WG RU banning XVM?

Hello everyone,

an interesting post came up on WG RU forums. Here is an official list of banned mods for RU forums. Recently, a thick red line got added to the end of the file:

ss (2014-02-22 at 05.04.56)

It says: “It is prohibited to use the function ‘noobmeter’ (statistics and combat coefficients of a player) in any XVM mod configuration and to post screenshots and videos with it”

This line was deleted later on and was replaced by the following, that is there until today:

Запрещено публикование ссылок на xvm-full (он же “оленемер”) во всех разделах и подразделах.

“It is forbidden to post links to xvm-full (that is “noobmeter”) in all sections and subsections (of the forum).

A sign of things to come?

173 thoughts on “WG RU banning XVM?

  1. Interesting… I hope that I can keep my hitlog/damage panel and minimap with last known location mod :) Other than that I’m a bit happy to see it going away, sometimes I felt that I was picked by the enemy arty because I’m not a red tomato…

    • A typical useless arrogant brainless comment.

      Be happy that you are so awesome head of the world in wot. you are wonderful, i cant wait to kiss your footprints as i will see them on the streets. Is this what you wished sir? Then hold your self-conceited speech for your relatives who appreciate it.

      The problem with “banning” the xvm (doesnt matter if it happens or not) is that this is the only relevant measurement system in wot. Since it is a competitive and never ending game it might cause dispiritedness and even player number drop.

      • of course i only talk about the competent players who do take care about their performance and of course who would like to see the facts. For example why are they loosing or if they are bad players or not. I cant speak about those (numerous) people who just say/think noooobs why are you soo nOOb I AM the PRO but you are noob. There is a point in the xvm and who dont want to see it doesnt need to. It was like that and it would remain like that it doesnt matter if they bann it or not

          • Good. I had enough of theese arties running XVM only targeting me. (I use XVM mod myself for map and damage counter purposes)

            Being able to see player statistics ingame is not intended by the developer of the game and should be considered cheating.

            • Bullshit. If it wasnt intended then the API wouldnt exist that allows xvm to pull stats. Besides I could look someone up on noobmeter realtime during the countdown, during the match etc. The butthurt tomatoes are ruining this game with their crap play and incessant whining. It is a competetive game, contribute to the team or get out.

          • because you cannot be. and because i take a stand on.

            And i think that the cheat gives unbalanced benefit for the user. This is a mod. Mods have been used a long time. Even in mmos.

            • I think that xvm gives you the opportunity to help your team to victory. You can estimate what are the odds on the side where 2 player headed and they are under 200 and you can go there to help them. The opposite is also possible, if there are too many good players on one side (maybe even better than you are) you can go somewhere else where there is bigger need of you. This is about victory and tactics. XVM not just gives you the chance to getting better by telling you that you are bad or average… but you can also use it to use your brain in the battle to achieve victory and help your team. You can say that it is bad but everything is bad then what helps you in this game (and not an unfair way because this is available for everybody) .

              • I don’t care about XVM, becouse the game is full of bots. The game now can called World of bots. Will not cry for this mod, becouse some statpadder, who has small dick and can only compensate this by raging in the wot chat. Would ban this mod long time ago.

              • dude, i don’t see why you so upset with the fist guy . All he want to said is “i want the mini map and damage mod only, don’t need stats mod anyway. I’m happy when enemy arty don’t use stats mod to use that and only picked me, a good player”(Although there is a bit pride in his comment)
                That’s all what i want to say too. I don’t care about stats, only need hitlog and minimap mod.
                tbh, if anyone see your team full of noobs by using stats mod, and cry “i’m gonna to loose any way”, then commit suicide even he’s the only top tier in that team, then he is nothing more than a big noob himself

              • I think that XVM gives an advantage to its users.
                Yes you can see your statistics and all that but
                you can also focusfire on the enemy teams good players wich is only possible with
                XVM. It makes bad players worse because they dont care enough to get XVM and it makes the good players better by providing them with info the developers never
                intendet to be visable in a match.

                I use it myself because i use every advante i can without spending money.
                And i noticed a difference in my gameplay as well as i am concentrating on the good players and such things.

                It would be better if this thing gets banned!

                • It seems there was no point to explain you why it is a bad thing to ban a mod from the game that does nothing bad but helps players ( evenly ) and makes the game a bit more colorful or challenging. The answer always will be “I dont care” [or yeah ban it because it changes the gameplay (that is so colorfull...)] and maybe this is the right behavior since this whole game is made for the i dont care kind of people. The SerB kind of people who says dont play this game too much so you can shit on what happens with it. Yeah

                  The problem is that the xvm is usually being developed better than the game itself. But still the game will decide what will happen so this whole conversation has no point. I told my opinion (even if it was completely pointless for everybody) and you told yours.

                  so Good bye

                • There are bad players simply because they are bad players, don’t care or don’t realise that they are bad, and nothing will ever change that. There are bad players that don’t yet understand proper tactics, or what they are doing wrong with a specific tank. They may not understand that a certain style of tank is just not for them. These players can improve if given the tools to help them understand these things.

                  XVM is such a tool. It’s really not that different from a user that goes from no mods to installing YasenKrasen. It means he/she is starting to care about how they are doing. They can only get better from that point on. A horrible noob may not realise it, but after running XVM the will probably start paying more attention to how much damage they are doing in a game, how much per shot. The improved map info will start helping them use better map tactics. I would argue that XVM helps create better players in the long run and moving tomatoes slightly further up the evolutionary chain can only be a good thing.

          • He warned us that he is going to write “A typical useless arrogant brainless comment.” , like when someone writes “spoiler” at the beginning so we can skip it if we want to avoid it :)

  2. I guess this just is to keep in line with the ‘no naming or shaming’ rule that WoT has.

    I use XVM but the configuration I use does not show the stats of the other players (it’s too depressing to see a ‘sea of red’),

    • I hope they will ban that shit showing stats directly in game and probability of victory… Im getin sick about that assholes crying “all red tommatoes” “we lost” and similiar …. it ruins the game spirit. BAN THAT SHIT PLEASE!!!!!!!!

        • Crying pussy detected :P

          I dont give shit about my stats, but i am sure that WN8 is much hifger than 600 :)) I just really hate people behaving like oracle with crystal ball… I saw many battles where assholes cryed and we won like a boses either. You just need to give all 100% into all game …. dont mind about red sea… And when you lost..what is bad about it??? If you did amount of damage and kils you can have nice credits and xps in lost game too..wo what is the problem for you??? Just idiocy of some people possessed with win ratio sickness…. Fk them all!

              • Yea, if they ban XVM there will be tomatoes only cause most of these better players will get ban. That will be fun with 14 tomatoes in my team and 15 tometoes in enemy team. It will be kinda luck to get another player who is not tomatoe or carrot into my team, right ?

                • No problem..cus kiling tomatoes is much more easier than kiling pros :D I am not pro…and i do not use XVM, so it is not my problem :) I will be happy that there will be no assholes crying like raped whore before every battle.. ::D

            • LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL i checked your stats….Man you are fasz..dou you know, what does it mean fasz? Sorry i dont know any english word which can describe you……. NEVER PLAYED low tiers…yeah right…you average stats are statisticaly very authentic in comparing to people which played honestly from tier I :LOL :D :D :D :D Oooooh well people bow down to this pro-man….He never played Stock ARL V39 ..never played stock tier IV Luchs in tier VIII battle…. but he has the nicest stats in the world so behold this HERO…the PRO :D :D :D :D And his most played tank????? Nothing else than very fair-play Type 59 :D :D LOL …. Man THANK YOU…you gave me best LOL for this week…… My giant worship to you sir mister skiller professional master of the WOT :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

              • One critique, type 59 was nerfed. It’s not NEARLY as good as it used to be. otherwise- You’re right. I wish I had a type myself, but I’ve pwned them in my horrible pen KV-5. so…(Okay, I might have set him on fire… and the noob had no extinguisher.. lol.) Type is good. but it still takes a good player.

                Out of all the types I’ve seen very few do that great.

              • If you are so top pro player, you should be happy about having noobs in your team… If there are too many noobs you have better chance to kill more enemies .because they wont kill anybody…. So you can kill 8…9….10….12… enemies and got many many xps and credits..even some medals…. Why to cry??? Let me gues…. I really LOVE to see those “call me pro”s on noobmeter.com … there you can see that 7000 from 15000 battles he did in Type 59 or another “OP as hell” tank..T34 is very common too…. where no premiums…KV-1S saves it very nice right??? So those are no pros..just fck-ass-statpadder whores….
                ========= the TRUE PRO will see red tomato team as a CHALLENGE to show his SKILL and gain many KILLS!!!!!!!!!!! =============

                • 1) I was not crying
                  2) I play this game for fun. Stomping retards all day long is not fun. The most enjoyable battles are WITH good players AGAINST good players. Whether it’s in TCs, CWs, 7vs7 or random battles. Having a challenge is much more fun than facerolling tards.
                  3) You can check my noobmeter stats if you want. Unlike you, I’m using my ingame name here.

                • LOL Man..Sorry for insults but i can not resist…. You are most funny man on earth….you probably fcked up basic game principle = researching higher tier vehicles and enhancing its abilities by researching better guns, better engines etc… You do not know what it is to play some stock tanks or so not very good tanks…you play just vehicles famous for their badassness …. For me, you are just cheater..nothing else than cheater…. Even redest red baron with 25% WR has more my respect than you. Know why? Think about it….. Howgh

                • Lol.
                  Yes, British medium tanks, AMX 50 120, E-100, T-54 with 201 penetration without gold ammo, M60, etc. They are blatantly overpowered, right??

                  I hate to break it to you, but e.g. my german mediums were played all stock and the Panther1 is my #5 in WN8 (between tier 10 TDs and AMX 50 B). Just saying.

                • Oooh, my poor boy..You had to play Panther just with L70? I hope it didnt hurt your fragile soul…
                  AMX 50 120 … no armor bud good gun and great mobility for heavy..not OP but at least serious oponent..
                  E100 same..not OP but very serious oponent.
                  I believe you had another account with many thousands battles but when you realized that your low tiered begginer battles are ruining your actual numbers you just set up new account..bought premium tank and paid lot of money for converting XPs… Just to jerk off ybout your incredible stats….but i forgot that everyone can look into your profile and see how you got it…. So you can print page with your crooked stats and use it as a toiler paper..cus they have no other use…they are talking about notjing because they are crooked and cheated by skipping low tier tanks and they do not contain your beginings….

                  I can not wonder that cheater like you is so in love with XVM because in fact it is a cheat too. XVM gives you a ADVANTAGE … you know who is your enemy… But I (and all people without XVM) need to approach to every single player as he is 80% unicum… XVM gives you a large tactical advantage…When i play with super-firepower tank I pick my targets just by tank type… So in fact, truelly skilled player (no cheating Type 59 statpadder) can shape the battle much more even in AMX40 (You dont know? Aaaah yes..it is tier IV…you never played it…so i can tell you just it have nothing similiar with AMX50..just color and name).. than child/dondminder/noob or as you will say “red tommato” in KV-1S with D-2-5T.. So XVM can tell you who should be really your primary target…so it gives you a tactical advantage and because it is not part of the game itself it should be BANNED as a CHEAT!!!!!!!! I hope they will completely ban that shit and WOT will be a bit better game….. If you want to see players stats, you should do it AFTER the game… for wot portal of noobmeter.com…. Then you can decide if you want him in Clan or not etc…i think many people will be surpriser..because i saw many time noob playing like a sir and man with very good stats dying in fist minute like a imbecile….And if you need to tell somebody that he is a noob just for strenghten your ego..you can do it after battle..then that guy will look at your battle history and have LOL as i had :D :D :D

          • “And when you lost..what is bad about it??? If you did amount of damage and kils you can have nice credits and xps in lost game too..wo what is the problem for you???”

            No, you can’t get ‘nice credits and xps’ for a lost game – just yesterday i lost a game where i dealt 4k dmg, got 3 kills in a tier 8 game and i still got less xp than enemies team worst player which spent the whole game afk and only had 110 spotting dmg to his name. And yes, my team was full of red retards, who either rushed and died in first 2 minutes or camped inn the first bush they found and died in 5 minutes.
            So please, try using your amazing brain power and draw some conclusions why ppl get pissed after seeing swarms or those monkeys game after game.
            And banning XVM wont stop those retards from being retarded, it’ll just take couple more minutes to see it.

      • What ruins the game spirit is a sea of baddies that cant take grasp of the game even after 20k+ games. Inb4 I play 4 phun111

        • Yeah. Fuck those guys. They should go play Peggle because to them it’s about the same thing.

        • Never happened to me that red sea ruined my game…. Gues why Sherlock… Oooooh yeaaaah…i havent installed that bullshit named XVM :D In real war you do not know who is sitting in vehicle in front of your “zielgerat” too.

          • “In real war you do not know who is sitting in vehicle in front of your “zielgerat” too”
            But in real war if they could have such information they would definitely use it. Being ignorant is not helping in any way and totally not in war, also this is not about war but about a game dear Sherlock.

      • I hope they will not(ban XVM) because it gives useful information.

        What does ruin the game is when those dingbats drown a perfectly good crew right of the bat….
        Also if one dingbat starts whining(which I find amusing as it does nothing to help one win) about MM and tomatoes…it helps other “smart” players when they wholeheartedly try to get KOd about 30 s later(so that they can get another battle faster). Both of these actions off course only hinder those that are actually trying to win the damn battle.

        XVM is responsible for whining in the same way a gun is responsible for murder.

        Was intended as a reply to The Custodian somewhere above.

        • In theory XVM can help a lot, but does it really help that much? I am truly asking as I never used it myself. When my clanmates were using it, it was most of the time “hell heck no, I would rather die than play with this reds” etc etc and it was clear that they did not try as much as they did when they considered MM to be favourable. I never noticed that they would target more experienced players or that they would ask us to focus on that or that player as it is often even impossible, since you usualy do not get in fight with more than a couple of tanks at once and if you get into fight with too many at once, then it is also not that important to distinguish who has bigger effi, rather it is important to take out the biggest troublemaker that does not need to be an unicum. I find it more demoralising than helpful but I can be wrong, as I said, I never used it myself.

          The worst was when we were at Tank Company or Clan Wars and someone started lowering morale of whole team saying “we can not win because they have… ” and “we have 40% chance” etc.

          • Those suiciding because of bad teams are some retards that aren’t better than those baddies from their team.
            I have yet to see a unicum/good player suiciding because of a bad team.Maybe only claiming that they got a bad team, but not suiciding.
            And there is a logical explanation why they aren’t suiciding.Every player with a brain realises that if he suicides he will get next to nothing from that action and will also hinder his stats.
            Those who commit suicide are 99% of the time yellow to red which installed xvm only to see if they can get carried in a match or not.

            And the good players hunting can really be accomplished only by arty…and only situational.
            If you’re in a normal tank you have very small chances of facing that good player, alone, so you can take him off.Just play the game, pay attention to the minimap and react according to the situation.

  3. It is not really a ban of XVM. If the final decision is the second one, only foroum posts containing screenshots of stats of XVM are prohibited, not the actual mod. Really WG must sort their shit out, they are always posting something and later they are altering it. Reminds me of the Greek public services…

      • yeah pretty much, guess it falls under there “name and shame” policy.

        Every thing is done to protect the fragile ego off the masses, so they keep spending money on it.

  4. I dont think it will be banned completly… It will fall under the name and shaming rule where any pics with XVM content will be deleted.

    • i hope so!
      i want to know ahead of time if my team is average or donkeys (aggressively lead the attack, or wait for them to spot targets and i will try to snipe. )
      i hate it when players get called out for their stats:/

      • Well tbh who will the most profit from that if in the worst case scenario it gets banned. Ofc it will be the good player and especially the clanless ones where you cant guess how good they are trough their clan tag.

        This will make the unicums even way more dangerous then before. Surely I will need some time to adapt, but I will get over it.

        What I atleast hope that those stats will be available outside of the game atleast. Some find fun in losing and now giving a fuck about stats and I find my fun in caring about them.

  5. Unfortunately, you have no rights.

    An error has occurred. If you are not sure how to use a feature, we advise you to contact our online help system for more information.

    [# 2035]

    You are not authorized to read the requested listing.

  6. Thank God… Finally…. WG is finally killing off the XVM! :D Today must be my lucky day!

    • They will ban XVM has its one more step towards mainstream gaming and house hold names.
      Live streamer’s don’t need XVM to stream
      When I first watched Circon he was not even using XVM.
      They wont stop at XVM,zoom in and out mod ect will be next, its all about creating a level playing field.
      and that’s how it should be.

  7. Banned modifications:

    1. 3D skins with the location of modules and crew ( you can see the actual location of modules, each module has its own color coding, when you shoot an enemy you can see the hole and what module you damaged )

    2. Modification of tracers.

    3. Removing of leaves and transparency of objects.

    4. Laser sight

    5. Mod, Sight with lens ( prob some kind of zoom mod )

    6. Mod, script automatic fire extinguisher

    7. Mod showing destroying of objects on minimap

    8. Mod showing reloading of enemy tanks on minimap.

    9. Mod, showing possition on minimap of shooting tanks that are not spotted.

    Sorry if there are some typos.

  8. No problem with it since i don’t use stats. I just hope they will not ban XVM as a whole because some of the other features (customization, last known position, Hitlog, etc.) are quite usefull or should be in the vanilla game.

    • Then there are the features outside of battle – great crew management (put best crew, put own crew) for example.

    • Well, the non stat part of xvm is the cheat part. The xvm minimap … seriously? People think that this is not cheating?

  9. The best rule would be to not allow bad players to play the game.
    Bad players themselves break the rule about naming and shaming as 29 others can see how bad someone plays or if he is AFK leeching or botting.
    The after battle report shows enough data to give 2-5 players in each match a noob sticker (for example top tier tanks not even firing back at the enemies).

    • If the baddies get banned there will be only few players left to play the game.80% or more of the playerbase is formed by baddies.

    • Without Baddies:
      Average would be considered bad.
      WG would get enough money to develop the game.
      The game wouldn’t be popular so the game wouldn’t get better, less special events, clan wars probably wouldn’t exist probably 5 lines of tanks at most.

      Everybody starts out bad or has real like problems such as shakey hands, bad reflexes, or bad multitasking skills.
      I find that noobs will be a part of every game. When a game is interesting and takes a lot of brain power and practice to be good at it, the noobs are ever more obvious.

      So I think the best solution would be to have multiple servers. Like a beginner, intermediate and expert server.

  10. Can it be maybe a just a fight around that crap winchance? Can it be that maybe the thing, that it the worst thing ever got into a mod, get fighted by WG and they wanna pressure XVM to remove it?
    Atleast this I would like, everything else would be shit, cause I wanna know who is r the noobs in my team. If they really Ban this, i think for the most green and up players it ll mean to be not that flexible they r atm, cause if u dont know the enemy or more important ur own team, then u cant sometimes doing things.

    I cant understand that shit about XVM, cause its overall a good mod, that lets enjoy me more WoT. The most people crying r noobs. Noobs shouldnt play a PvP game, if they cant accept they r who they r. I mean, it is not a shame to be bad. This counts just tell the own team, what they can expected from somebody, but that dont mean they just can do this. U can every single game doing the game of ur life.

    So hopefully this really has just to do with Screenshots for forums. Atleast I find the old XVM better, as stats r just shown in the live client.

    • There’s no problem with the win chance mod. Yes, it is useless. No, it does not make game play any worse. All the morons going all “GG WE LOOSE (sic)” at the beginning of the battles don’t even use XVM 95% of the time.

      • I dont think so, but it could be proofed as XVM delete this crap as the next patch happens and breaks the old XVM mod. Lets see what happen.

        • XVM is updated before the patch goes live. They do it when the first test comes up.

          And you can prove it very easily by just installing XVM and taking a look at the retards yelling “OMG WE LOOSE (sic)”. Their stats are usually among the worst and the win chance is above 50% although they say that. Obviously no XVM users.

    • No u wrong. That has nothing to do with WG Servers, cause this mod is calling from ur computer the XVM mirror it has selected. So if u think this has something to do with lags on WG Servers I can tell u this is not right, it is *bullshit* (sorry, i dont know how to explain it better).

      And if u mean how XVM Servers get Player stats, well atm just every 3rd weak cause of this API 2.0 reaction times, so WG organised to lower the traffic with bad code.

      So the traffic XVM produce is absolute independent on the game.

    • Please shut up if you have no idea what you are talking about. The stats are stored on special servers ran by the guys who develop XVM and your mod only communicates with those dedicated servers, not with WG. The XVM servers send requests to the WG servers every few seconds to update the stats of one player at a time.

  11. Interesting: on the one hand wg creates and implements an own rating, which ppl could use to flame others(if that rating wouldn’t be BS) and on the other hand they fight external ratings (that are way better than the wg one for measuring player skill).

    The only thing i could understand would be if they would declare the winchance part as a banned mod.

    • In fact winchance is a cherry on top.

      Once I’ve had situation in team battle – me in 110, other tier 8, except that 2 tomatoes in tiers 6 and one in Pz 38 Na (I always wonder – for what people in such tiers look in 7/42 battles). Against that – full squad of 5 tiers 8 and two 1.
      Pz 38 Na stated that it’s great, because we have some 80% win chance.

      Win chance per se is a fetish for XVM whores that at some level (about 60%) of win chance turn off brain and just roll, because there are 60% win chance and it is enough to just roll.

      I don’t need to have win chance given to be able to guess almost exactly how will the battle end – comparing top tanks and their skills, then arty skills are enough. After that there is small correction with a glance on minimap, how they are spreading.
      And then in a lot of cases it becomes obvious.

    • Fairly easy – checking your res_mods directory and collecting hashes of files there and comparing them with their database.

      • It’s illegal to scan any folder on your HDD by any third party without your consent, like when you order your Anti-Virus software to perform a virus scan, be it huge corporation or a hacker and they know it. They can’t scan your HDD searching for banned mods, they can’t scan your RAM memory, they can’t even scan what processes are you running at the time. Otherwise they’re risking a huge lawsuit by thousands of people. They may win against one person… But not against so many more. Only thing they can do is look at their own process (WoT.exe or something) and scan it searching for injected code.
        That’s why you will have a problem using macros in some games, unless your mouse has an onboard memory. They can’t do anything at this point. Did it once in BF, no-recoil and no-spread burst macro for an LMG… Every single bullet hit at the exact same spot. Punkbuster couldn’t detect a thing, because it was programed on my mouse itself and stored on it’s own memory. I only deleted that macro because it wasn’t fun killing people so easily.

        • they scan ur mods folder every time u start the game ;) Cause they need to know what mods to load after all. So u already allowed them to scan it. Moreover it’s fully legal to scan the folders a game created on its own (to check for updates, any parts missing etc). Whats illegal would be to check other folders ;)

          So there u go stronk Internet lawyer

          • You forgot to tell him that they can just add that action in “terms and agreemets” tab so you can’t do anything to stop it.Either allow them to do it and play the game, either gtfo.
            It’s really easy.

            • Doubt that’d be legal in all EU nations. US and RU i have no idea. If it was that simple, creating spyware would be so much easier. Look at EA, they added spyware into Origin and now take note of the backlash it resulted in. Some people not only refused to play their games, they refused to buy any of their game, no mater if it used origin or not.
              Doubt that WG would risk to make similar move, comparing how long EA is on the market and how much larger it is.
              (BTW. Origins EULA is null and void in Germany because it violates several laws concerning users privacy). Especially when it comes to mods only. If it was about checking for programs generating gold somehow (if it was possible) then maybe, because they’d lose profit of it.
              Anyway it really isn’t impossible to create mods that wouldn’t even be placed at entirely different location than WoT. Also you can create something that’d just work as a GUI put ontop of the window the game is opened in a’la Steam or Xfire. Well of course that’d work only for some mods, but if you’re using a simple croshair mods or for example a crew voices mod, you don’t even need to do it, it’s not illegal anyway.
              Also you could easily create a software that doesn’t even has to plug itself into the game.

              • Eh, was just saying they can do it that way and even pointed out that it’ll be either “accept and play” or “gtfo”.

  12. Standard approach of closing eyes and ears and pretending that all players are equal.

    They should think what causes a need of ability to determine skill of players in battle and after that they should take and implement conclusions of that thinking.

  13. Good I’m glad I hope WoT bans XVM on ALL servers it has been my experience that all it does is turn players into elitist stat padders who think they are better than everyone else. I don’t care if you use XVM just stop calling people out about their stats in a pub game it just makes you look like an ass, also when you pad and artificially inflate your stats it shows in your gameplay. My stats aren’t that great but I don’t care about stats, yes I’ve had people call me out on my stats and the funny thing is every time they have I have out damaged, out lived, and got more kills…sooooo it seems I might not be as bad as my “Supposed” stats say, keep that in mind before you call out someone.

    • Common excuse for 46%. If people call you because of your stats, you are bad and banning xvm wont make you a better player or hide your average mediocrity in random battles.

      • “I might not be as bad as my “Supposed” stats say”
        So basically you are saying that numbers lie? And please dont start about how bad teams ruins them.
        This is aimed for ArmoredColossus dunno why I replied on you.

        • No the difference is I don’t give a shit about my stats, I know HOW to pad them , but I’m NOT going to do it since that does nothing but show a false representation of you and your abilities. When you pad and falsify your stats it shows on the battlefield and is very easy to see if you look at someone’s user details after a battle as well. I truly believe this is a team game and you should win as a team or lose as a team so I’m glad when my team loses due to poor teamwork or lack of any tactics but you stat padders wouldn’t understand that anyone could actually think their team deserves to lose. Simply put the team that works together, covers each others back, push together as a unit, doesn’t camp, and focus fire deserves to win every time, WG should not reward failure so yes if I’m on a team that performs badly I want to lose because the team that did well should win not get robbed of a victory because a team got lucky that has 1 or 2 guys that carried them to victory.

          • Thats all nice and long but nobody is talking about “falsely stat padding” their own stats. Good stats come from good play naturally. If you played well overall then the stats would reflect it. If you were top damage dealer every game you are in then it would have been shown. Im in no way stat padder and I dont really abuse supposed “OP” tanks and I still maintain my stats “above average” and I always try to have fun while trying to do well so I see nothing to not to understand.

      • I’m not a 46%er idiot and what the stats don’t show is 90% of my battles I’m in the top 4 damage dealers or the TOP damage dealer every game I’m in, so while my stats say I’m mediocre I’m better than the sum of my stats. Also I always look at my minimap, have great situational awareness respond to situations on the battlefield well before it’s too late to act like most players, I warn teammates when they are getting flanked, when by allies I cover their backs and focus fire. I can also tell what the enemy will do by looking at my allies location on the minimap I tell them if a flank needs help or whatever but they rarely listen. I’m only 1 of 15 people on the team if they don’t listen to what is good advice and common sense if you look at the minimap then it’s on them. All of what I just said says I am a more competent than my stats indicate so yes the numbers do not show the whole picture. Also when I give a prediction of what will happen in chat based on our teams location on the minimap 95% of the time it happens EXACTLY as I said it would.

    • Well, the ting is there are better players and there are worse. The differance is what you are tryying to do to become better. I have won by playing with random 45% WR that actually used their tanks and supported me, they did much better. But if the 45% ers keep on camping they are useless scrub. SImply, having such low wr and low eff players playing tanks like tds, heavys and mediums camoping like 2/3 of the team is totally useless.

      Also its not about the damage and kills you make in one game, its about the overall stats. Some low eff noobs accuse me of beeing nob when I fail some times because I have 0 kills and low damage. But looking at tank specifik stats, they soon see that I make 50-70% more damage than they do in the same tenk, which means I peform much better on daily basis.

      I call out people who mouth of and have worse stats than me, and I also 1v1 them to prove. In the long run, even if you play solo all time you can achieve close to clan players stats if you are an expert.

    • If i perform better than you in battle over several thousand battles that doesn’t make me better?

      “The more you know”

      In response to ArmoredColossus

      • Depends on the sample size, also if you free xp through tanks and modules that means hundreds or thousands of battles NOT reflected in you stats if you do it all the time, which of those would drastically change your stats. I never pay money to convert xp it’s just a giant waste of real money and YES is paying to win. Also I never said I was the best player I know I’m not but I am better than the average WoT player the point is you don’t call people out about their stats in a pub match it just makes you look like a douche.

        • Convert XP is not paying to win, because there are no guarantees you will win more or have better stats just because you dont grind. On the other hand, to get free xp, you have to grind anyways so ur comment is invalid.

  14. I don’t give a shit about if they will ban the “stats part”.

    If I see players driving like a potato and not hitting anything I will still flame the shit out of them.

    Do they really think if they ban the stats part the game will get better? No, good players (I will do, don’t know about others) will even play more defensive, because you wont know when you can play more aggressive (good team) or have to carry the whole game on you own (bad team)

    And to the one still thinking that the players on the begin of a battle cry about losing are xvm users:
    No they are not…in most of the times they are retarded 45% noobs which don’t even use xvm…They just cry on every game :)

  15. Its fairly obvious…

    They have started their own Ratings, which are universally laughed at…

    They have now started the “Player Mods that Might Get Approved by Us” stuff

    They have also stated some stuff along the lines of creating “their own” better map mods and in-game stats..

    It makes “russian sense” to ban all the opposition then bring their own version out… bingo… monopoly…

    (Russians don’t take offence… I put it in ” ” for obvious reasons…)

  16. It would make my friend very happy, he left KAZNA 2 weeks ago because he was extra focussed by almost the whole enemy team, still, he has 2900 WN8 so it actually doesn’t help that much. Having XVM being illegal to use would fix lot’s of problems.

  17. While I dont like XVM faggots, I think its idiotic to ban it, because it doesnt do anything noobmeter cant, only differance is that you have to check the player manualy instead of having it showing real time in the game.

    By that said, I dont use XVM but i still abuse high tier players by guessing their stats, and often im right. If any player have a funny name and play like a bot (turning the turret and looking at tanks in the base, lemmingtrain, go to the usual choke points, camp, have no camo skin, etc.) He is most likely a 42-48% WR players with 600 eff or similar.

    With the huge amount of noobtards in high tier battles one can really guess the performance of the player. With enemies it will be harder, but who cares. These days any noobtard enemy can drive a OP tank, camptarding and snipe down from mountains. In the current state, a noobtard can be as effective as a skilled player, because as the current balance goes, some tanks can just point and click and pretty much autopen all tanks in its own tier.

  18. I’m really indifferent toward XVM(stats part) atm. I do use it just so i can adjust my gameplay according to the teams(both mine and enemy) but getting focused all the time by arties and majority of the enemy team because every lowbob can install XVM now without problems makes me hate it sometimes. So whether they ban it completely or not i couldn’t care less.

      • Oh look, and idiot. Reading is hard, I know.
        The point isn’t one tomato looking at you. The point is that it’s common for the whole team to target a single player if he’s outstanding stat-wise, for example one green in sea of red or one blue in sea of yellow. For that team it probably means they will lose, because they disregard other targets. For that one player it means he can’t do as much as he normally would, because he has 6 barrels staring at him all the time.

        It similar (but at the same time opposite) to a scout rush, a single weak tank that goes deep into enemy territory, focusing all the attention on himself, while the rest of the team can use that short moment to their advantage. Except you have the team focused on a valuable asset wherever he goes.

        • wlw_wl thank you for explaining to this moron above exactly my point and saved me some time and nerves. Why do i care about onehand cocksucker in his arty sitting at the back of the map where no one can shoot him(except counter arty) while he plays point ‘n’ click game. Just because he is stupid doesn’t mean he won’t hit me across the map with some luck shot. And when you are aware that there is 2-3 cocsuckers like that aiming at you only thing you can do is hug the cover and camp, and that’s not the way to win the battle. Once you are in the open they immediately focus you like it’s not enough to fight multiple enemies in front of me i need to think all the time about sky pigs lobbing shells at me.

          • Ok, so in your minds the massive advantage XVM affords you in terms of being able to read the battle and determine where you can be of most use etc etc is fully offset because a very small few of these idiots can now tell you have that ability? And might hit you 1 in 50 games by accident?

            And I’m the idiot?

            I weep for the future.

            • Actually, the xvm offers that advantage to everybody using it.It depends on them if they want to use it or not.
              And it’s not about how often those scumbags will hit you or not, it’s about the pressure you face everytime you play, knowing they can ruin your play everytime you move.And that’s not enjoyable at all.

              XVM is an advantage and at the same time a disadvantage and that’s what he pointed out in his post.

  19. Hmmm well I have hated XVM for many reasons first and foremost the feeling of despair it perpetuates with tankers ” Oh , only 10% chance to win see ya” as they go and drown, but banning it seems unjustified. It really only effects the mentality of the person using it, and I think that is entirely up to the player in how they want to see their team.

    Hitskins on the other hand….. now I find those should have been banned day one.

  20. I don’t know about any EU folks opinion but XVM serves a good purpose on NA, you know who you can depend on and most importantly who you cannot.

    It also saves me the time of physically hunting bots and instead lets me simply report the 22 wn7/30% winrate afker all the more easily. And I do believe this new RU protocol was simply removing the ability to post screenshots of player names blurred while on revealing the wn7 of said player.

    Regardless tomatoes will be tomatoes and i shall continue to perform to the best of my ability and alienate those whom ruin games intentionally(I.e bots)

      • Not only. Maybe ban my account or wipe it. This game drives me insane but it’s addictive. Luckily I’m starting university soon and I’m not gonna have much time for it.

        • Oh, that’s easy. Just start a topic in the general discussion forum where you try to sell your account. BOOM!… it’s all gone ;)

          • Or say something bad on forums about WG, but that’s probably gonna be a read-only ban. Or not, weird things happen. My friend just got a chat-ban despite the fact that he had chat disabled since 8.11 and he doesn’t talk in general chat.

    • so go play tetris, cry cuz no seeing enemy stats…
      I had “super unicum” bla bla bla bla play for fun and never used any mod… even not the damage onec..
      now many crying (must/many posts from normal) because this mod was banned in RU even not on EU still…

      amazing people.. go play other game crying of stats, talking on statspedders some people not paying real money to “online” game so why waste credits on higher tanks 8+? just noobs love say it even if they just “think” they good, but they are noting for a real treat.

      so go love Red and White players, or cry when green blue and orange coming, for the end the big damn unicum or super, whatever who real care. I really wish very much much hope this mod be BAN from EU …
      I hear about a game that player killed player cuz his bad stats.. wow whinners!

      • So you’re one of the 46% or less precent wr players which think a team-based pvp game isn’t competitive, although it includes stats, winning and losing, and every player that cares about his stats for the sake of having something to play for should not be welcomed here…right?

        • lisen you bot Alex or whatever your name, I dont care I super unicum I play for fun and is succses full in my better stats. dont mind what kind/ tier of tanks, I never buy premium for fun cuz really is not fun pay real money to FREE online game. you kid or human/alien with -46% scale of brain. why you think me to lier about it? all I says is true, and had far away better from 46%, maybe you had 45% WR as a bot player inside WoT welcome to hell zero player of no smart of thinking. write again I waiting to hear from noobs like you.
          + must of players doesnt care about them stats so much, I see the ugly brains suiciding around and losing so many, you part of them I sure, you one on the tetris players with no brain.

          • Have you red what you wrote?…it gave me a head ache trying to understand it…
            Yeah, I knew from your first post you were a “play4funner”…you’re defined by this way of thinking.
            As for my native planet and my stats, I’m a honest human with it’s account name written on my wordpress account page so any doubters like you can see it.
            And yeah, I do know most of wot players don’t care about stats since 90% of the playerbase is formed of “play4funners” like you.

            And as I see, you didn’t understood at all what I’ve wrote in my post…next time take a dictionary if you have problems.

            • yes I know what I wrote already *read it. try understand, is not mean that I need try understand what you wrote, go on.
              well you “understand” it big hero, so think harder. yea small planet for stats…. you bad human that not got the point of the post. dont have a problem, no need to know the bad things that you really not understanded from what I want to say, so what, “play4funner” as you think is FUN you not funny. so buy premium account wtf you want so 90% players… meh.. go go enjoy you XVM and hope that mod be in BAN fs.
              why wasting time to talking on noob and/or bot “human” name Alex that not get the point, no problem. big deal.

  21. SS KEEP YOUR FACT STRAIGHT (or get a dictionary) because it say that they ban mod which allow to locate from where NON spotted enemies are shooting.

  22. I really don’t think there’s reason to get our panties in a collective bunch.
    They want mods to exist, they designed the game that way. They know the mod community is beneficial to their game. They won’t outright ban XVM, which is used by some 1.8 million players regularly. That player group contains the best and most active players, hardly the group of players you want to annoy.

    Go back to using or hating XVM, nothing of consequence will happen. Like others have said before me, this is just a naming and shaming thing with screenshots and vids.

    I can’t help it…

    If you dislike XVM for whatever reason, it’s removal wouldn’t have helped you anyway.

  23. yes i approve strongly!

    ban this piece of shity software out of WoT for good.

    guessing WG has some stonk statisticians and they confirmed by on player A/B testing, basically manipulating user/XVM stats in real-time to see how players react to what XVM shows them, and apparently it showed that no matter what your WR/WIN7 is you play differently, more badly by thinking you are in a bad team, and knowledge of team/enemy stats effects results negatively.

    good day sirs,
    good day

  24. “Запрещено публикование ссылок на xvm-full (он же “оленемер”) во всех разделах и подразделах.

    “It is forbidden to post links to xvm-full (that is “noobmeter”) in all sections and subsections (of the forum).”

    That line is there for a long time.

  25. I hope mods get taken out.

    While I understand mods are useful – I also believe that everyone should have shared/common UI. A common UI, for better or for worse, is better in a competitive game.

  26. I don’t want to go back to the days of “don’t know who around me is competent”. I want to know if I’m in a sea of fail or not on my flank…