- Storm confirms that a part of the tanks in the game will have real sounds, recorded from real existing tanks of the proper type. The rest will have apparently sounds from roughly the same class of tanks (analogues)
- according the Wargaming, the following situation is not a bug, but a result of shells originating (flying out) from the mantlet while shooting with the unaimed gun


- apparently, the situation above is a result of a compromise between game mechanics and historical realism
- occasional desynchronisation between client and server is unavoidable with current state of world network development
- artillery shells flying outside of the aim circle was identified as a bug, it will be fixed in 9.0
- Russian “Valuev” voiceover will not be reworked

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  1. - according the Wargaming, the following situation is not a bug, but a result of shells originating (flying out) from the mantlet while shooting with the unaimed gun

    It’s not a bug, it’s a feature … thanks WG for this nice lesson of stonewalling

    • I thought it’s very old news indeed that the shells actually “spawn” at the mantlet and not the end of the barrel…?

          • Ok, i’ve got my error: for me the problem was the trajectory of the shell (totally in bias), until i saw the extremely large black dispersion circle.
            So yes, no problem on this screen, i apologize ;-)

            • Well, the aiming circle is kinda always rather big, right after shooting. The question is: How small was the circle before the shot was fired?

              • Russian Youtuber, Jove, once did tests on how innacurate can shells be. He took T 92s, shot themwith a T2LT to kill the gunner and made them fire at full speed. The video is still somewhere, but as a result one of the shells managed to take 100 hp from the firng t 92 with it’s splash, while the gun was aining 100 meters further.

                • I took a two month break from WOT from Dec. to Feb. When I came back, the reticle/ aiming mechanics had totally changed.

                  In short, i could no longer take snap shots, ie; half of my reticle zoom in. I would use this technique on the move to rush opposing tanks.

                  Of course, all the campers, cammo tankers and anyone that is afraid of taking a random shot hate this technique. It goes against everything their trying to defeat. So, for awhile now we have been hearing about “yolo, blindshooting, and anything that someone who pretty much camps, doesnt do” lol. btw, i dont hate campers, WE need base defense an arty guards, lol.

                  Whats funny is that if we all camped liked these particular tankers do, no one would ever shoot anyone……., be funny to see whom or what they would blame then, lmao.

                  The current situation for me is to have my reticle completely covering the target. Not necissarily locked on, but nothing but metal must be in the reticle to ‘snap shot” Again, this is not exact, just a general rule to work with.

                  Cammo is currently the highest i have ever seen it, and if theirs an opening in your reticle, my rounds find it, lol.

                  Try to rush en mass, or atleast w/ a “Brolo” lol.

                  Dont worry, it will change, One thing about WG, They will change it, whether we want it or NOT.

                  Later Haters.

    • The reason the shell originates at the front of the turret is because the barrels can clip (i.e. go through solid objects without resistance). It makes less sense if the shell originates at the barrel end because you could shoot from the other side of some object, e.g. an indestructible railway carriage or an enemy in close combat.

      • The solution to THAT problem would be.. are you ready for this? Make gun barrels collide with objects! A revolutionary Idea WG would be proud to pioneer!

            • Because collision-modeled barrels would be hideously unwieldy bullshit, obviously. IIRC SerB has mentioned in the past that WG tested the idea *very* early on and junked it as borderline unplayable.

              • Well, you have to agree that rear turreted tanks would get one of their advantages that they really had. It could became new balance parameter and I do not think it has to be bad idea as whole. Perhaps some compromise with making at least half of barrel solid? Dunno, just giving some ideas. It would be enourmous buff for tanks in close quarters and completely change the dynamics in side scrapping. This game is now completely different from early stages of developement, early test does not neccessary gives appropriate information for current stage of game.

                • I like how well thought out your idea is, I would like you to build a real business case and I will take it to the developers. Just a few more things I need from you:

                  1) Business case – How is this change will improve gameplay, make it more interesting for players and bring added monetary value to the company?
                  2) Researched numbers from generic population (simple, 3% will do, so get 120000-180000 people’s opinion).
                  3) Server load increase research to compute additional hard points to take into account for every tank in the game.

                  And last and not the least, some documentation from psychiatrist confirming that you are not indeed retarded. I am afraid without documentation, it’s very much unclear.

                  To add a bit of salt: I have an idea too. Can we get crew members climbing out of the tanks after it was hit, running around on fire and if they put it out, run with a grenade to nearby tank and try to blow off it’s track, and then can we get maybe some infantry to provide cover against that crew… oh oh! And I am just giving some ideas, but can we get ability for french tanks to surrender and then be taken off the field to holding area… oh oh and …

                  Opinions are like assholes, everyone got one and nobody wants another.
                  No wonder SerB is trolling so hard, this kinds of wishful thinking retards are clogging up the forums preventing real suggestions from being considered.

                • You’ll never convince me of it being a good idea before you first manage the Hard Sell of explaining why pointless inconvenience that can only detract from the playing experience has any kind of merit.

                  See there’s this balancing act between realism and playability you realism fetishists keep ignoring.

                • On test, people got stuck all the time, had trouble moving, aiming, predicting how the barrels will behave. If barrels would be destroyable by collision with hard objects (as they are supposed to be), you’d have half of the teams unable to shoot within the first minute in town or forest. Doesn’t make up for an enjoyable experience.

                  The problem is that IRL you have a single person dedicated to reacting to the gun/turret that alerts others when the barrel is stuck and they can react. In game, you have to coordinate everything by yourself and this is pointless distraction.

  2. Ehhh… MM fucked me over during this weekend… I played 53 battles and won only 15 :( Fuck sake! I am not a bad player (Efficiency over 900, WR over 49%) but I am not good enough to carry the team alone… AFK players have higher win rate than me during this weekend – so why bother? :/

    I am considering deleting my account and moving to more fair MMO game… fuck you WG!

    • I know you will hate me for this, but it must be said. That’s not “Not being a bad player”. That is not terrible, but it leaves a lot to be desired.
      But since I don’t want to just put you down, I will give you a tip on how to improve:
      Go to http://www.wotlabs.net, and read posts in the forums. Many of the best WoT players from all servers post there. It helped me improve a lot (From 1.400WN8 52% W/L, to 2.100WN8 and 59% W/L, and improving).

    • Suck it up Buttercup.

      Streaks happen, sucks when they’re against you, but I’ll bet you wouldn’t have said jack squat if it had been the otherway around. Just patted yourself on the back for being a WoT god.

      Random is as random does, even good players sometimes get their losses all at once.

      Speaking of talking about it, why did you? WTF does your comment have to do with anything posted?

    • Winning in WoT does require more effort than many other games. I can completely understand frustration at the moronics of your team mates in a hypothetical team game. Even the most elite players are destined to lose ~20% of games because 1 vs 15 (with a sprinkling of average players) is practically impossible.

      Go play something where losses are 100% your fault, or where accomplishments are easier to obtain, it is definitely a relief lol.

      • Taking it logical, WoT doesn’t require more effort than other games…only thing it requires is a brain.

        • Wrong: it requires you to have a brain AND to use it. A lot of people can’t be arsed to do the latter too much for entertainment. Unicums that aren’t professionals are kind of weird people.

          • I’m no unicum(I don’t think so at least…) But I have the same mindset, I’m casual with a brain. I may not consider wot anything other than a game, but I at least try to use my brain. Dunno if I succeed.

        • Having a brain implies using it…who the hell wouldn’t use his brain in a game which requires it…

          I can’t think of people who got a brain(not talking about those whose brains are made of pancakes…representing the majority of the game) but aren’t using it…I mean, why not?…it brings only benefits.

    • I lolled when that noob called himself not a bad player with 900 eff and 49% win rate. Lolled hard. That kind of self delusion is what makes this game so damn funny.

  3. Lot of talk about sounds and sound quality. I don’t play with sound on and use visual info. Since I normally play at 150-800 ping, game performance is the key issue.

  4. Why does world of tanks even bother with realistic penetration calculations, armour thicknesses and angles and all that sort if they are going to drop the duece that is this nonsense aiming/accuracy system on it? It’s such a schizophrenic game. Half of it is realistic, half of it is pure arcade, and together they just create frustration and unbelievable situations like this one. The people that want realism are plagued by the accuracy and spotting systems, but the people who want arcade are stopped up by the realistic armour system.

    It’s almost like they should have two seperate modes. They can even call it Arcade battles and Realistic battles. Hell, they could even go one further and have Full real battles… wait, this sounds familiar..

    • I’d be quite interested in an ‘real’ arcade tanks game, where you can drive fictional but more diverse vehicles, instead of the relatively homogeneous nature of semi-simulated historical vehicles. E.g. really exaggerate the characteristics of protection, mobility and firepower.

      • If there was a hardcore “real” game mode, Tiger II would be an inmovable fortress, Ferdinands would spontaneously combust, KVs would break down for no reason. The gun barrel would be solid, meaning that hitting a tree with it would destroy your gun and you couldn’t facehug anything, but nevermind that because you’d be shooting from 400 metres or more. Not to mention the horrible aiming time where it’d take a minute to lay sights in the target. Half the tanks couldn’t even go offroad because of poor performance, even Hellcat’s speed was cut in half when not on a road.
        And don’t even get me started on what happens when someone penetrates your tank, half your crew dies and the others abandon the tank.
        Want realism? Join the army.

        • Not sure why you replied to me. I was talking about the complete opposite of realism/simulation — completely fictional vehicles and purer arcade mechanics.

          I much prefer near-pure sim and near-pure arcade. In-between is really uncomfortable.

          • Sorry, I was kinda worked up xD
            You were talking about exaggerating the characteristics so I exaggerated a bit :P
            Anyway, I find WoT and enjoyable game. Think of it as an arcade game with a few rules to spice it up. I mean this is a computer multiplayer game after all, it has to be more immersive than something you’d play on your iPad!

    • what realistic are you talking about WOT does not have historical penetration ,17-pdr and the 90mm gun from SuperPershing are nerfed it WOT and what a surprise the gun depresion on russian tanks are overbufed (kv-1s -8 gun depresion WTF)

      • The values may be fudged for balancing but the mechanics of it is fairly realistic. It’s much more than x penetration will always defeat y thickness of armour. It takes into account angle of impact vs angle of armour, penetration loss over distance,overmatching, and shell normalization. There’s a lot of math that goes in to determining if you penetrated or not. It really only needs to account for material hardness and get rid of that 25% +/- deviation and it will be near to simulator level of realism.

    • I have this problem too, thing is that aiming circle grow sometimes without reason in to huge size and for some reason Its visible only from 3rd person.
      When I get on T-62 or E-50 aiming circle over whole screen and shoting in 90° then i rly cant call it else then bug

      • Muerte, judging the nowadays latency of the game, using the server-crosshair equals suicide…
        Hell, I got a steady 70-80ms ping, but if I try to use my server reticle I’m close to throwing my mouse into my monitor’s display…the crosshair lags with 1-2s behind my real aim, making me unable to aim properly.

    • This only happens to me in T54 in any other vehicle i drove it didn’t happen.

  5. “- artillery shells flying outside of the aim circle was identified as a bug, it will be fixed in 9.0″

    U-hu. Sure. If Storm says so… Just… what kind of bug was it exactly?

    • Computer butterflies. :)

      It’s server-side issue of it not calculating the shell trajectory properly. (that’s my conclusion from a video SS posted.)

  6. - according the Wargaming, the following situation is not a bug, but a result of shells originating (flying out) from the mantlet while shooting with the unaimed gun

    This game has the potential for great competitive play but stuff like this makes it hokey. The projectile should be forced to come out straight for the barrel length, then RNG checks should begin.

    • Dude, it’s heavy lag/packet loss that causes thing like that to happen. It’s not a bug. Just turn on server side reticule if you want to see it for yourself.

      • You could be right, it’s very reasonable explanation, but on the other hand it only happens to me in T54 in BC, Lorraine, T50-2(when it still was in game) t20, persing all the fast tanks i drove i have never experienced such a problem.