Stalingrad – Based on reality

Hello everyone,

if you’ve read FTR yesterday, you might have noticed the new “Stalingrad” map leak. Here it is.


This map is actually based on the real life Stalingrad picture. This is Stalingrad picture, as seen from a (Luftwaffe) bomber during an air-raid (photo courtesy of Maiorboltach):


And when you crop it and turn it 90 degrees to the left, you’ll get…


Probably the best known landmarks of the map will be Pavlov’s House (it’s not the first time this location appears in a computer game, its probably most famous “version” comes from one of the Call of Duty games. Here is the map of the area, after which the Stalingrad map is modelled:


46 thoughts on “Stalingrad – Based on reality

  1. Hmm, looks accurate enough from the picture, but it all depends how WG will make it look in the game. Which houses will be destroyable..
    But the left side of the map looks weird to me: i mean, on the real picture, you can see that the left side is a railroad, right? Why does the WG one looks like it has a river on the left side?

    • There’s nothing blue on the left of WG leak, there’s red (as infrastructure, probably railroad). Water is on the right, where Volga is. The shapes are nearly the same, even. Re-check? ^^;

      • So that red/pink/brown color combo on the left side is infrastructure? :P Looks like a really dirty river :P I wonder why they didn’t just model that part like in Ensk since it is a railroad.

        • The map is most likely still in the prototype stage…if you look closer the houses don’t have yet the textures applied and also the terrain has some weird colours.
          First time I saw it I thought it was a desert map by looking at the terrain.

        • Dark red is used to indicate areas that are supposed to be inaccessible. Light red (top and bottom on the right) is areas reserved for more buildings/other structures, I believe.
          Also, untextured houses are not houses (yet) at all: I saw a leak once like that. There was just a big rectangular box with grey surfaces that have something like “404 texture not found” deliberately written on the sides.

  2. Does this mean we will be seeing more historical battle fronts? Would be nice to see some pacific island maps, maybe some eastern European maps or Balkans.

  3. Nice, but I secretly wanted a bigger map to so you can enjoy the divercity in buildings and infrastructure like I did in Call Of Duty : Finest Hour , the first Console version. that was my youth game

  4. How about if there is some biger maps in high tier(8-11) batles. Biger maps give fare change to flank and other tactics. 2000 x 2000 map of Berlin, Tiergarten in midle is nice and balanced 8).

    • Problem is that people do not understand what they want and how can they use it if they will get it..

      Next day after implementing bigger maps there would be zillions of whine toppics in forums about to many draws and to boring gameplay, where last standing enemies couldn’t find the other ones, because the map is so freaking huge and tanks are so slow.

      • Problem is solved if there is only encounters and captures in big map. I understand what I want very clearly but mayby I am rare exception. I donĀ“t mind if batle last longer than it average 7-9 min ( not knowledge just estimate).

        Of course litle city maps suits beter heavy slow tanks but there is blenty of fast tanks that cant use they full potential( I like to drive T28 and I dont mind if there is bigger maps).

        As I say bigger map serve more posibilitys for different tactics. for example know fact is that scout often get killed too easyly and thats why scoutting is not so rewarding. I thik that bigger maps give skilled scout posibility to efective scoutting whitout get fast kill

  5. Nice, but the Barmaley Fountain is completely out of the map area. You can see it (small circle) in the upper photo in the upper left by the RR tracks. It is was between Railroad Station No. 1 (same side of street) and the Tsaritsyn Museum.