Improved Player Stats on Portal

Thanks to carramba66 for this one.

Hey everyone,

have you noticed that they changed the way the portal player statistics look? I haven’t, but check this out. This is how the player profile, available via the portal, looks now (notice the important position of the player rating – which is weird, I preferred winrate):



For comparison, this is how it used to look:


37 thoughts on “Improved Player Stats on Portal

  1. Nobody gives a shit about stupid WG rating (because it’s stupid), so it has to be promoted somehow.

        • At least he’s got ace tanker on his Type 59 and E-50. He might be stronk in medium tenkz but he is grinding other tenkz too and due to this fact his stats are shit.

        • Who would have athought that a performance rating could have flaws? It’s not like it took the playerbase 3 years and several iterations of ER and WN to finally have something that’s starting to be somewhat reliable!
          Let’s face it, the WG rating isn’t perfect and of course it puts some emphasis on stuff it shouldn’t, but like all ratings it generally gives a good picture even though exceptions are bound to happen.

      • They are all flawed and easily manipulated tbh but I actually find WGs one of the best.

        • What is personal rating anyways, and how is it manipulated? I have around 8000+ and I dont even know what manipulation means because I dont play OP tanks, use gold ammo and play in clan/toon. Also why dont people like personal rating?

          • First of all – because it takes under consideration number of battles played: , win ratio and survival ratio.
            Number of battles is only a matter of time, WR is not entirely dependent of you, survival promotes hiding in he map corner.
            And is complicated as hell, other values, like WN7 or EFF (WN8 harder) you can compute having pen and paper, this one – good luck.
            And I don’t see there tank tier, which is pretty important, nor frags (taking down a 1 HP barrel is still a barrel taken down, WG definitely rewards frags in exp but apparently not in their own formula).

  2. Strange, but on Russian portal win ratio still holds big central place. And you still cannot see your own or other player’s rating via portal, only in game.
    Seems that RU portal update is behind EU

  3. The WG rating looks to be an OK rating now, after they got rid of some silly bits in the early days.

    Ussuming they have now included it in the dtat that can be pulled, then it will make it’s way to the stats sites and we might actually know what a good rating is!

  4. You perfer WR, well actually one single stats cant indicate how well the player plays. There have been endless discussions and theres no single indication what determines what a “good” player is. If WR would be a good indication then Hami himself would be godlike, because he has really good WR but medioce and underperforming average damage and kills.

    I specially like a discussion I had with a F15 member, he said my damage was “good” but WR low = I make bad tactical decisions. Then I guess average dmg, xp and “kills” are totally irrelevant then? Because if im not wrong, isnt the point making damage and kill opponents? How else can you try to win? Shooting right opponents, how would you know that if you dont have xvm, not to mention these players might be in positions you cant reach.

    • If your making damage and killing opponents doesn’t result in increased WR then, yes, there is a high chance you’re shooting the wrong people in the wrong place. Which in turn suggests your ability to read the tactical situation and make correct decisions based on that is lacking.

        • doing damage and kills not increasing your WR , bad decision making and lack of tactical awareness is one way of reading it ,
          the other is I cant carry the team all the time and its about time they pulled their fingers out and tried to do damage and get a few kills them self’s so my WR go’s up as well as theirs and its win win for every one.

          • Good, but whats better beeing bad at tactics and make dmg and kills, or beeing bad at tactics making little dmg and kills? I know which player I would wanna in my teem….

            In my world making dmg and kills does take alot of skill, not tactical skill neccersarly but skills like aiming, tank movement, positioning, crucial spots on maps etc. Why should these skills not beeing taken into account?