0.9.0 Test ETA

Hello everyone,

an piece of information came up: the 0.9.0 test might be planned for 6th of March and it will be huge: 15Gb. Please note that this piece of information is not from “usual sources” and therefore I cannot vouch for its accuracy.

- SS

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  1. They should compensate the premium days for that.

    I mean, I will be downloading that 3 days :D.

        • I live in a small village, 2Mb/s is the best I can have (except internet with limits – then 15GB download would be quite expensive – around 52€ for single download)

      • I never bought gold for WoT.

        Also, I meant when the patch comes out on live servers.

        • 150Mb/s ftw…I’m always downloading from their servers with 5-10 MB/s.
          And sorry if I sounded like a douchebag for some less lucky people.

            • Nope…I live in a country with the cheapest television+phone+internet services in the world.
              I pay about 25 euros for everything(per month).

                • Romania and…yeah, we kinda got good interwebs. Paying about 12 euros for 80Mb/s and TV included…I avoid landlines. It’d take about 1hour to get all 15 gbs :).

                  Incoming 3rd world country rage :D

            • It all depends on where you are. In capital I got 100Mb/s ( 12.5MB/s? ) with TV and phone for little more than 20€ while bear in mind that around one third of that cost are additional TV programs and some other useless TV service I do not use. When I am at home, I live on edge of small town, where only WiFi and ADSL is an option. We have WiFi at home with around 5Mb/s coupled with FUP of 1GB and cost of this service is around 14€. Closer to the center of my hometown is also optical avaible, so there is much faster and quite cheaper internet too. And my country is far from the most prosperous in EU.

                • If you reallllyyy want to show off, you can buy 400 mb/s (80 mb/s min) optical for about 29 euros a month in most of Latvian towns and cities. For me, 20-30 mb/s is enough.

    • i need about 10 hours to download the usual 6 GB test server
      15 gb would last for two days -.-

  2. 15gb – according to a calculator i just looked up, it’ll take me somewhere between 5 hours and 35 hours.

    I have Virgin ISP, so it’ll take 10^10^76 years, or about the time all the matter in the universe collapses.

    Any news what we’ll be in the new update?

    -KV1S split?
    -Hull splits?

  3. Holy crap, 15 gigs… JEEZ… that’s huge.

    I think an Separate HD Client Download is needed…

    But I can probably down load that quickly. Jeez, this game just got MASSIVE just with one PATCH.

  4. As long, as I will be able to download with full power of my Internet, it’s not a problem. :D

  5. 15GB which will make the game unplayebale for my PC,even if I can run Battlefield 4 smoothly on high settings with 40FPS…

    • How did you know if it will make the game unplayable if you haven’t even tried yet?
      Personally my FPS improved a lot with the 8.11 patch, and I’m hoping it will continue to improve, or at least stay as good as it is now.

      • I read the previous news here on FTR and the system requirements will be increased,loading the HD textures,other effects+the more detailed and realistic destruction. Now a wall goes down and becomes a static object,but now they will become debris and they will be “moveable” just like turrets this will increase the use of CPU and GPU,and as the totally clever WG guys said multicore support will come later,possible that only in 2015,so the GPU will get the most load,and my GPU is the weakest in my system…so I expect at least 10FPS loss,and I have 25FPS now on medium settings.

        • Correct me if I am wrong, but IIRC they mentioned that currently the most demand is put on one single core, while HAVOC will run on another if avaible. Since those who already run high settings most likely have at least dual core cpu, they should not be hit that hard when switching on even higher settings and also more demand will be put on GPU, which is currently not that exhausted resource-wise as it could be. I am not that sure about this since I do not remember if I read it somewhere half official or as someones brain fart, but if this is right, then we should not worry that much.

  6. I just Hope that what they are doing for patch 9.0 will be worth it. If its just some HD tanks and a few extra effects that I will probably take off anyway I will be pretty annoyed.

        • They’re only bringing a “part” of it. HAVOK is actually much more capable than just animating tracks and flipping tanks around… Like the manual aiming system with enviromental factors like wind speed. *derp face*

  7. They said HD will not download on weak computers, can you choose if you want these HD bullshit and havoc or not? I much rather have better fps due to 120hz screen than eye candy, and no I dont have a weak PC because then I wouldnt have a 120Hz screen…

  8. Seems like they’re pushing the patches out in a heartbreak.
    I’ll admit, I like that!

    And can’t wait for HAVOC, sounds like a lot of fun and giggles ^^.
    Should be pretty badass for Trailers aswell as desytroying walls, houses and shitz.

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  10. And here I was thinking re-downloading Battlefield 3 from origin which is 16 GB was a bad idea. Dem bytes better be worth it ….

    • was thinkin of installing bf3 meself also today but its 2 big , didnt want wait so long and now this patch coming… must clear HDD before it :S

  11. I sure hope their smart about release version of 9.0 and actually do some sort of preload for the heavier things like graphics. We all know their servers are the absolute worst.

  12. Damn 15GB to download…and after install???how much 30-40GB???it is time to get a new hard dick because my old 320GB HD will not be able to hold out much longer…

  13. I don’t live in my home city of New York but where I am I get about 6gb downloads done in about 35~40 minutes. I won’t say where I am because I don’t want anyone to live here, it’s a dump to a Yankee!

  14. I dont know who thought that wot will be 32gbs.. in every new version we download mostly 6 gbs, but the game is still 11gb or so. most of the 15gb will replace old files, so it wont be more than 20 gb.

    anyway what takes up that much disk space? the 500k polygon bestest kvality models?

  15. quite a lot of download and space. with my 120gb ssd disk and 3 versions (eu, na ru) it is shrinkin very fast. regarding download time – well it doesnt matter because i have NAS disk storage with both torrent and direct http download service so I can just leave it for night turned on and that’s it.

  16. Good Lesser AFKERS who always complaining about being lagging. *for having bad internet connection.