Big Boss Kislyi Roaming on EU

Hello everyone,

Wargaming’s CEO, Viktor Kislyi, took recently a “trip” to EU server, using the new (still tested) roaming feature. Hey – his stats are not bad! Thanks to RoyM18 for sending in the screenie.

Victor Kislyi(CEO WG) im Team

56 thoughts on “Big Boss Kislyi Roaming on EU

  1. Who’s actually asking for roaming? What use is it? I can just see a flood of Russians trolling the EU servers. It’s not as though we have a mass of excess capacity at the moment.

    • People who (temporarily) moved to another region (say, gone from Eu to NA due to work) and now get atrocious ping on their home cluster, people who want to play with their friends from other servers – there’s plenty of legit reasons other than ‘Lol, trolling Russians!’

      • You will still have to connect to the server you are playing on so this won’t help your ping at all. The number of people with friends across clusters must be minuscule, and they will already have solved this problem if it was that important to them by having accounts on each cluster.

        I still struggle to see any real need to do this.

        • Erm if your account is on EU and you are in NA, you’d surely get lower ping if you played on NA servers. The roaming game isn’t going to route the traffic through EU just because your account is there.

    • Do you like to play vs Siemkas ? Fine, i will prefer playing on other servers just not to play with them.

      • You really think that there are no noobs on other servers?

        Since WG stated that “event roaming” won’t work, the possibility to unleash russian trolls seems to be the only reason.

        Or maybe WG is trying to somehow unify CW to give less gold and have all players fighting on single global map?

        • Press accounts can choose what map they want to play on, but that is his personal account and he doesn’t have those options as press accounts.

  2. CEO of WG plays a Facist Boxtank!
    …and getting called nuib by another facist box LOL

    • Victor Kislyi’s favorite tank in the game, according to an interview, is the Maus. He has more battles in it than any other vehicle in his garage.

      Since it’s my favorite vehicle as well, I feel like I made a good choice in terms of picking a vehicle that’s unlikely to get overnerfed for very long :D

    • I think maybe one or two people in that game even knew who he is or saw that he is playing at all.
      I don’t know – I usualy load quite fast in the match and have plenty of time to idle around, but to check names of players all the time just to find some celebrities.. nope, kinda boring.

      • As soon as i saw the WG clan tag i realised him. His first words were: lets push middle…

        • Yup, that’s his favorite Maus strategy according to a Wargaming interview with him: he specifies that you need full team cooperation for it to work, but the enemy is almost guaranteed to not see it coming.

  3. Driving Maus? His faith must be stronk…
    I killed overlord about 2 years ago, my JgPzIV vs his pershing, that was like “WOW did I really kill the boss??”

  4. Sooner see the results pages. Only ever heard of VK play the Maus and only ever on Himmelsdorf. Maybe he has a special button on that lets him play Himmelsdorf.

    • I saw him live on the stream of doxsen. This time he was on Wadi with his Maus. And guess what, he rushed middle…

    • He is the CEO of WG. Some workers of WG only have some time to play WoT. But CEOs sit there all day…..

    • I was thinking, ‘at least the CEO has to put up with the same bullshit as other players’ (assuming he doesn’t have a special client), but then I realised he could be botting and barely playing at all. :-D Probably why WG is half-arsed about dealing with bots.

  5. this is a rigged battle! i can’t see tomatoes!

    BTW: Siegchance… no comment. (googletranslator at it’s feinist)

    • Must be his fame ^^

      And whats wrong about Siegchance? its a normal word in german you know…..

    • Yea, so many good players :D Even the worst players in this match are like average. Haven`t seen such a skill-wise generous MM at all.

      • You mean there are a lot of words in English that were originally German words :p

  6. Well, since you know me and my behavior its safe to say there would be a 70% chance I would insult that CEO, and that would be because of many reasons. On the other hand, just because hes CEO doesnt mean he should get special treatment.

    • Just because you have Tourette’s syndrom doesn’t mean you should be spared from being banned :D

      • Actually it does. Having different orentation for example seem to give a huge advantage in terms of “appealing” bans.

  7. The true proof that this SS is Fake is the low number of players with less 50% win rate: in a normal game of 15 players 16 have less than 50% win rate.

    • If you play 1500 games in a T10 tank you should have the right to have 5 -7 perks. I now got 4 perks on my 268 Crew just by leveling the tree.

    • Sure, he can shoot a lot of gold, but with that kind of 128mm with 246 pen W\AP, I would use gold