Today on FTR

Hello everyone,

just quick heads up: the patch is live, so enjoy!

As I wrote on Facebook however, I am ill and today is really not a good day for me, so I will not be posting anything until the evening (when I will make the usual translation) – no need to check FTR for new posts until like 7 PM. I hope you understand.

Have a nice day!

44 thoughts on “Today on FTR

  1. Well, i can`t get in, so i assume that game servers are still down. So don`t hurry to download new patch.

  2. I was all excited, but then i realized it is the EU server only yet :/ damn it

    hope you feel better

  3. don’t rush yourself, take a day off maybe. hot chicken soup, lots of sleep and sufficient medication. best wishes and get well soon!

  4. Most of the people will be busy trying out new stuff on WoT and assembling mods all over again so you can take a day off bro :D

  5. I like how interwebz will laugh at you if your face got ripped off in a car accident, but is so supportive over a common cold :D

  6. Oh, apparently we filthy American capitalists don’t get the patch till thursday….

    Sadface. I was all excited for a minute there.

  7. Frank,
    Well Wishes for a Speedy Recovery,
    May the Lord and Goddess Bless You,