9.0 – Supertest Screenies (General, Malinovka)

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/3103854.html

Hello everyone,

0.9.0 supertest is here and as usual, there are some leaked screenies. Let’s have a look at them.

New graphic settings you have already seen, but this version has the FOV bar added to it

tHnIFHQ - Imgur

New login screen keyboard indicator (next to the password)

eQvQrAQ - Imgur

And Malinovka (the details are allegedly “ultra high”)

42krzk4 - Imgur

byQeADC - Imgur

dhztwa7 - Imgur

GLuLTj1 - Imgur

jNnwJ7P - Imgur

MqzRLGP - Imgur

uG4HnbZ - Imgur

yBNUfge - Imgur

14 thoughts on “9.0 – Supertest Screenies (General, Malinovka)

  1. Those login credentials, are those a message or a really stupid move? I’m quite sure its he first, but id like to know :) Looks nice by the way!

    • “sup@2ch” = “What’s up at 2chan?”, 2chan is where he leaked the screenshots.

      Personally I don’t think that’s how the 9.0 is going to look.

  2. Looks nice :) At least for the map changes

    I thought the church was going on top of the hill??
    I guess thats countered by the rock halfway the other side..
    And the terrain changes at the base (hilly and rocks)

    I like the fact that they split the hill a bit in two parts, just like with Northwest’s southeast part
    It’s too bad they only made a far shot of the new houses at the base -_- why would they..

    • You can’t tell because you can’t see the Identifying parts, as the gun barrel is in the way.

      • Well, you can at least tell it’s not your current in-game Caernarvon. The side-skirt is all different.
        Whether or not that’s because they decided to change the model or because it’s an upcoming alternate hull is still up in the blue though.

  3. They have made a change in the hill. Now there is a step in the ledge. The mill is in a higher position than the cliff edge. I wonder if the cliff’s height is lower.

  4. FOV bar is here, but what setting would be the one that we use currently? You see the slider is on 95% whats is that?

  5. Ah seeing that login screen…

    *crosses fingers* hopefully the cesspool of a server known as WoT Asia with its utterly crappy devs finally respect the FACT that A VAST MAJORITY OF THEIR PLAYERBASE have internet on their homes and give us save email and password options.