62 thoughts on “IS-4 HD screenshot

  1. I’m more interested to see new suspension system in action. ^^

    Especially on a T-28 or Churchill. So much wheels… O.O

    • Churchill atleast (just checked interwebs to be certain) has individual sprung wheels (1 wheel, 1 spring) so they move individually like you’d expect. Mainly concerned about ground clearance compared to the tanks with bigger wheels (such as where the T-34 is famous for) which… i don’t know, but it just senses like something better capable of moving over (larger) obstacles.

      • We currently have 4 contact points and they will increase it to 5 and make it so they match roadwheel position.

        And when I said new suspension, I meant client-side model, with individually animated wheels.

    • For me looks much better with real gun,than gun from T-10 (IS-8),if its possible i am downloading instantly mods for “real” model,not WG (often) fantasies. Let stats of gun as it is and just change model + remove stock gun. problem solved:D

      • ^—this and keep in mind that the M62 gun was designed to be a drop-in replacement for the D25 guns on all tanks sporting it(so…it would be feasible to consider it’d fit a KV1Sport too).

        Now this brings up an interesting question idea. If the IS-4 gets itself the HD makeover, will the gun receive it too? And if it does, what does it mean for the other tanks that use this gun(IS8/T10, ST-1 and SU-122-54)? Will they remain low-def but an HD gun sticking out of the turret/casemate? That’d look…stupid, wouldn’t it?

  2. Its pretty sad that Wargaming is back pedaling so hard right now. No Havock, Terrain is the same(this is the worst part of the game) even Ruinberg on Fire. The tanks look fine how about multi core support GPU and CPU and 3d trees and buildings that don’t look so dated that they came out in the 90s. Maps that actually look and feel like real life. Maybe actually have a realistic scale for terrain and tanks.

  3. What about scarecrows and washing lines that aren’t 10 feet tall and phone boxes that a family of immigrants could happily live in?

    The IS4 pic looks good – wheels that don’t look like Barney Rubble carved them in Bedrock Quarry. Roll on HD!

  4. The picture reminds me about when I took my IS-4 for a ride with the stock gun by mistake (don’t ask). I felt so stupid driving a T10 with T6 gun with 175 pen. It was fun, but ended with 2.5K dmg, sniping Foch weak pints from point blank range.

    I managed to do this on two separate occasions, but we won both games, which cannot be said about all the games with the top gun… :)

  5. Looks like someones had the Brasso on them road wheels…

    That does not look much more HD than current to me… just different…

  6. It’s a shame they don’t look more metallic – otherwise the models are very nice…

      • I dont care – you can see most RL tanks are made of steel even if they are painted from factory… WOTs tanks have nice models but the texture make them look very cartoonish. Which is fine, but making them look and sound like they are made of steel will make them awesome…

  7. Since when wooden logs shine like that? To me this pic looks masivelly edited/PSed and doesn’t really look HD/realistic beside it’s more shinny and roadwheels looks actually circular and not octagon/decagon shaped. Earlier IS-4 screens(videos) looked much better than this one.

  8. this won’t matter to me until I get a new rig with good gpu that could run modern games on high settings.. But it matters to me now since I will have a new rig coming at the end of this month.. 9.0 can’t wait :))

  9. The real reason WoT is in such a rush to implement HD models is not to compete with WT but so they can see their beloved logs on their Russian tanks in all it’s glorious HD beauty. :)

  10. Wow, that’s going to be a bit nicer I guess.. But I want them to work on the textures more. They still look like plastic IMHO. Actually, the main thing I want them to fix is that my FX-8120 with HD 7850 gets half the fps of an i3-3220 with HD 7770. I am really believing that this is caused by the coding which seems to only like higher performance on single threaded CPU. This type of coding is old, so I hope they fix it asap. Otherwise I have to play with lower settings to get a stable 50+ frame per seconds.

    Oh yes, I haven’t used Dat frikkin WordPress (worstpress) services. Extremely flawed, Drives me crazy. Once i used facebook all in one, works relatively super duper flawless. Please fix this developers.

    Have a good day :).