65 thoughts on “Straight outta Supertest: new Stalingrad map

    • Looks really like Himmelsdorf, the central square, the street blocks, the railroad to the east (in Himmelsdorf), especially the overall layout.

      • It looks exactly like himmelsdorf tbh…just mirror flipped. The castle with banana/deaths/butchers alley is on the left and the railway station on the right now. :P

          • Thank God it’s only 1/4 city so at least TDs and Arty can have some fun too.

            Nothing worse than being on Himmelsdorf in Tier8 game with a FV304.

            • Damn thing would not let me edit it.

              This is another ALL-City Krap-Map where Turretless TDs and especially Arty will struggle to do anything in the game.

              • SpudmanWP, when you struggle with a turretless td in a closed city map, you are doing it vĂ©rry wrong.

            • Try playing in a Crusader SP with the stock gun.

              It’s the same gun as the final FV304 one but without the maneouverability (unless you learn to drive in reverse)…..

              • Thats the best part when some lights roll up to your flank and just hit the reverse and and bang your behind them and can derp them

        • I was joking, I know it’s a bad thing to joke with, but it’s the same as Sverogorsk and Stalingrad

              • Oh, wow :O You know, I never knew that.. wow, this is something completely new to me :O
                sarcasm off*

                I’ve been to Auschwitz, seen it, and trust me, I dont think anybody wants to drive around a 1000×1000 grassfield with chimneys sticking out of the ground….

                • Sorry didn’t mean to offend anyone. Both Hitler and Stalin were mass-murdering shit heads. If Hitler won the war, which is impossible, we would all think Stalin was an insane freak.In fact there was a book written by a Russian spy (or soldier, don’t remember) in which he says that Stalin was already preparing a war against Germany but Hitler started it 15 days before the Russian invasion begun. Most of the early WW2 Russian tanks and planes were designed before it. If Hitler waited I bet that Russia would have taken over half of Europe “fighting nazis”.

                • @LargeFeline, that is actually true. It was one of the reasons for which Germans caught so many soviet planes on airfields and so many armor, ammo and equipment in first days of the Soviet-Nazi war – pilotes have not yet reached the border, neither did all the soldiers. They were unprepared and got rotflstomped by Wehrmacht ;]

          • @ Haren and @LargeFeline… I swear to god, they are getting dumber and dumber every year. No education or knowledge, just “I heard from a friend who only does crack and he sounds so resonable”.

            So stupid, much retarded.

      • LargeFeline you lucky… I was wish Inglourious Basterds was tok, tok, took your home from hell!!!
        nice map btw…… >< !!!! hot blood waiitng to find GERYS like….!!!! fs

  1. himmelsdorf-ensk hybrid? and more winter maps I see.

    it seems very flat, unless these thing surrounded by trees are buildings!

  2. Like others have said, Himmelsdorf style with Ensk streets and no hill that separates the teams. Looks nice.

  3. Another small map, though. I would really like it if they would get us bigger maps for a change.

      • It’s bigger than Ensk, and Ensk imo is perfectly fine. On the other hand we have hidden village which is 1×1 km and it feels double the smaller because of inaccessible terrain.

    • City map should work okay being smaller, what we really need is a huge map where the only cover is bushes and stuff, you know, a forest map.

      Like the Ardennes, what Karelia actually looks like or Lapland.

      • Uh… the Ardennes *themselves* are an outright mountain range and AFAIK the associated forested region is notably rugged. From what I understand it’s also Chokepoint Special as the terrain isn’t particularly conductive to offroad driving even in tanks.

        Note also that properly speaking Karelia covers quite a bit of land area from the Gulf of Finland all the way to the White Sea, and there’s some quite rugged geography there.

        Lapland… well. Unless you’re referring to the southernmost portion thereof there basically aren’t even *trees* up there, and little in the way of sufficiently high other vegetation for a tank to hide behind for that matter. The the relatively smoothly rolling fells don’t really strike me as offering too many tactical options either.

        There’s also the minor detail the very real problem with mere visual cover is that once you *do* get spotted you basically die instantly as every idle enemy gun in the vicinity zeroes in on you already for lack of anything better to do, and you can’t really take cover behind anything. The infamous Magic Forest of Murovanka (or “Murowanker” as we like to call it among friends) and the Prokhorovka Tree Road should have taught you as much.

  4. This looks nice!

    Guys I have a question, it may be a bit out of the topic, but will Sacred Valley be reworked and return to the rotation or is it completely removed? And what about Dragon Ridge?

    • With any speed buff the FV4202 would be so awesomely OP :3

      Also, it would be even less historical…. My bet is that WG is currently working on getting the FV4202 a replacement.

  5. “it looks like Himmelsdorf”….”it looks like Ensk”…. oh really? All cities are a bunch of buildings with a square or park in the center, what do you expect? I think the more maps the better and this one looks nice !

  6. I was kind of hopeing for battles in The Tractor Factory.
    PS. Don’t get me wrong, it is nice.

  7. Honestly this map doesn’t seem to resemble Himmelsdorf all that closely. Sure, there’s a square in the middle and a relatively open space to the side, but but honestly the really parallels are Ensk on the east side, where you can go into to the city blocks, and Ruinberg on the right, where the streets are not arranged to a nice grid. The square itself also seems to more resemble the one in Ensk than that of Himmelsdorf. And of course there is no hill to take.

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