting 25 kills inst really hard if you play well, you get that in 15games or even less.
        Personally i dont focus on getting kills never( when i did it, i agree, its really fucking boring), i just focus on doing best for my team, whever it means i go on suicide scout with my slow tank, so i can spot enemy team and let my TD’s kill all of them, or sitting back and sniping from range.

        • True, the kills and damage is just a bonus. I much rather enjoy a good and dynamic game regardles of tank. I only care about XP because thats good for crew training and even some free xp some times. Credits are also good.

          I say it again, the idiot proof way to enjoy the game and make profit in the long run is premium account and only play few tanks. Simple as that, 7500 gold 3 months premium around 25 euro, right?

          Only focusing on kills and damage will distract you from thinking straight. You perform best when you think the game is fun. Often people who are stressed and write “zomfg must ween and make 3k damage this and that”, they often fail hard because they let their emotions affect their judgement.

          Without motivation you will have a hard time. For example me, I know the long term reward will be good crews, something that will give me advantage over others appart from personal skill. So I work with that, try to perform better in a specific tank I like.

          At the end of the day, consistency is what counts, making it right from the beginning. Any idiot can have good kills and damage with some OP tank, but in some situations when it gets tence he will fail because he rely too much on the tank itself.

          I admire these 50% WR players having 1000-3000 games on a specific tank because they can perform decent to good consistently because they know the tank. I dont admire these 200 games played tankers making 5000 damage in a few game and have mediocre stats showing they fail more than often.

  12. Entire WoT is tiring. This is honestly the most frustrating, annoying and painfull game I’ve ever played, and it doesn’t provide basicly any fun to balance it. That’s what makes it also the most challenging game I’ve ever player and only reason why I still torture myself.

  13. I don’t think about them at all.. but still do finish them while doing x2

    Although, I also sometimes don’t play WoT at all.. so maybe I’m “safe” from the missions curse lol

  14. You are not alone, except I realized this during IS6 mission, finished battle, hit ESC, Exit and returned in around a month just to help during CWs :) I lost around 1 month of paid premium account and I do not care; I paid for fun and entertainment, not for that

  15. I don’t have a problem with a lot of the missions – win games, play games, lose games, top 3 experience/damage/whatever.. but the kills ones just piss me off. I play thinking ‘okay, i’ll wait for someone else to do damage so I can snipe a kill’, because if I play properly, I never get to finish a silly mission.

    Basically, they should focus on rewarding things that actually matter, rather than rewarding the people who get the kills, as kill missions promote doing nothing but trying to snipe kills.

    Also, this mission really highlights how sad mediums are, in general. But maybe that is because I am only playing t4/t5 mediums, where I just play happily until some KV-1S oneshots me.

    • KV1s is is prety much broken tank in general. 1shots tier 4-5 mediums, 2shots tier 6 mediums, and can 3-4 tier 7 mediums, the problem its derp is far to accurate with that accuracy buff. And it pens every time.

  16. You know the beautiful thing about Missions?

    No one forces you to do them.

    They’re fine as they are. It’s not like WoT is the only PvP game that has daily missions. Wartherder and Hearthstone have them too.

  17. The biggest problem for WG is keeping people interested they have done an ok job up to now with having no competition but they will run out of ideas. Solo play soon gets boring its best to platoon and try and have a laugh makes it less painful.
    The grind for FTP players must be an nightmare. Well it is a nightmare has they want it to do your head in to try and make you spend.
    The grind on the cen7/1 is taking the pis* has are many other grinds.
    Serb is laughing all the way to the offshore bank the jock strap sniffing commie

    • What’s really really missing from the game is some mechanism for platooning, like there is for team battles. It should be easy to find a platoon, then use the ingame voice within the platoon. Select the tanks you want to use while platooning, get that matched to what some platoon wants and bam! you’re set. I bet even 3 tomatoes working together can do more than them working alone.

    • I dont believe that. People are more than intrested in the game, otherwise we wouldnt have hordes of noobs grinding and playing high tier UP/OP tanks. Since its generally easier to make money in all tiers since 8.6 except arty, there are still many people grinding and playing heavy and TDs.

      People get interested in different things of the game and they play for different purposes. Some like the tanks, some like the action, some like the trolling, some like training crews, some like testing new tanks, some like platooning, etc. All these things make people play the game and grind, and even spend money on gold. Even botting makes people spend cash.

  18. SS, thinking you can take a break from this game by playing missions is childish. A lot of WOT’s in game features are implemented without a real good purpose. Like game mode, What’s the point of having different game modes when you cannot select which mode you want to play? Let’s also not forget about the so-called in game report system.
    Now missions, I don’t really see a point for those. For many MMOs, the point of having missions is for people who cannot play like hard core gamer who play 12 hours a day to have an alternative way to ease up the grinding process. That works with games you can fight AI because playing against AI is way less stressful and time consuming. WOT doesn’t have that, players are doomed to fight against players, where with or without mission, your grinding experience wouldn’t change unless you are so skilled that you can always win. WG kept their ‘mission’ system because they expect a player just like SS would play this game longer in order to reach a daily quota for kills, games, victories, etc. It’s a rigged way of promoting players to spending more time with WOT.
    And obligatory: Stay away from WOT, it’s not worth it to be WG’s cash cow.

    • honestly teams ussualy consisnt of 12 tomatos each, getting kills against them isnt really hard. Sure you might not influence win by more than 5-10%(55%-60%wining solo). But its enough.

  19. Its when you start playing for other reasons than having fun it goes wrong, games are meant to be played for fun. Its not suppose to feel like a job, when it starts feeling like a job you just need to switch off and go do something more enjoyable and go back to WoT when you feel like driving some tank.

  20. Exactly my thoughts. I haven’t played WoT for months after that nightmare month AUGUST. 30 kills every single day…and now missions are making me play again…that week-end with the T-15 and now this month, just to add another week of premium to my 8 months I got from playing WoWP during beta test…And now WoWP adds missions too and I’m sure I’ll feel forced to complete a few there as well…

  21. That’s not a problem with game missions, that’s a problem with the player. I had no problem stopping playing last week when there was a free tank slot mission for 100 kills and I already had 80 of them, I just didn’t care.

    If it helps, you can think of the mission reward’s real-life value. For example a slot is 300 gold (150, if you buy it on discount), which is 1 or even 0.5 EUR. I kill about 1.5 tanks per battle on average, and my battles last for about 5 minutes with map loading. If I had kept playing for these 20 kills even though I didn’t want to, it would be like working for 1 EUR per (5*20/1.5) = 66.7 minutes, so about 1 EUR per hour. I just value my time more and play the game purely for fun.

  22. SS, I pretty much feel the same way.
    The basic “random” matches are so frustrating these days that I have come to look on the various missions as simply a bonus if I happen to complete them.
    Its the only way to limit the tomato generated rage.
    I have also recently started to platoon occasionally, which does help limit the frustration factor as well. Just don’t platoon with tomato’s!
    Maybe try the forumites channel?

  23. On the US server they always stage the missions.
    10 kills/25 kills/50 kills stuff like that, so the slackers and casuals can do just one or two parts and still get stuff.

    Players like me, who love to DO IT ALL!!! get bigger rewards.

    No one is MAKING you do them SS, get real.

    • With arty, theres no point playing for other than your own enjoyment if you play solo. There are too many factors making it hard to achieve X-goal of Y-game, specially with the high tier russian and german ones.

  24. 50 posts above come down to this:

    “OMG I need to play this game to get a mission reward!?!? FFS this game sucsk F-U WG!!!111!!”

  25. Your approach to certain missions is just improper.

    You use wrong tanks as tools to achieve them.

    If you need damage, just use high tier TD and do the damage. Or screw that kind of missions.

    Frag missions are easier to exploit.
    Sealclubbing is (in theory) off after mission with iirc 25 frags and 7 wins (or something like that) from November – then 735 combined with spam of T7s was ideal.
    Currently bottom line is tier IV – use that fact to screw the system. Find OP tanks and start clubbing.
    Matilda is ideal med for such job, both Valentines – premium and regular ones are good too because of gun and armor or limited mm. HT is premium Pz B2. TD is anyone you care to pick and suits you.
    Tier 5 premium tanks may be also cool – experience, few perks crew taken from tier X, but they are dependent on mm.

    No stress with playing on high tiers, no money lost, just plain killing. You win, you lose – who cares, you just do frags.

    More frustrating mission was to score 25 frags in 7/42.
    When there were plenty of goods for wins (1/3/10), I played with my clanmenbers, and since we went serious, we were mostly winning, and I’ve got I rank I think above the standard.
    Yesterday I decided to score those 25 frags for monthly mission, and to play solo. I saw each and every sign of nobness possible in this mode, starting from tank picking (hell yeah to play with tiers 3 to 6 against 8), ending on tactics (canyon on Lakeville ftw).
    Whole day of pain. fortunately last two battles I felt into team that didn’t interfere dying too early or stealing frags.

    I’ve got also free IS-6. I was lucky that I combined achieving 100k on tier VI with some tank grind or crew training, that I would have to do anyway. Even with such side effects, mission was exhausting.

    WG problem is that they can’t do too easy missions, because they would have to be either poorly rewarded (and people would jusc screw them in general), or they would be giving things for free to hardcore gamers (like earlier missions with 250k for frags and wins, or a week premium for 20 frags on 3 different tanks).
    On the other side – hard missions are in fact doable only by hardcore players who understand mechanics.
    So WG is between rock and a hard place.

    Of course skill based mm would solve some of those issues – casuals would play with casuals without any hardcores messing with them (like stealing one hit frags),and hardcores would have to fight with other hardcores, making missions harder for them because of in-team competition.

  26. Ill tell one thing is all about the winning,xp reward for a loss is a joke even if you hammer the DMG
    one step forward two steps back.
    Forward back cha cha cha
    I bet serbs in to spit roasting the EU office,lol

  27. Frank, you should stop caring about those mission…yeah, maybe it’s annoying to not finish a mission that it’s almost completed…but hell, what’s the point?
    50k credits?You make those in 2 good t5-6 battles or 1 t8 premium battle.

    Enjoy playing without caring about missions and, you’ll see, those mission will sometimes end by themselves.

  28. I agree, but I feel the same way about some of the other longer missions too. Especially the ones that have reward tanks. Look at the “on track” missions for the NA server right now. Grind from the Medium III to the FV215b in two weeks and get a “Free” Matilda BP. Are they catering to lifeless zombies? And the fact that the devs keep referring to other premium tanks being developed specifically for special events makes me skeptical that it won’t something similar to this or worse. If they know the average player is 30 years old, that should imply that a good percentage of us have lives; families, jobs, responsibilities, etc. Not sure who these events are aimed at, but if this is the new direction of WG it may be time to move on….

  29. Amen SS, amen!!

    And the worst part is, although I think the same way, I catch myself often forgetting all those stuf…

  30. The way I do it is think “hey cool there’s a mission on.” Then I go do the mission, get sick of the game, and only play a couple rounds the next day or next few days. The end result is that I’m still up 100+K credits more than normal, which isn’t bad. I only intend to complete the mission a few times every month its offered. It doesn’t (and can’t) become a daily thing.

  31. At the beginning, when missions were introduced I tried to play them all. Now I don’t care that much. I just play “my way” – if some mission is fulfilled – nice. If not – no matter. Sometimes I know from the start that mission is impossible to finish, ie. kill 50 brits in 5 days.

  32. I do have this impression for 3 months already. Plus I am really sick of the ammount of bots and retards that these missions bringe into game.

  33. I have 2 words for doing the medium frag mission: M4 Derp. Not as good as it used to be but still good for a couple of frags a game.

    1 word for the 24/7 mission from last year: T18. 5-8 kills a battle on average made it a breeze. I’m guessing we will see a tier 4 minimum if they bring this mission back to stop noobs from being stomped while it is running.

    50K dmg mission? YOLO foch155 (or really any tier 10 autoloader) as long as you don’t mind taking the wn7 hit from playing like a moron. The only sucky thing is they are running the dmg mission at the same time as winning 15/day so it’s not quite so good to screw your team’s chances of a win with a full-on YOLO run. Maybe they planned it that way…

  34. How terrible…
    Anyway, I can’t completely agree with you.Others can steal your kill, so you can the others’ (their earned kills).
    I try to think in positive way. When I started playing (In March-April 2013), I was experiencing more kill stealing.
    Anyway, the missions are really good overall. There are missions about damage, about having top10 experience score in your team, etc… Missions like that can earn you literally millions of credits. I haven’t spent a penny for WG stuff like premium tanks or premium days. I earn them (when available). So far, my ingame economy is fine. I admit there are some utterly stupid missions like Destroy 50 French/British/Chinese tanks in course of 4 days. I barely done that missions for destroying 50 US vehicles. SSSR and German wouldn’t be tough, but Fr, Ch and Br? NO WAY!

  35. The missions are generally good. Gives people a goal instead of just killing each other. I really think they are more for the nonpaying masses. This gives them a way to generate credits and keep playing. If you have a premium account and a few Tier 8 premmies, the missions serve no purpose other than a goal. Average payout of a game with T8 premmie is 35-40k credits, if you are pretty good, you are talking 80-100k. so play four or 5 games with you T8 premmie tanks and clear 200k credits. If they were really for the premium customers the payout would be higher for premium. so 50k would be 75k, but it isint. I play until I am tired of playing. Missions only mean something if I can buy a tank for a discount that I was already going to purchase.

    • I think you are right in your statement, as one of the non-paying players (only 9 euros for garage-purpose-gold) I have tried to use the 250K+ credit-missions to make my progression towards top tiers less dependent on having to play one low-tier-credit-game to have fun in one Tier 9-game. So I have used these opportunities to farm credits with my usual credit-farmers (T-34, T49, M4 etc.), it is not that hard to complete the “Kill-stealing-related” or “Win X no. games” missions on these tiers and if it is damage, I play my tier 9s with less caution cause I know I make money anyway due to high average damage.

      I have been playing WoT since open beta and i am still in to the game, if I need to loosen myself a little I take my T1 Cunningham (7vs7 scout) for a spin, and if I need to just have some PvE I switch to Diablo 3, where there is to much of that stuff and I can play 1-2 runs before I’m tired of that due to the opposite reason. There can’t be one game that satisfy all your needs so SC2:HOTS is always handy if noone is available to play a IRL game of classic Chess.

      Back to the missions, I usually check the missions when they is linked in the launcher and see if any of them are possible or not (T-15 was hard but fun thx to sunday-platooning day and bad weather) and if there are missions I think is worth it I have them in mind but they aren’t why I play. I don’t even do the daily double any more, maybe when it is x5 but otherwise I play my fun-tanks and my grind-tanks and gives the rest of my tanks the cold hand.

      Finally, after some years… I have started to try the TD-gameplay to get myself a new challenge in the game, better late than never they say…

    • I think they should boost XP and credits for premium account users, they will make more people use premium. Premius is expensive I believe, but if you want to save grinding time and adding time of enjoyment then premium and gold is the only option.

  36. This is exactly the reason why I quit WoW years ago: WoT is becoming WORK and not FUN anymore. The missions do one thing and one thing only: it makes you feel bad for not playing.
    And with the amount of tomatoes in the good specials aroung, I don’t know how long it’ll be until I quit WoT, too…

    • The game is work of course, specially when you grind tanks. Only when you have the tanks, crew skills, modules, equipment you want. Then it becomes fun. Premium account is a way to make the progress faster but it cost.

  37. Sometimes its hard to stop playing even if you have to go to work tommorow :)

    Well just ignore the missons. The credits can be earned without them.

  38. These are two very different things.

    In WOW those dailies usually result in you just doing them and nothing else till you finish it. Basically, I mean that you are there fighting monsters because that’s the objective, otherwise you would be doing something else. While in wot, the missions, atm they are a side thing…and for the most part don’t influence how you play. This is because usually there is a play style for everyone that yields the best results…and naturally they will most often play in that way…and even more so when those results influence the mission.

    For example…I won’t go seeking out kills…that doesn’t work. If I feel I need to complete the mission as quickly as possible, I will just concentrate more on my game, and the kills will come naturally. And since shooting a near dead opponent is almost always the right thing to do anyway, it doesn’t encourage unproductive behavior.

    The missions with kills as objectives infact are one of my favorites, as are those with damage objectives. While I hate objectives that rely on wins or # of wins…since I feel that when not in a platoon there is too much chance involved in those. While for a good player, doing good dmg and getting good kills most often regardless of whether you have a competent team or a team of monkeys. In fact having a good team usually has a negative correlation on kills and dmg a skilled player does.

    Also kill stealing isn’t that big of a problem in this game imho…I rarely see people purposefully not fire at a tank just so that they get a kill…unless they are on the verge of top gun, which is completely understandable, in fact most of the time I myself will not fire on a one-shottable tank and wait for them to take the kill (if the win is secure and i am not about to be destroyed by said tank).

    • Why should you give some one a top gun anyways? If I can shoot, I shoot, end of story. If you have to give people top guns and shit they dont really deserve it.

      The same as people refusing to cap despite they have possibility just because they think they can turn the game around.

      • The rare cases when the guy was just kill stealing, I won’t. But otherwise if the guy got 5 kills, he was doing something right…and that’s just my way of saying nice job. I get top gun very often, so I know it is a good feeling.

        And no that is not the same thing. People who refuse to cap do it for personal gain usually. Pretty much only on the Russian server atm there is the tradition to not cap if the chances of victory are high. And I can understand that, it definitely makes games more interesting. It has the good, and the bad(possible loss)….as most things do.

  39. That’s the problem with “missions”, rather than missions one can enjoy, they’re chores that only make the grind more annoying.

  40. Killing missions (kills count) are stupid in its essence due to game mechanics. Exactly how SS writes – one can spend minutes chipping off strong enemy just for stupid scout to come to finish the last 25 HP…. this missions are designed to be frustrating. The only other option is that the person who prepares them has never played WoT…

    Damage missions (where damage delivered counts) are much more fair – no support for campers, kill-stealers etc.

    • Kills missions are retarded I have been team killed because I prevented people from getting top gun or what ever idiotic medal they wanted. I aim, I shoot, and I kill, thats the fucking point of the game. If you are so desperate after credits and xp in higher tiers yet dont wanna use prem account then gtfo and get back to tier 5. Thats my tip.

      In the long run that extra 50-100 hp kill wont have a impact on your stats, because in the long you got to make damage and kills on a consistent basis in all tiers, with no “luck” involved.

  41. But there are some good missions that may help to improve “teamplay” in randoms:

    - Be among the top 3 damage dealers in either team and get some extra credits or 1.x times XP
    - Receive a “brothers in arms” medal and get some extra credits or 1.x times XP
    - Finish in 1st/2nd/3rd place in your team by base experience earned in the battle

    I think that this kind of mission is really good, because it pays to play better.

  42. I play only the daily doubles of the tanks I am grinding. If I have time after I finish them, I will play the tank that has precedence, i.e. high chance of top of the line.

    Current grind:

    t8 german wft – precedence
    t54e-whatever USA t9
    t6 Japanese med.
    SU-100y to train the su101 crew.

    If I happen to finish the missions as well, good, if not still having fun.

    If I am bored I just quite playing.

  43. You just have to have some backbone and logic turned on.
    In 90% of those missions you can’t get anything special as a reward which you couldn’t get somehow else.

    And a little offtopic about these missions and how ‘far” has it gone:
    Logged into WOT on Saturday, played the first game and… completed 10(!!!) missions in that game alone.
    That’s just epic – maybe in a month or two there will be so many of them, that you simply couldn’t track all that stuff you are completing :D

  44. The entire game is frustrating, due to the MM. Too often you are put in fail teams where you have no chance of doing well, or at least of winning. Saying that in the long run you will end up in great teams with an “auto win” doesn’t make that any better: First of all, a negative experience has a far greater mental impact than a positive one, and secondly, you can have losing streaks for days at a stretch which is extremely annoying. Having a skill based MM would not be the holy grail of team setup, since due to personal disposition of the team members and the resulting variance in their decisions, a team’s actions and success cannot be perfectly predicted, but it would probably improve that situation quite a bit. Btw, most people prefer open ended battles in games like WoT, where they have the chance to have an impact on the outcome until the end of the match.

    Everytime I ponder on WoT’s MM, I wonder whether the people at WG responsible for it are too stupid to realize how failed a concept they are pursuing here, or whether they are just too stubborn to admit it.

  45. I do not get the frustration with missions. If mission brings 50k cr or 100k cr or even 150k cr for doing +-30 battles, then I would rather do 2 battles with IS-6 or T34 and I am done (I have premium)… This missions are rather hobgoblins of little minds…

  46. I never look at missions, its just a nice little bonus when I do get something for doing one.

    The only one I’ve actively pursued was the IS-6 one.

  47. I dont give a damn about the missions really and the reason for that is I have very few tanks, actually only a tiger II with a 6 skill crew and a gw tiger with 4 skill crew. I use premium account so I dont really need those extra xp and credits. But yeah if you have many tanks and dont have premium account I think missions is important because they give extra boost to progress. On the other hand whats he point to play if you only do it to get a reward? For me, the reward is “fun”, simple.

    I can even go so far to say that all costs for tier 9-10 except for arty because they are high enough alreaddy should be increased to prevent low tards from playing those tiers.

    Why should all players regardles of performance even have all tanks in the garage, dont get that? By grinding and rushing tiers and “testing” tanks with bad crews and no motivation or equipment lowers the performance of the whole freaking team. Play 500-1000 games on every tank solo with AP only and with 3-5 skill crew and then we can talk about learning the tank.

    In the old days there were more variation because people put more time playing and learning specific tanks. Now people just wanna grind the “best” tank and hope that will bring their wr to 55%. And when there are no more good tanks to grind they start using gold ammo.Too bad these suckers fall for the obvious advertise. If you are bad in one UP tank, you will most likely be bad in a OP one as well compared to others.

  48. I agree, one the kill ones, just take a light t4 out an ram people 25 times.

    Its the fastest way to do this and they cant steal them. A32 for the win.

    Currently US as a damage mission…I stop at the 10k and it is painful like you said.