Restoring a T-34 tank

Source: WG Youtube

Hello everyone,

Wargaming produced a really interesting movie about a crew restoring the T-34 tank. There are hardcoded subtitles in English, so you will understand :) It’s actually really nicely done.



PS: In case you are interested what is written on the T-34 turret at the end of the movie, it’s “smert vragu” – “death to the enemy”.

21 thoughts on “Restoring a T-34 tank

  1. Very interesting. I hope there will be more of these, especially with german tanks.

  2. they really deaserve a medal. who the hell gives such a low pay for just a interesting job!?

  3. Good work ;) , does anybody know why the lower part of the turret looks like that?

    • I don’t know exactly, so take this as an educated guess.

      The “shell” of the turret is cast armor steel. The interior parts and the mounting are possibly “mild steel”, and welded onto the turret “shell”. The cast parts are angled armor, and it’s either difficult or impossible to cast the underside of the turret in one piece to connect to the ring. You can see a horizontal weld seam on “complete” cast turret shells like the T-34/85 and IS. This is where the lower casting and upper casting are joined. The T-34 “model 1943″ had no lower half-shell. This appears to be the “Uralmash/Chelyabinsk” cast turret (different factories had different details)

    • They must be a bit camera shy too. They are not professional PR people.

  4. The part where they were putting the turret on the top of the hull, epic music was playing and they were swearing and almost constantly you could only hear bleeps was so epic it almost made me cry.

  5. Really liked the film and the way it was made. These people are awesome, shame they have to work in such conditions.

    • The lean and calm “outside eye” style of documentary certainly is a break from the usual noisy and aggressive American show-off.

  6. Very nice work by these guys, they really like what they are doing. It was very touching to see their dedication. It is a shame they dont get better facilities.