ASIA (SEA) server: KV-220 for free


Hello everyone,

SEA server has an interesting mission from February 28th to March 28th: if you earn 50k XP in each tree nation in this one month, you get a KV-220 for free. Usual conditions apply (tier 4+, only top 10 XP slots, random battles only).

Not bad!


If it comes to EU/US, so much for Christmas “OMG BUY KV-220 ONE TIME IN LIFE CHANCE ONLY” advertising… I am sure those guys who bought a tier 5 tank for 50 Euro will be positively thrilled…

41 thoughts on “ASIA (SEA) server: KV-220 for free

  1. I hope it doesn’t come to the NA server… I bought my KV-220 and then a month later I could’ve bought it for 65 bucks with a KV-5, T1E6, tetarch or w/e its called, Pz B1 thing, and a churchill III.

  2. I wouldn’t call getting a KV-220 for 350,000 xp grinded free…. Christ, I wonder how many people will actually grind this.

      • With premium and with daily doubles (if they count) it is pretty easy if you have multiple high tier tanks… Maybe it will be limited to a tier in the EU/NA server, or we’ll get something different, or nothing xD

      • when was mission for IS-6 700k xp i finished it in 15 days… so 350k in 30 days isnt much if you can gind it whit any tank

      • Assuming I get 3 free premium days at the start ( like the last time :D ), I think i would do it in a week or so, assuming I have trusty clanmates online at the same time as me.

    • Well, i missed my chance to get an IS6 cause it was Christmas time and id rather stay with my family and celebrate that period of the year than grinding like a maniac 700 K exp.

      But…now there is no Christmas, half the EXP i need for this grind and some days off from work.
      Totally doable!

    • With IS-6 I rather work at TacoBell to make rubles to buy.

      WIth KV-220 it’s pretty much just grinding exp normally…

  3. Well, meanwhile in asia gift shop, they sell kv220 including with gold, credit, premium . All this bundle price = 100 $

    • Well, KV-220 + slot + crew = 13 RMB = less than 2 € on CN server, there’re 50 vehicles available at this price every day whenever there’s a “reason to celebrate something”.

  4. Damn, this is indeed not nice. And the more there are, the higher the chance they will nerf it, its simply king in low tier fights, and even quite nice in tier 6.

    • Im easily bounce su100y and nashorn AP when angle ~20 degrees. And impenetrable when side scrap against OP-1S

      • You dont even need to sidescrape, just get in a 35° angle :P And the only weak part is the turret at that moment.

      • most of tier 5 6 (except unicum ,good player, and Kv-220 owner) dont know turret weakspot XD, they just shoot at side, because they think Kv-220 just like kv-1 stock XD

  5. If it goes on the US/EU servers you’ll probably get the beta Sherman.

    Never mind the several other premium tank specials that have already been released on those other servers.

    • If this event comes to the EU and NA servers, which I doubt, the M4A2E4 Sherman would not be included. For the simple reason that wargaming made the promise that the M4A2E4 (and the M6A2E1) would never be available ever again on these servers. And they have always kept this promise, even tho these tanks were occationally available and on sale on the other servers. If it makes it way to the EU and NA servers, the M4A2E4 would be substituted for something else.

      • they also said and somehow promised that they will never have tier X discounts because it is supposed to be special and bought only by those that have the skill( nowadays it is Time ) to have such high tier machine.

      • The M6A2E1 was actually made available in the gift shop on the EU server – along with the pre-orderspecials for the light and medium packages.

        There was sucha fuss made by the players who had paid out for these ‘never to be available again’ that they were withdrawn inside 24 hours.

        So, Warmgaming does not keep such promises.

    • I have the beta sherman, and it would be totally ok for me… Because i find that sherman rubbish, and if you complete it you’Ll likely get the gold for it which is nice ;)

  6. LOL 50k from each nation, but this time with vehicles we want… Easy.

    “positively thrilled”… :D :D

  7. Would be quite easy-peasy in case of pretty wide garage it would be just making 2x battles.
    IIRC there was a mission to make 50k exp for one premium day or so.

    Of course it’s an option for those, who already have a shitload of tanks, this makes farming exp much easier.
    Premium account, 10 tanks x2 and you have 15-20k exp. Only time matters.

    I doubt they will run this offer on EU server.

  8. Well if it does come to EU. I can take comfort that I bought it on the last day it was available. With 2500 gold and 30 days of premium for 20 Euro, not 50 Euro and 15000 gold and some other stuff.

    • then grind it and you will get gold for it:), when you have tank in garage already you get cash like you would brought it so its 1,5k gold:)

  9. Nice one. :/ Well, lesson learned: do not fall for ‘unique’ offers EVER again. (The only good thing about that deal was that T8 premiums were on a discount, too, so effectively I bought a T34 and got a KV220 thrown in for good measure.)

  10. 50k per nation over the course of a month is nothing to a good player, even if they restricted the tiers to tier 6 only or something.

    I would gladly do that for a free KV-220, I’m grinding a line on pretty much every nation anyways. Hell, I think I probably grind 50k XP on a good, solid day (with doubles) anyways.

    This would also give me an opportunity to get one, as I regret passing up on that $60something bundle that had the KV-220 + KV-5 + others in it.