National battles (confrontation) Winrate by Nation

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Balance – working as intended :)

Edit: I was contacted by the creator of this picture, Reddit user StranaMechty. He added the following:

Hello, I’m the guy who made the original Reddit post, could I bother you to include a couple notes about the data, specifically the unreliability of the results for tiers 1-3? The result sets were so small for those tiers that I probably shouldn’t have included them in the graph in the first place, but I didn’t think about that until it was too late. Tier 1, for example, is only a few hundred matches. Basically just a couple bullets to answer some of the questions I see popping up in your comment feed.

1) Result sets for tiers 1-3 insufficiently large to draw sound conclusions from.

2) France has no tier 1 because no results for confrontation were uploaded to VBAddict.

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  1. As suspected, tier8 battles are the most balanced.

    As also suspected, ludicrous damage dealers + ludicrous hp pool means germany has the upper hand at tierX. Thanks Mr WTF E100

    Odd about the Brits, appart from low tiers, they just stand in the middle. Just like their tanks, the win rate is bland and uninteresting. Oh please WG make something fun for the Brits!

    • Brits uninteresting? Cromwell, Comet, Conqueror, Cruiser 3 (or anything with pom pom), Excelsior, Bishop, FV 304, Crusader. Pretty interesting tanks imo.

      • I’ll grant you those two arty and pom pom, but as much as I WANT to find them fun to play, the others you named just aren’t interesting to play.

        The Cromwell can go fast, but that’s about the sum of it’s depth. Conqueror is a TD with a heavy…not exactly deeply strategic.
        And the list goes on. They are not interesting to play because they just aren’t in anyway flexible. They have one strength, and the rest is weak as hell. So you always do the same exact thing over and over again.
        And the poster-child for it, like for the Brit tree, is the Centurion. Good tank, boring tank to play.

        Compared to all the other nations, the British tree is full of simply uninteresting tanks, and to add insult to injury, a lot of tanks that play the same exact way (Churchills, Cents/Caer, AT8/7, all cruiser tanks)

        • Speak for yourself. :-) I absolutely love the British tanks. By the way, the Cromwell is the poster boy for a multi purpose tank. A good scout, a very good flanker and as a top tier completely capable of leading the assault. If that was not enough, you can also snipe very effectively with it, so in a TD role it gets the job done too. The AT series is unique and definitely offers something other than the usual TD doctrine: stay the hell out of sight. The British tanks are not noob friendly, but they are very rewarding to good players.

          • This is why they -the British tanks- slowly but surely become “universal” after Tier 6 :)

        • I love UK tanks so far. Cruisers, Covenanter, Crusader, Cromwell, Comet, Centurion I, Matilda, Churchill VII, Black Prince, AT2, Bishop, FV304; I give you that if Church gets on the bottom of MM, then it is useless, even worse for the Black Prince. Most of these desperately need their top configuration, since there are such a huge gaps between for example Cent I with 17pdr and with 20pdr. While Cent I can not do almost anything with 17pdr, with 20pdr you slice even tier 10s like a butter. Its stock turret wont bounce a shit while its top turret makes miracles happen. Similiar case with other UK tanks. With other nations I do not remember such gaps between their stock configuration and their top one. Or Comet; while in stock, I even dare to say it is worse than Cromwell. But once elited and 100% crew, that thing is a beast that does 3k dmg every match, with its mobility and ROF of 1 round in 3 seconds. It is like E25 with turret and some sorf of armor on it. And AT2… that thing is a Maus. I once took it as a joke on Tank Company. I was in city, I must say, but I had the most dmg of all, steel wall and what not, took out multiple KVS. It was riddiculous. And Bishop / F304? I literally hit tanks behind rocks. I especially pick tanks that are hiding behind rocks or buildings etcs. It can smoke out any defender it sees. All in all, the ratio of played/loved tanks in WoT would be probably the best for UK tech tree with me :)

          • Tortoise is my favourite, a fast firing accurate gun with a significant damage potential, Comet comes after it and I like them both very much.

    • Brits are boring? I probably play quite different game.

      Have you tried Carny? Conqueror? FV183? Tortoise? Centurion? Cromwell?

      Well, everyone has different opinion but I would say that Brits are simply great. Btw, I’m not a British.

  2. This graph shows exactly what I was observing. On tier 9&10 – Waffentragers wipe all. On tier 6 – KV-1StronkOP wins all. The only balanced tier is 8…. Quick solutions? :) Nerf WFT E-100, buff Konish gun (will solve tier 5 and 6 for Germas), nerf KV-1S & T1HT.

      • No love for the Derp Sherman. (Though Tier 5 is really dominated by their secret weapon, the M10 Wolverine).

      • The americans have really good balance with no weaknesses in that range. At tier 6 you have very good to broken OP TDs. You have good to great scouts. You have awesome mediums. Your heavy tanks aren’t the most OP, but are quite effective with good players.

            • How should I know xD All I know is I hate the little buggers. They are played as TD mediums and they perform better than the M36 or the Easy 8. So ye, something wrong there. You don’t have to be blind to see that, unless you love clubbing in the Hellcat.

              • Arl 44 is the answer to a hellcat. They cant pen the front hull and have a 50/50 chance of penning the turret. Plus the 105mm premiumrounds scare the shit outta everyone

                • True about 105 mm gun, the only gun which gold shells have better pen and dmg but I’d argue if ARL is best counter to Hellcat, even though I love frenchies, especially if you consider that ARL’s sides get overmatched by every shell that might get fired at him.

                • Lol, ARL 44. The one thing I really don’t care about when I’m driving my Hellcat.

                  It’s too slow to really do anything, and I can even trade with it if I need to. But most likely I’ll just go hull down and shoot its turret without taking much or any damage myself. Or I’ll move around, flank or snipe.

                  Now KV-1S though, that thing is a good counter. One hit and most of my health is gone. Armor is trollish as fuck and I’ll bounce even well aimed shots way too often. And it’s fast enough that I’ll easily get caught if I decide to leg it too late.

              • That’s just dumb, sorry If I offend you but this is just punishing players for being good, you risk the situation in which Hellcats popularity won’t drop but the good players would simply leave it meaning you’d have even more noobcats driving around without much hope of seeing a good hellcat player doing your team a favor.

    • KV-1s you say? Oh right, those burning wrecks in the distance because the Russians have no view range to speak of. It is the 34-85 that gets the results in for the Russians in T6, together with the SU-100. The dreaded all KV-1S teams get beaten left, right and center by anybody but the French.

      • Thats because most ppl cant play the arl 44 correctly.and the arl39v is made of tissue paper with bad view range and multiple other factors. Amx 12t is decent and the f3 is a monster

        • You’re right on ARL, but considering what you said about V39, you’re one of them, now I don’t want to say that ARL V39 is a great tank, it’s indeed difficult, not fast nor protected and terrible grind but once fully developed it has great damage dealing capabilities, especially with 105mm Schneider gun. It does have a niche, its just not for everybody to enjoy.

      • If you are staying at the back waiting for hellcats to obliterate you before you spot them then you are playing OP-1S wrong. Just because it has shitty view range it doesn’t mean it’s literally blind. And if that’s the best argument you could think of to justify KV-1S you are fucking powercreep noobie.

        • Yeah, KV-1S is a close-range brawler, it doesn’t need that much view range like other tanks and it’s also a balance thing that it gets owned hard by sniping tanks.

          However the guy has a point, KV-1S is driven by ridiculously unskilled players for which even this tanks OP’ness isn’t enough to help them. I wouldn’t be surprised if all those SU-100 and T34-85′s would be responsible for rating UPs in the soviet tree.

  3. Lolz about Tier 1 and 2. Haven’t played National Battles in low tiers, but that looks more than interesting:
    Cunninghams stomping everything else? Even LOLTraktors can’t stand against them?
    And the almighty T18 has no chance against the OP H35!?
    Omg, the T1/2 brits – 20% winrate.. Seriously??
    Weird stuff..

    Other than that – Hellcats, KV-1S’es and Waffles for the win.. Working as intended.

      • There haven’t been any tier 1 French matches, so we can’t really say one way or another how the FT is performing.

    • I really hope WG does something about the Tier 1 situation.

      In team (42/7) battles you see like 90% US T1.
      The rest are Loltractors, where the owner probably had a crew left.

      The T1 is the fastest and if no shot misses he can kill all others (not the brit, no one uses) with one magazine.
      Lol is quite fast if it has a good crew and can kill T1 if that misses 1 or 2 shots of it’s magazine.
      But the same player with an equal US crew should always be better with the T1.

      All other tanks are quite slower what makes the bad for the team mode already.

    • Probably because those high tier games now look like bunch of paper Batchats and AMX’es against heavily armored T110′s and Jagdpanzers, I think they have less chances even with those drums.

          • l2p, sorry m8 just couldn’t resist, I’m a 113 driver and I think you’re bloody insane if you think paper tanks are useless at tier X.

            As far as national battles go, I disabled them, roftl stomped by frenches when i’m not playing muh chinese at tier X or fighting against 10 hellcats on lower tiers is just boring and dumb, you either got screwed or drive Pz IV with 10cm derp and own like a boss. This mode is 2edgy4me.

      • well on camping map yes, but I got YOLO rushed by dozen BatChats twice 15-3 and 15-4, then disabled the mode

    • I suspect too many autoloaders and too little hp with massive lemming teams blocking each other means autoloaders aren’t being used efficiently, and the lack of hp means they die before doing noticeable damage.

      I’m more surprised with the Soviets at tierX…
      With the easiest tank ever to play (IS7) and other great solid tanks (T-62A and clones, o268, o261), how could they be doing so poorly?

        • That. I despair whenever I get into a nation battle with a Soviet tank, no matter the tier, because of the deep red audience that feels right at home in the red army.

      • Is7 line the first top tier 10 of many new players cause of the tanks and also the biggest in numbers of tanks in the players base
        it’s not easy to increase the win rate of certain tanks while a large number of the players playing USSR tanks are red to orange

  4. I told my clan mates that at tier 9 and 10 the germans rule, but they said I was wrong. Now I have the proof :)

  5. Its not the waffel träger, ist the Jagd e 100. Half Team is this tank, Thanks to top of the three. had a funny round in My is4 yesterday. We got rofflestomped by the Germans…

  6. having disabled this mode after 4 battles filled with 10-12 T X TD’s, i concluded that this mode is broken.
    i mean come on its TD against TD with a few HT and meds thrown in as moving target practise.
    offcourse T 10 will be dominated by WT auf E-100 put 6 or more on one side and the DPS is stagering.

    the tank is still OP, and i have one so its power is awsome but alone its an easy target to hit and every one and his dog shoots you. i was hit behind a hill by T10 british arty for 98% off my health. its not untill you make a mode where you put 6 or more in one team that the DPS from the WT can be used to its fullest.

    and then you get these kinds op graphs, throw in some JPZ e-100 with its good alfa and other nations dont stand a chance. but is this the vehicles fault or the MM which put so many in a single game?

    the graph also clearly shows that T5 & 6 german vehicles are vastly outmatched compared to other nations.
    the problem here as stated before are the HT, the VK30.01h doesn’t have the armor to go toe to toe with other nations HT, and the gun lacks alfa and or RoF.

    the VK3601h, does have the armor and the HP to go head to head, but its gun selection gives it either OK-ish pen and low alfa in the Konisch (also its gunmantlet has less armor then the 88mm) or OK-ish alfa and low pen with the 88L56.

    but i am glad to see that what i allready knew is now confurmed that T8 is one of the most balanced tiers out there. and i drive mostly German and Japanese vehicles.

    CYA out there ;)

    • Well I think the catch about german T5 or 6 is the complexity of mastering the tank. VK3001H is extremely nasty foe when correctly used against any tier it can be put to, same goes for 3601, cept the fact that 3601 can withstand some pounding. But people just dont know how to play those tanks…and the other fact, that the game is designed in very strange ways…like why the hell should tier 5 heavy tank have literaly nonexistent armor and precise, fast firing, hard hitting(for T5) gun, when its not a greatest concept of a sniper. If people werent noobs with those, german tanks would be a lot better. Same goes for the Einsteins driving Pzkpfw.IV with howitzer, you don´t expect to frontally rape any serious vehicle, yet people still trying to do so.

  7. So pretty much every tier except of 8 needs some adjustment. Kind of expected that. The situation in t5 and 6 is really sad, though.

  8. Don’t say that the germans are op yet, i noticed that they tend to have more tanks with higher tier than the opposite nations. Because of this ”fine” MM i’ve stopped playing national battles.

  9. Data is pulled from VBAddict -> Thats it… the value of this graph is almost zero. As we know…informations on VBAddict are far different from real infos… which was confirmed few times from WG side.

    • On one hand, VBaddict represents the stats of those who use ActiveDossier (IIRC). One the other hand, reds probably do not have any idea that some VBaddict exists. Are not those the real stats that most people are interested in? The stats of average and above average players? Take as an example KVS, which is fine according to WG, since as folks say, it is a tank of choice for reds. Then, with the flood of reds, of course its win ratio will be average or bellow average but anyone who has brain has to see that it is simply too much. Mobile, armored, doom cannon. Like IS3 with cannon from ISU; literally.

      So perhaps VBaddict is even better than official stats, at least in some cases.

        • Be more specific, because in terms of BS, your reply ranks up there with “Honey, go there by that thing next to that other thing.” (giving directions in car)

  10. T5&T6 are exactly what I see from personal experience… In a German Team it is, depending on map, very well possible to defeat a 9 KV-1s team. It’s just that your team needs to know about the 40m view range advantage and the map allows you to use it.
    Against a competent American team, with some (derp equipped) M4A3E2, 8-10 90mm Hellcats and an occasional M6 it’s a question of luck mostly…

    On T7 it really becomes a question of maps and teams. A 10 Tigers vs 10 IS battle can be good fun for the German side, if not half the team decides to brawl (or must brawl because of map…). Same counts vs the Americans, if your team is aware of the T29 weakspots and you have time to aim for them it’s not so hard to win.

    Lower than T5 it’s just about Alpha, really. At least from what I can see the side whose Derps hit well with the first volley will win most of the time. And here all sides have, at least, some big alpha guns…

  11. Hmm…interesting stuff.
    Seems that the setups which require tactics the most(german mid-tier/french high-tier for example) are the ones with worst wr…pubbies ftw.:)
    But where is the WR for the french t1 national battles?…they start from t2 in the graph.

    • IIRC VBaddict collects its data via ActiveDossier, which has to be ran at least once for most stats and during all battles (and player has to open battle results) for complete data. So if none or not too many people played t1 French or against tier 1 French while ActiveDossier program being active, stats were not uploaded to VBaddict.

  12. The problem with the Germans in Tier 5 and Tier 6 is that they have a mix of great tanks and a mix of useless junk. All backed with some of the least skilled players I’ve seen.

      • At least the ease of play and utter bullshit-ness of the KV-1 and KV-1S allows siemas and tomatoes to do somewhat ok.
        Give the same siema tomato a VK3xxx or god forbid, a pz3/4, and suddenly, you have a mass-grave filled with empty ketchup bottles.

        • +1 for the ketchup, It is nice to have a good laugh in the “morning” :)

          Anyway, you got the point. Give reds all around OP tank, they will do OK. Give them average tank, they will suck. Give them a tank which requires some sort of tactics or active use of brain and well… 40% and less win ratio players are born.

          • Actually, there are no tanks “given” to them.
            Most of them go with the “AMAGAD!!! There is a *insert legendary tank here(preferably Tiger series/IS series)*!!!Must have!!!” mind.

            • Those poor legendary tanks.. I think they all have a hard time just because of their reputation… Oh well, time to drive my Chinese tank that no one ever heard of :3

  13. Only had one T6 game brits vs germans. Brits may be middling but it was so unbalanced. Churchill VIIs’ and AT-2s’ against Tiger 1 and P with Stugs. For the germans it was a slow creeping death of death of a thousand pinpricks.

  14. Interesting, I was expecting the British to have massive spike at Tier IV.

    And why is there no data for T1 France?

  15. Tier 1: pretty easy to foresee, even few experienced T1s in a sea of unexperienced noobs will do the trick taking one tier I tank per magazine.
    Tier 2: lack of experience in shooting to H35.
    Tier 3: go take soviet tanks, they are noob friendly. Here you have, noobs.
    Tier 4: French AMX 40s at their best, not noob-friendliness of German tanks.
    Tier 5 and 6: utter crapness of German HTs (or naming differently – lack of real HTs).
    Tier 9: AMX 50 120 kind of sucks, Lorraine sucks even more.

    Nothing new that wouldn’t be known already.

    • ?Tier 9: AMX 50 120 kind of sucks, Lorraine sucks even more.

      Okay, Lorraine maybe, JUST MAYBE, cuz it’s a sniper/supporter and not or AMX 13/75, it’s place in tech tree is just unfortunate so ppl might not know how to play it but AMX 50 120 ? Nigga u serious ? If you play it like IS-8 or T-54 OR like horribly obese Bat chat.than don’t expect wonders :S

      • 50 120 sucks.
        Comparing to 50 100, 50 120 is unable to take down his other nation tier equivalent with one drum (frankly it barely can take down tier 8 HT with single drum).
        That means to use full drum power French side needs from 1,5 to 2 AMX’ drums against single enemy tank.

        Comparing to 50B, 50 120 has a lot worse gun depression (and reload time, and speed), which means that it can attack safely from far less places.

        This causes 50 120 to get much more beating that 50 100 or 50B, and mixing it with not-so-impressing armor you get tank that kind of sucks.

        If WG would introduce 2nd heavy line, it could be different, because then 50 120s would have tanks they could support instead of being 1st line.

        • But the 50 120 and even 50 100 aren’t supposed to one-clip their targets…they’re supporting tanks able to deal a shitload of damage in a short amount of time.Again, support tanks.

          And no, 50 120 doesn’t suck…it has enough depression to be able to shoot stuff, it has enough mobility to gtfo of stinky situations and the reload is almost on par with other t9 heavies(10.5 sec reload per shell) also taking in account the fact that autoloaders got less overall rof than non-autoloaders.

          Only thing that kills it is the lack of gun elevation.

          Edit:And in national battles they can just pop-up and unload in lone targets or multiple targets when they know they won’t get shot too much.

          • Well I strongly disagree with your opinion on 50 100, back when I played the AMX 50 100 I kinda found out that best way to play it is some sort of assasin, you stay in second line , let other heavies do the front line punching and then pick on solitary targets and then pounce on them unloading your drum, one run, one kill and then go back. I found that really enjoyable and effective. Since you’re capable of putting down IS-3 with one drum, why not doing it ? Just don’t jump on your prey when it has company, cuz you’re just asking for disaster. In this case its best to resort to sniping and active supporting, shooting at distracted targets etc.

            As for AMX 50 120… well, support and snipe is best way to do it, at long ranges you might even bounce a shot or two.

            You gotta be creative to manage anything with french tanks :P

            • Well, yeah, 50 100 can be an assassin also, because of the damage output it has.But on tier 10 for example it cannot assassinate that much.This combined with the fact it cannot defend itself because of the long reload are the main reason I said it’s a support tank.

          • Doing shitload damage often means in case of 50 100 one-clipping enemy target with tier 8 or lower from full HP, or higher tier beaten tank.
            50 120 requires a target that is badly beaten having only 1,6k average damage in a clip (assuming all shots will hit, penetrate and do average damage).

            As the chart shows, French tier 9 tanks are inferior,and you are trying to persuade me that they aren’t. You are discussing with facts that I only named.

  16. You would only see these sort of massively fucked up MM games on the test servers. Thanks to confrontation battles we can all have those WTF moments all of the time. Memo to self – must untick confrontation when playing mid tier german tanks.

  17. Well, much depends on the map…
    Had a battle on Windstorm just 2 days ago, our Soviets versus wall of Hello Kitties
    My reaction in t-34-85? “load HE!” and big grin. 15-6 for Soviets.
    On sniping maps with loads of soft cover though Hellcat rules the day.
    Germans have big efficiency gap at t5-6 (vk 3001h is abysmal as HT), but WTF E-100 makes them have a sweet revenge at t10.

  18. i am a german lover, but i sold all german tanks from tier 5 and 6 because other nations(russia and USA) have better counterparts on these tiers
    german arties are ok. pzIV is ok, but kv1 has 160hp more! it is 30% advantage (640 in total) with better armour and gun to punish enemies. when u comapre 3001h to kv1 – it has everything worse except pen and viewrange. pz3/4 is ok, but viewrange is trerrible. stug and jagdpanzerIV burns after every 1-2 hits, or at least engine dies.(or both). 3001p and 3002m all have bad mobility and turret traverse. t34-85 is much better and and has nice gun.
    3601 was great before nerf. now has two crappy guns and shitty turret traverse with shitty mobility. now it clearly fits tier V, not 6, all WG needs to do is remove unhistorical 88l56 and decrease its hp pool

    • You know what is best tier 5 tank? very OP but no one see this? No kv1, no t49 (very low HP)
      German premium tank – T-25….
      that med has 610 hp! (that is lol about 200 more then other meds on this tier!!!), sloped frontal armor, quick gun with good pene and dmg, and it is quick. Beast on tier 5. It rape t49 and kv1 1on1.

      • The T-25s has terribad track and turret traverse speed and although it has sloped frontal armour any t5+ tank can pen it.
        It is a great tank, I love it(especially with a 5-skill crew from Leo1) but I’d rather pick the T49 if I want something OP…nothing on T5 can beat it’s camo rating and rof.

  19. Where are this german whiners always saying “russian are so OP”??
    Ah I see they are noobs form 5,6 tier seems legit….
    Very interesting graph.

  20. “SerB – trolling as intended :)”
    I fixed that for you Silentstalker.

    This game mode is broken since its conception. There is no need to have statistics displaying what is already obvious, even though I always like to see them. I accidentally fought one of these absurd national battles before remembering to disable them. and found myself in a TD team against another TD team. No diversification whatsoever. SerB always stated that they don’t limit matchmaking’s spread to +/-1 because it would kill the game; too bad this is exactly what happens in confrontation mode: no diversification kills the game. Let’s add up the fact that recently it has been said that “apparently, “confrontation” (national battles) MM setup where both teams have 10 vehicles of the same type is considered normal” and we can come to the conclusion that SerB is trolling as always.

    • I think the whole confrontation concept is more like pernament test server for them to collect more representative data and at all the time. On real test server, people mostly try “the best” tanks, often exclusively with gold ammo and whatnot. On confrontation, people are forced to play somehow similiar setups as on test servers, but with normal tanks they would play in normal day and with normal loadout.

  21. To those talking about Tier 8 balance… I hope you are aware that Germany performs well in Tier 8 ONLY if half the team is made out of Borsigs and/or JP2 & Ferdis.
    If the German team is composed out of Tiger 2 & VK4502As, it gets roflstomped by everybody and their mother.

    Seriously, the most powerful German tanks are the new TDs. The rest are uncompetitive as hell.

    As for me… after being in 4 consecutive National Battles in my AT-15 last night, losing each and every one of them, I have decided to disable this game mode, until they do something about the balance. It is completely ruining my WR every time I take out my Tiger 2 & AT-15 for the daily double.

    P.S.: Oh, and maybe it’s just me, but at mid-high tiers the US dominate EVERYTHING. Good luck winning against T34s, T32s and 1 or 2 M103s for good measure.

  22. And the real question is, is there a correlation between the confrontation winrates per country per tier and the individual winrates of the tanks participating for that country in that tier? That would tell us something about to what extend tanks complement eachother. I mean, it is only to be expected that a support tank like an AMX 50B plummets when it is placed in a team full of support tans. Each tank has different strengths and weaknesses, and if all in a team tanks are the same, those strenghts and weaknesses are far easier to exploit.

    Babs out!

  23. Only played this mode once in my Light VIC tier II Brit premium and the enemy team had 11 T-18s. The game was over in about 2min with a USA victory of course. Fucking ridiculous. I turned the mode off straight after.

    Until they fix the massively OP tanks like T-18, Hellcat, KV-1S etc then there is no point whatsoever turning this mode on.

    • Was this on the NA server? I might have been one of the unfortunate tankers to end up on your team.

  24. I got only 5 confrontation battles (i don’t play much):
    Germany vs USSR: 5 wins for the Germans.
    What i did see is Tiger I and (P) rolling over IS in tier 7.
    Löwe, JT88 and Rhm doing the same with IS-3 in tier 8.
    Maybe i got lucky, but seriously i was very happy to see that USSR doesn’t crush the competition. Apart from tier V and VI…

    If you take the curve nation by nation, it is definetely not balanced.

    • You’re lucky. In my experience it was usually a complete curbstomp in favor of either the Americans or Russians.

  25. The problem for France is that they have no ‘conventional’ medium line, they need something that can cover and support their heavies and lights to bring the WR in line with other nations

  26. let´s see the results deppending the tier battle:
    tier I : T1 cunningham win with 70% ( you know best tank drived by 2000 effcy players).
    tier II: H35 win with 78% (very well armored tank drived by 2000 effcy players).
    tier III: pom pom tanks win with 57%.
    tier IV: british / USA win witn 57% (matildas, covenanter, valentin / M5stuar, M8A1 ).
    tier V: USA win with 62% so T49, M4, T1 Hvy are better than Kv1/ SU85.
    tier VI: OP hellcats win over than OP Kv-1s.
    tier VII: T29 win here.
    tierVIII: balanced maybey because WG has made a great balancing work for those ESL tanks to be balanced (IS3, T32, T69, AMX 90 100).
    tier IX: E75, WT ausf IV win over the rest.
    tier X: OP WT E100 has no enemy here.

    overall tier 8-10 OP germany TD win here you know who OP are Rhm, WT ausf IV and WT E100.
    overall all tier USA wins (lol) and USSR are in 3º place, germany are in 4º place maybe because the suck on tier 4-5-6, while british are in 2 place ( I really was not expecting this).

    • People seem to think WT E-100 is super OP, can’t figure out why. Probably because they are mostly driven by good players at the moment. Anyway, wait until all the tomatoes reach it and the WR will drop instantly just like it was with T57.

  27. And again a proof that French tanks are mostly underpowerd (except T2,T5 and T8) :( Buff them WG, asap!

  28. As I was saying all along, this game is USA bias. USA is always on top or close to top :) (and on top in overall stats). I am surprised that UK got second overall. But obviously france and germany suck so much that they ended below USSR.

  29. Confrontation battles: battle of clones – its absolutly not fun when the enemy team has a bunch of T18s, Hetzers, Hellcats, KV-1SerBs,or pom-poms, and your team has – none of them.

    Confrontation turned off FOREVER

  30. Woah, the abomination is strong enough to pull stats at tier X…
    Would be interesting to see the stats divided by class

  31. I love how the only reason many of you think germany does so well at t10 is because of the WTF E-100s, you seem to forget that the germans have all the HP bricks with massive guns and a pair of excellent meds on top of those glass cannons.

        • tbh, at tier 10 German have so many different vehicle that make they have so many tactics. From meat shield Maus to hard-hitting E-100, from excellent sniper Leopard 1 to hybrid heavy-medium E-50M, from giant alpha gun Jagpz E100 to glass cannon WT E100. And don’t forget about jack-of-all-trade GW E100.
          Compare with USSR they only have brawler ( 2 IS and 3 T-62a clones) and 2 somewhat similar TDs (fast, good camo, good gun, trollish armor)
          Frenchies? no armor (except Foch 155) , have drum and speed

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  33. Awesome maths….summed up e.g. for Tier 1 the total winrate distribution share is 145%……instead of 100% which it should be, based on common maths/statistics rules. No wonder that the “does statistically fine” statements from SerB are a running gag….WG seems not even able to count to 100%..

      • *facepalm* You can directly start working at WG…did you finish school or university? ;)

        I just took tier 1 as example because the complete graph/statistic is wrong. To get some useful, meaningful interpreation out of the graph each tier needs to have a 100% as base, cause you can’t have more summed up victories-% than amount of games played = 100%. And not >100% and different between each tier.

        If at tier1 in total (just an example!) 14900 confrontations have been played and 7000 won by US, 3200 won by Germany, 2500 won by Russia and 2200 won by Britain, the “%-Victories” is not 70% US, 32% Germany, 25% Russia and 22% Britain like WG “calculates”, but:

        47% US | 21% Germany | 17% Russia | 15% Britain.

  34. T18 and unobtanium French armor dominates the lower tiers… While Pom-Pom and 45Mm guns for the British and Soviets fail? I’m not surprised about the former, but I am about the later.

    At tier IV-V-VI Soviets with their very easy to play beasts (KV-1S/T-150/Su-100) and the high skill ceiling American TD’s (M8A1/T49/Hellcat) dominate. (Noobtards fail misserably with the later, while unicums bring the average of those tanks WAY up because in unicum hands they are invincible, while with the former, any baddie can do damage, although to both groups flock new players that want an OP machine), on the other hand, Germans find their lowest W/L in this tier group, which is to a point surprising, since they have some very good machines for those tiers. It may be due to those tanks being very noob unfriendly (StuG III, Pz.Sfl, Nashorn, JP. IV, all depend on camo, DouchebagWagon and Vk 3001H aren’t that solid HT’s compared to those of other nations, although the Vk 3601H is pretty solid).

    Tier VIII is pretty balanced. Seems legit, it’s “E-sports tier”, anyway. They gotta make it pretty balanced or e-sports people would laugh at ‘em.

    At Tier X, Germans have a slight advantage. Why? I think because of the huge health pools of their machines (E-100/Maus/JE-100), the big guns they pack, such as the 15Cm of the E-100 or the 17Cm of the JE-100 that loaded with gold can make a tomato be dangerous to a deep purple, even, and the God of War that the Waffenträger E-100 has become (In the right hands. A tomato can only put one clip into his target and die. A good player… Forget about it).
    That, and the amazing mobility that the Leopard 1 gives them, paired with a very nice viewrange and gun, at the expense of armor.
    I think the last point is what offsets the camo advantage of the Soviet TD’s, and the earlier points offset the cassette advantage of the French machines, not only TD’s, but everything.
    The US machines are pretty well rounded at the tier, and they don’t do too bad.
    Meanwhile, the French, with their distinct lack of armor and alpha, exchanged for cassette burst, get the short end of the stick… But hey, with 3-4 15 or 17Cm shells flying your way, how many rounds of your cassette can you shoot before you become a burning wreck? Remember kids, for tomatoes, camo is 133T R3lic hax.

  35. I have played 50 -60 battles since the update, I have normal battles and Confrontation checked only, I have not yet had one of these yet….

  36. Me in my T6 M44 and 2 Hellcats gave a T6 British and T6 German team unholy hell in National Battles. Did a 3 man platoon with Grilles (T5 German SPG) in National battles and won that. I don’t know why people would complain about the National Battles being unfair ofc they are unfair and its not a big deal. Half the team on both sides acts like idiots and most of the tanks are TD/Mediums.

    On an M44 solo game I had we steamrolled them.

  37. The reason germany takes the lead in tier 10 is because of the OP wte100. Tier 8 seem okay, but I doubt it thanks to those tiger II. I turned that bullshit mode off. In close quarter battles at tier 8, theres simply not a shit a tiger II can do due to all other tanks have better rof and or alpha. How fun is it to get overmatches by 175mm pen russian guns of tier 6 and 7 tenks?

  38. Data from confrontation means shit. It gives somewhat picture about balance, but just because for example frenchies sucks at high tiers that still doesn’t mean Foch155 is UP even with recent nerfs. Also just because that broken piece of shit waffle e100 is OP and boosting german WR at high tiers doesn’t mean that JgpzE100 for example is OP. Confrontation is bullshit mode and it’s wrong and never should be in the game. I’ve disable it after one battle.

  39. Germany has very good tier 10s. With the exception of the Maus. Leopard, E-100 and WTF E-100 all show their pub dominance here. That’s a 10% gap at tier 10, and that’s pretty noteworthy.

    Not sure why Germany has such an issue at the lower tiers. III\IV and Panzer IV are great tier 5 tanks and at tier 6 I absolutely loved the VK3601–even post Heavy—and the 3002M. Not seeing why players seem to have such a problem here.

    I also find it amusing how close Soviets and Americans are at 6. With all the complaints about how OP the M18 is and all the defending the KV-1S as not being OP–if the M18′s OP, so is the KV-1S.

    • Kv1s is OP as fuck. Think about it, it makes 400-480 damage and autopenning the tiger II lower glace while angled and pretty much any place on the turret due to overmatch, and thats a tier 6 heavy vs a tier 8….got balance?.

  40. Russian bias!

    Also of course the game isn’t balanced around Confrontation in any way shape or form.

  41. Germany’s topping the charts at tier 10.

    I…I don’t believe it. Somebody do another study to see if this is consistent.

    There aren’t THAT many WT E-100s out there; the most I’ve seen on one team was three (and they were a platoon of Unicum players, two with the 128 mm gun and one with the 150 mm gun), and unless they’re driven by some of the best players in the game they aren’t usually THAT over-performing. (plus it’s nice to finally see those Objekt 268 and IS-7 drivers that had their fun down at tiers 6 through 9 finally getting put in their place).

  42. Strangely enough, most Confrontation battles that I play in I am on the winning side..

    Doesnt’ matter if I am in german, russian, chinese or american tanks… (not got many brits or french)

    Ding Bias!!!

    Nerf ME…!!!!!!!!

    On a more serious note.. more “proof” that the “Russian bias” is more myth than reality…

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