9.0 Preliminary Patch Notes

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Hello everyone,

what follows is the preliminary account of patch notes 9.0 from Storm, as patch 9.0 reached supertest today.

Important: Storm adds that some features are missing from this list, like improved graphics (shaders) and HD tanks, as those are still being worked on.

- new vehicles: Panzer IV Ausf.A (tier 3), Panzer IV Ausf.D (tier 4), StuG III Ausf.B (tier 4)
- fixed maps: Malinovka, Serene Coast, Steppes, Redshire, Mountain Pass
- added historical battles
- removed the “confrontation” mode
- added new window of graphic settings
- added the dynamic resulution option (reduction of game resolution while keeping the UI resolution the same)
- added the possibility to manually set your FOV in settings
- added the option to set the “power” (intensity) of color filters
- added turrets being ripped off after ammo rack explosion
- reworked tank exhausts (smoke) effect
- added the keyboard language indicator on the login screen
- added new awards (medals) for team battles: “Recon by combat”, “God of War”, “For the Will to Win”, “Decisive Shot”, “For Tactical Operations”
- fixed some bugs and added improvements in the “Vehicles” section of the Achievement window
- reworked the “Statistics” section in the Achievements window
- changed the wording of the Steel Wall award
- Light Tank Mk.VIc and T7 CC buffed
- term “potential damage” changed into “damage blocked by your armor”
- fixed bugs in voice chat
- fixed the bug where the aim circle was displayed incorrectly in replays
- fixed the bug where artillery shells fell outside of the aiming circle in arty mode
- fixed the bug where artillery shells exploded in mid-air
- fixed freezing of the account when quitting the game

140 thoughts on “9.0 Preliminary Patch Notes

  1. Nice… usually these notes seep into our consciousness right before an open test begins… any chance it’ll be before the “end of the month” rumor from previous posts?

  2. So the Confrontation really removed in the end?

    Btw do píče jak si nastavím avatar? Na to furt nemůžu přijít…

    • It was OK as an idea. But it lacked diversity in what tanks are put into teams. Having 13 same tanks per side is what killed the mode. :/

      I guess standard matchmaker just wasn’t made for this kind of matchmaking. And they didn’t want to make a new one with rules specially made for Confrontation.

        • They were actually more balanced for me than most other battles. I had very few confrontation battles that ended with more than a 6 kill discrepancy between the teams. To be fair tho I saw very few confrontation battles. I played a lot of platoon battles where you only get the 20% if you have the same nation tanks, and even without the platoon (and Chinese/Japanese tanks) I was still no where near 20%

    • they rmeoved it because it exposed the blatant powercreep and broken balance of some specific tanks, and balancing them is practically removing them from the game as they’re unfixable since their whole basic notion is wrong.
      yes, i’m seeing at you WTF100, tell me how can you against the HP of E100s whilst you have 4/5 broken OP shit waffles hidden behind?

      Also broken op57s

      • T57 isn’t OP. lol. Every time I’ve been on test, I’ve shot at it and been in it. Its increased armour does little. and the 5 sec reload buff is 5 secs. the only thing it has over the 50B really is AIM time and inbetween shot reload.

        • that’s the test, that’s a whole different game: 80% of the players on each test server are russian, and those people are what you could really call “lemmings”: they just drive forward untill they die. I know, they do it on EU/US server aswell but it’s way more ocmmon on the test servers.
          also the T57 clip reloads a couple of seconds faster, which is key when driving an autoloader

        • OP57 es extremely OP, is much lower than the 50B, the extra armor DOES make a difference(in fact, the turret BOUNCES shots whilst the 50B cannot bounce anything), turret IS smaller.
          And it reloads faster.

          Want satistical proof that is blatantly OP?, check the WN8 normalized stats http://wotlabs.net/na/wnTable , that show the EXPECTED stats per tank, now arrange it for damage:
          T57 Heavy Tank 1.2 2159 0.85 0.78 51.43
          tha’s 2159 dmg per battle, 51.43 WR, 1.2 FRAGS per match. BTW, it’s in FIFTH place overall.

          now letsee 50B:
          AMX 50 B 1.1 1915 1.03 0.87 50.15
          intersting, 1915 DMG(202 dmg, a full shot), 1.1 frags (expected to do less, kill less), 50.15 WR (again, expected to be less decisive factor). position is TENTH….

          so yeah, OP57…., it’s expected to do more in every aspect except spot and def ratios which are useless for a heavy

          • Eh, 50 B has a decently bouncy hull front. Too bad people tend to shoot at the rather squishier turret… but even so the hard nose has allowed mine come away from at least three tight spots already over the grand total of 7 battles I’ve fought with it.
            Not that this made the Murikkkan autos any less annoyingly better in most respects though.

            • I saw a Foch 155 bounce 2/3 shot at 50B frontal armor . RNG make that happen i believe.

  3. - term “potential damage” changed into “damage blocked by your armor”

    Does this mean that HE damage blocked in case of non penetrating hits will count to this?

      • Because you know. We have waited for this change for years and it’s FINALLY here. Seriously though, i think they sometimes change trivial stuff just so they can fill in patch notes with something, because otherwise it would look dull and empty.

    • the wording is very bad
      “blocked by armor” means the shell did not penetrate, but in the case of the Steel Wall achievement (I guess this wording refers to it) it also includes damage received
      so, the original wording was much closer to the truth

      is there any achievement in relation to receiving zero damage – thus no penetrating shots? I don’t recall

      • We don’t need to encourage people to camp and hide from battle just to get an achievement.

        There is however:
        Invincible – Survive 5 or more consecutive battles without taking any damage (not including battles fought using self-propelled guns). Battles fought using self-propelled guns do not break the sequence, but are not included either. The icon in the service record displays the longest sequence.

  4. “Light Tank Mk.VIc and T7 CC buffed”
    Will need to drive those more often now :D Details will be interesting.

    Any word on the server selection in the login screen constantly switching back to “auto”?

      • yeah it is, but it bothers me every time i start the game.
        i usually only play on EU1 because my connection to it is a lot better.

      • The thing is, that i dont even consider HD remodel (of few tanks) and havok to be important. I would prefer new tanks, equipment, skills, overall rebalancing etc..

            • Yes, because we totaly need Chieftain, historical british tier 10 med, Firefly, french heavy branch and european tech tree (my personal wish) – thats what i am looking for, not some eyecandy (the game looks ok). But no, they have decided to add that commie bullshit most people dont care about (soviet alternative medium branch and fabricated chinese tree) instead of something interesting. This may be the reason why you are under impression, that we have enough tanks.

                • Tell me, what is the main difference between soviet and chinese tanks apart from the lousy gun depression? They are so identical, that they may even be part of the unified commie tech tree (except for that poor taiwanese Type 64)!

              • Are you being sarcastic? This proves that WG can’t please everybody.
                Some want “Mur Tonks! Mur Tonks!”
                Others want “Gib me shiney treez and tenks”
                And others want “More game modes will make everythink better!”

                Some Forum Warriors should stop trying to be a game developer and stfu. The game WILL NOT be developed just for your wants.

                • They certainly wont please everybody with those HD models and havok, as according to their own sources the majority of the playerbase (including myself) wont be able to run it smoothly or at all. I am very annoyed, that they focus on this graphical bullshit, they are even able to promptly shatter pz.IV to pieces..er…tiers etc., but they cant even move op-1s to tier 7 or properly nerf it.

                  They might also improve little things like game HUD, for we wont have to install shit like xvm to get something as simple as damage counter. They can make historical camouflage patterns, make camonets visible, whatever.

  5. - removed the “confrontation” mode

    F*CK YOU WG I actually liked that!

      • no it’s not actually, it’s more tactical, and without stress, i even bought back some old tanks to play in confrontation! just to be screwed by WG!

        • You were screwed by the WoT community who thought this mode was unbalanced. They whined and bitched about it continuously even though they could just turn it off.

    • 400 Games? How do you manage? They are so poor the 12.7mm on my T-60 chew them to pieces like breakfast. While they bounce liked madmen and fails to flank me.

      • He probably plays4fun and scoring a single digit of damage in a battle is success for him and incentive to keep playing those shitanks for another couple of hundred battles.

        • Actually, my WR in T7 after 250 games is 64% and in MKVI after 150 games 68%. I never platoon and am an above average, but not exceptional, player.

          Winning in these tanks is mostly about game knowledge rather than skill: what player in what tank will go where, what you can and cant pen, etc. Easy stuff.

  6. Noooo, they are going to ruin malinovka and mountain pass?

    Also potential damage taken also includes actual damage you took so, your armor dont block it all. What are they thinking with?

  7. So nothing about a big rebalance? Fucking WG, fixing the UP and OP tanks are more important than stupid graphics.

  8. Bit dissapointed as yet no nerfs for the 183 hesh or waffentrager reload time between shots. Look forward to the graphic improvements although as i play on a lap top i am limited to what i can do. Also really annoyed that they won’t give the Foch155 back its engine they really killed that Td in the last patch.

    • THe oneshot capability (Which it does not do every shot) is all 183 has.

      It doesn’t have armour like jgpz e-100. It doesn’t have accuracy like jgpz E-100. And most shots unless really well placed WILL NOT one shot other tier 10s.
      Don’t forget it can only carry 12 rounds of ammo. If it fires constantly for the first 6 minutes of the game, It’s out.

      • Yeah the one clip abilty is all the Waffle has. And its the most op tank in the game.
        The 183 is an auto loader with out need for multiple shots. It just shoots once and your screwed.
        And ammo really? The IS-4 does not have that much ammo for its heavy play style, but last time I checked doing 9000 damage is enough to carry most games.

  9. -Light Tank Mk.VIc and T7 CC buffed

    Time to rack up more Top Guns with T7.

  10. Noooooo, Confrontation. A mode I actually like. Yeah I’ll get hate for saying this, but I want it kept in. And I want Port back (at least back in the training rooms like Dragon ridge)

  11. - “…improved graphics (shaders) and HD tanks, as those are still being worked on.”

    So… why is this still a 9.0 patch and not 8.X? The T7 Car buff?

      • Not really… it’s just different rules of the same game. The last X.0 patch was the introduction of physics… that was huge. Historical battles is just another game mode that most likely everybody will turn off.

        • You won’t be able to turn it off because it will have special window like team battles have now and it won’t be forced on everyone.

  12. - new vehicles: Panzer IV Ausf.A (tier 3), Panzer IV Ausf.D (tier 4), StuG III Ausf.B (tier 4)

    Where does WG fit them in? Tier 4 is pretty packed atm. Or do they remove some other tanks?

  13. - Light Tank Mk.VIc and T7 CC buffed

    On the first one I hope the reload got a buff and on the second one I hope they confirmed Hunnicutts top speed notes. But who knows…

  14. So they are removing confrontation that sucks did get a chance to play it guess the game mode were showing how unbalanced some tiers are especially those Russian tanks

    • Only on HD models i think. And i’m not sure whether it’s connected with Havok or simply reworked visually.

      • Maybe Havok, maybe not. Basically I mean this new suspension system, they even made a video about it.

        • What i wanted to say is that i think there will be new suspension system on HD models of tanks that will come, but i don’t know whether is that made by Havok or only by WG and their engine.

  15. - term “potential damage” changed into “damage blocked by your armor”

    I can’t be the only one thinking this is ridiculous…
    When you get one shot derped and the potential damage is your exact hitpoints, how is that “damage blocked by my armor”? No damage was blocked.

    Please tell me they grasp English well enough to understand that the two terms are in no way interchangeable.
    Changing the number given to what was actually blocked as long as the phrasing is ok, but just changing the term is plain idiotic…

    • They don’t grasp English at all.

      “They Dinged Us!”… When that one was reported the devs explained English to the English speaking community on how English actually works!…

  16. - new vehicles: , StuG III Ausf.B (tier 4)

    This could lead to Assault Gun Branch (just my Prediction)

  17. “- term ‘potential damage’ changed into ‘damage blocked by your armor’”

    This makes no sense…

    Does this mean that instead of getting 300 potential damage due to being one-shot while driving my arty, I will now get 300 “damage blocked by your armor”?

    I’m pretty sure my S-51 cannot “block” damage in any way.

    • HP = hull points

      You can consider that the armor IS absorbing the damage (until it gets to 100% damaged)

  18. “new vehicles: Panzer IV Ausf.A (tier 3), Panzer IV Ausf.D (tier 4)”

    New route to the Tier 5 Panzer IV? If so, hell yes! Forcing new players to go through tanks with scout MM to get to one of the most iconic tanks in the game is just wrong in my opinion. At tier 4 a new player likely just barely has a grasp of the basic game mechanics and then they get forced to play tier 8 games just means they are going to be slaughtered repeatedly in battles they don’t belong in and might quit the game because of it. Having a second non-scout route will be a great addition.

  19. - fixed maps: Malinovka, Serene Coast, Steppes, Redshire, Mountain Pass

    Is what I’m worried about.

    • how was confrontation broken?? I saw no problems with it at all.. and enjoy the mode very much.. Those who dislike it can turn it off.. then kiss my ass. Their bitching shouldnt decide what the rest of us can do. Its that same ignorant type of thinking that made wot fuck up the arty , nerf the TD’s, etc. They screw over the good players to keep the shitty ones. If they continue in that fashion, their game will fail in the NA market… mark my words.

  20. “- new vehicles: Panzer IV Ausf.A (tier 3), Panzer IV Ausf.D (tier 4), StuG III Ausf.B (tier 4)”

    Are we going to get free tanks if we already have Panzer IV and StuG III in the garage?

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  22. Hardly think this is an official list of any changes to the game.. I love how rumor becomes fact to so many.. For one, why would they remove confrontation? They just introduced it and those who dislike it can opt not to join those types of battles. Ya, I call bullshit here. I will wait til WOT officially releases the list before I panic or worry about anything.