WG EU 1 moved to Amsterdam

Hello everyone,

according to all the signs (pingplotters etc.), EU1 server was moved from Munich to Amsterdam. Apparently there is a problem with Munich as a whole, because RU3 server, that was situated in Munich, was ALSO moved to Amsterdam (you can imagine how “happy” the Russians with low RU3 ping are about it). The latter is officially confirmed, the EU1 move is not, but it’s almost certain it happened.

This explains by the way why many people wrote on forums and other places that they experienced ping changes on EU1 (including me – earlier, 40-50, now 70-90, not including the lags).

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  1. As far as I understand, the reason why WG moves both servers (EU1 and RU3) from Munich to Amsterdam is the fact that some Russian players had problems with RU3. So, WG Minsk reacted fast and moved all servers form Munich to Amsterdam, causing big problems for lots of EU players. You might even say that WG sacrificed the majority of EU players to improve one RU server. Great!

    So, WG once again only cares about RU players and ignores the problems of EU players.

    • Ping is not the isue anyway. For WoT a ping of 100-150 is more then OK, but not OK are the lag spikes caused by packet loss. Ping under 100 is mostly needed for very fase FPS games such as CS for example. Been playing for years MMORPGs on NA hosted servers with pings around 200 and never had any serious problems.

        • It is playable. I remember playing through Russian heavy line with ping around 100.

          What comes to leading a target, one just readjusts the aim. KV-2 and JgTiger, for example, already needs different leads to hit a moving target.

        • I live in Europe and play on the US east server. I rarely have a ping better than 130 ms. I have no problem achieving an WN8 rating of about 2000. When I play on US west I don’t feel like my success suffers, although my ping is about 200 ms there. And the 1000 pts i lack to get purple are not because of the ping, but because of really stupid mistakes i still make far to often…

          A few days ago I watched a friend play arty on the EU server. His shots just… vanished. Or they hit where he had been aiming 10 seconds ago. This is packet loss and it makes the game unplayable.

        • lol… I play from Pakistan on the EU server since August 2011, with an average 300 ping. I have wn7 around 1732 and it would be slightly better if I hadn’t gotten disconnected in the middle on so many games due to my shitty ISPs. As lonigus said, WOT works well with high ping, even up to 300ms, but packet loss would kill your game regardless of ping.

  2. And in a few weeks this headline:

    “Due to constant negative issues former WoT players are moving in masses to another game…”

    The other tank game isn’t the sole solution, but if there is an alternative this may lead to new thoughts at WG about their EU customers.

  3. For me as a dutchie the ping is better now :P

    But the lags since 8.11 are not caused by this, since the servers were moved during 8.10 already. And there have been complaints of lag/packet loss since 8.8 but only now they admit it is not everyone’s isp fault.

  4. I have an high performance webfarm to rent for WG, it would improve ping for most south european and mediterranean use…

  5. I don’t give a damn about EU1 or EU2 usual ping, as they always were low and acceptable, but those recent, I think 3 days already, when every evening there is simply epic lags… it’s getting really annoying. :(

  6. At home (in Lille, North of France) , ping on EU1 :70/90 always – same for EU2… with 100k users – 110/130 with 200k users….. more connections on EU1

    Moving for Week-end on the Belgium Coast (last week) : ping on EU1 : 40/50; ping on EU2 : 20/30.. even with 200k users…. – more connections on EU2

    At home, wifi connection on “private” internet connection
    In Week-end : wifi connection on “public” internet connection….

    Moving 80km north improve my gameplay :-) even if it’s wifi :-) :-)

  7. This would explain why I’m experiencing an improvement in ping, as I live in southwest Jutland, halving my distance to the server (by air – no idea how the cables are laid.)

  8. ” experienced ping changes on EU1 (including me – earlier, 40-50, now 70-90, not including the lags).”

    Lol, that’s cute. Here I am in Aus playing on ASIA at 120, NA at 150 on West, 200 on East, 300+ on either EU and 300+ on RU. You guys have got it good, be glad! Even ASIA has more “lags” as they’re so called then EU1!

    • I agree, stop bitching about a ping less than 100.
      I have to change the lead on my shots if I change between NA west and east, as there is 80-90 difference between the 2

    • You are playing from Australia!??!?? Didn’t figure your internet could handle WoT.

      (Seriously, just came back from a holiday there. You guys are like a developing country internet-wise, paying pr. megabyte and all that. I wouldn’t even dare to attempy playing WoT down there).

      • Yeah, it’s horrible. Only first world country to still be using copper wiring for majority of internet service afaik. We’re backwards mate, and our current government wants to stall the development of the up to date network rather then finish it. My 30Mbps download rate is better then 80% of Australia according to speedtest.net, that’s saying somethign considering 30Mbps isn’t great in itself.

        Distance also doesn’t help, Being on the Southern hemisphere when majority of game servers are far north means we will always have horrible ping no matter the speed of our connections.

        I don’t pay per meg though, haven’t seen that in a long time where I live, Sydney. That sounds lieks omething country bumpkins would be using. I’m on 120GB on peak and 120GB off peak per month which is entirely sufficient for my bandwith usage IMO, never runs out. Overpriced though.

        • Oh, OK. I was using wireless (3G) and I didn’t experience a motel, hotel etc. with free wifi that was more than perhaps 128kb/s.

          30Mb is terrific. I’m using a copper line (although the power company want’s me to switch to fiber) and I think I’m getting 10Mb (I’m a cheap skate and don’t want to spring for anything more expensive. 10Mb is the slowest rate available in my area)).

          But of course being so far away from the server matters (imagine that – we are bitching about the slowness of the speed of light. Not exactly, sure – but it’s still sort of…)

  9. weird, because my ping always used to vary depending on which server I was on and what time of day…

    morning, both fine, 30-40
    afternoon, EU2 30-40, EU1 60-80
    evening, EU2 60-80, EU1 40-50

    …and that was pretty consistent… every day..

    Now, both are 30-40, but wierd laggy glitching sometimes, happen quite often, but there is NO consistency at all…. there is no pattern that I can see..

  10. My game’s been unplayable since patch day… Ping went from 40-60 to like 160+ with the lag indicator blinking red all the time and often gets stuck at 999. The premium day was no good as I couldn’t play without looking like a bot…

  11. I guess this is why the server selection option on login screen is always set to Auto: there’s no difference between the servers any more.

    (And they do this just as I got used to 40-50 ms ping toward EU1, now it’s between 70-90 ms and it’s totally messing my shots at moving targets. :/)

  12. the assholes managed to kill 2 birds by moving server from Germany to another country

    1) Russian Bias (we think about our Russian customers)
    2) Anti-German (why give money to a German business)

    it’s time to move on to non-russian games
    both WarThunder & WarGamming are Zvalim.

    TitanFall, here i come.

  13. I’m a happy man – I always had low pings to both servers (EU1~50-90 EU2~30-70) and now I have ~35 (garage) – 60 (in game) to both. And all of that thanks to “not that big” ISP in my city.

  14. I KNEW there was a change in server because my ping to EU1 DECREASED from 75ms to 45ms after 8.11. I am situated in Barcelona, Spain btw, and now both EU1 and EU2 servers give me 45ms ping.

    Before the move I had EU1 = 75ms and EU2 = 45ms.

    Got better for some, worse for others, depending on where on the continent you live.

    • Running BOTH EU servers at ONE location makes no sense. For some players, the Amsterdam server is better, for other players, the Munich location was better. So, WG should offer us two different EU servers at different locations as an alternative – like they do with the RU servers.

      • Indeed, it’s pointless to have both at one location. Guess it was a half-assed attempt to deal with the Munich issues.

  15. I still am amazed how some ppl think that 50 ping makes any difference from 70 lol. Maybe for a pro in a fast FPS game, but WoT is perfectly fine around these pings of 70 anyway… I sometimes hop into my NA account with 120 ping and I hardly notice any difference from my EU 50 ms ping…

  16. For some reason I always had better ping in EU2, even though Amsterdam is further away from me than Munich. Now I get around 80ms in both servers but the lag spikes seem to be worse than ever.

  17. From here that I live, from 100 ping it went down to 75 but the problem is that I had lots and lots of packet loss making it unplayable.

  18. i had 50ms on eu1, eu2 not sure, about 60-70. Now both suck, 150ms and constant red flickering. needless to say it doesnt help my.battle performance.
    but no problem, at least mother russia has 357 servers working perfectly . capitalist eu can be happy they are given a server at all.

  19. I don’t know where is RU3 located but since move my EU1 ping got worse to EU2 level (100-150ms). Yesterday I’ve downloaded RU client and I tried RU3 – ping is ~50ms. I live in Poland.

  20. Still laggy like hell as soon as the masses start to play. Its not the data center, it’s their 3rd class noobish netcode.

  21. Something you have to understand is the following:
    1.) Login servers and game servers don’t have to be at the same location.
    2.) Routing might change without the actuall server location changing.
    3.) I dont know if they have the same IP, but if they do, it is in DE http://www.ip-tracker.org/locator/ip-lookup.php?ip=
    4.) A tracert clearly shows this, but the routing is new (and goes trough NL before getting to DE now).
    5.) If they would be at the same location I dont see any reason why EU1 always got a higher ping than EU2.

    All of this considered, I wouldnt be sure about where the servers are located untill someone have actually checked what their IPs are now.

  22. Well this explains a lot….for example the fact i always had much better ping on EU1 and all of a sudden they were pretty much the same whole time…

  23. I’m surprised so many people have (had) better ping to EU1 in Munich.

    Alsways tought most are routed over Frankfurt.
    And from there the backbone is much better to Amsterdam than to Munich.
    Got that reported from most people in Germany as well.
    Like also in Dresden, Leipzig or Berlin (that are closer to Munich on the map), they are even routed over Frankfurt.
    And also by one player from Krakow in south of poland.

    • Actually that isn’t strange all: Frankfurt (DE-CIX) is by far the largest internet hub in the world (by capacity/througput (up to 7 Terabits per second) /parallel handable users).

      • Yes btu that is what I mean.
        From Frankurt to Amsterdam it is much better than to Munich.

        Same was true for me when I traced my routing some weeks ago.