Pretty much nothing today

- there will be two types of shooting sounds, from outside of tank (for arcade mode) and from inside (sniper mode)
- the screeching and clanking of tracks and gear switching sounds will be implemented (and soon)

But you can download the new and updated version of Bothunter (now for all servers) :) Here is the updated list of botters.

24 thoughts on “8.3.2014

  1. Interesting..

    If WG’s sounds are actually half decent, it will no longer require the use of custom sound mods. Current soundmods like Gnomefathers etc are a huge leap forward from standard sounds, but they do tend to eat alot of memory. Maybe WG will come up with a good alternative.

    Hoping for the best.

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  3. Don’t like vanilla sounds? Mute it!

    Seriously: No news about balancing or buffs? No news about new maps or reworked maps? No news on how well SerB’s new book sell?

    • They did just release the 9.0 video. I’m guessing this is basically Q&A fatigue post-storm :P

  4. Those accounts with name as ”dsffsdfdssfddfs”, 200-400 battles and 0.00 dmg caused/received and 0.00 kill/death ratio made me laught hardly :D

  5. With this lack of info , we can expect sth about 9.0 test server soon™ ?

  6. God that first bot guy is terribad… keep looking at these bots and words start to fail me.

  7. They forgot to add somebody to the list of botters. Remember the E-50 driver in that replay I sent you a link to (which you said you forwarded to Stormshadow), SS? He’s not on the list, but he should be (because if he’s not a bot then he’s just astoundingly stupid, and I SERIOUSLY hope that isn’t the case).

  8. I hope they give the option to change the sounds to “Piaow, piaow” and the machine gun to “Dgdgdgdgdg”, it’ll make the game more fun!

  9. Hey SS can you do me a favor?
    Can you show the user “kurt43″ (without “”) to the bot-hunter guy?
    Is that guy a bot?
    Because…fuck if I know. I don’t know how to describe him.

  10. Really excited for sounds, because it means less mods to have to keep up to date and I hate the standard sounds currently. I hope WG do a proper job of them.