Pretty much nothing today. The only thing that was going on a while ago (and I forgot to post it) was the supertest of the possibility to stream (via Twitch) directly from the client. I guess that’s good news for all the streamers out there.

Oh yea, and as for mobile gaming, current minimum requirements for WoT: Blitz are (according to Overlord) following chips:

Tegra 3
Adreno 225
PowerVR SGX544MP2

28 thoughts on “15.3.2014

  1. Guys if I have a Sencor Element 9.7

    GPU: PowerVR SGX 544MP

    is it problem? :(

    • It’s not, you have the minimum GPU required….

      The problem is mine…I have a SGX 531 MP which is only a bit worse than yours but there are lots of games which I can’t run cuz of that…Hope WoT won’t be the same.

  2. Adreno 320 in my Mi2s. Really looking forward for the beta, also wondering how playable will it be on dat 4.3″ screen :D

  3. Doesn’t streaming to Twitch from the supertest client violate the supertest NDA?

    • Pretty sure the context is that the feature to use a streaming feature in WoT rather than a 3rd party streaming client is in supertest. Not that supertesters will be allowed to stream.

  4. Hey, SS, wassup??!
    You are losing details while republishing.
    This list of graphics processors are for Android devices and ONLY for Android devices.

    For ex. Ipad 2 while clearly defined as supported device by WOTB has PowerVR SGX543MP2 chip.
    According to YOUR post Ipad 2 would not be able to run WOTB.

    Quite a difference with Overlord statement, don’t you think?

    • The Galaxy Advance won’t run it properly considering that it has an underclocked single core Mali-400. Besides it can’t even handle most HD titles out there properly.

      • Well I don’t know the hardware that much of smartphones and tablets because I don’t care about that stuff. Only thing I care about hardware is mainly PC hardware. Thanks for the information though.

    • The main target is Tablets.
      Naturally if you support iOS Tablets, you also support iOS Smarthpones, same for Android 4.x.

      But as far as I know there are no Windows Phone Tablets.
      Even worse the Windows branded Tablets are split into ARM hardware based with Windows RT and x86 based with Windows 8.
      As the masses don’t know the difference you have to support both.
      To do this you either have to end up doing double work to for both platforms or completely work within the .net environment.
      (and to make .net Apps run efficient on a wide range of possible hardware is a topic of it’s own)
      A lot of afford for a Plattform that has not big market share…

      • Oh believe me, there are too much windows tablet flooding the market. It is just that none of them are good and famous ones, and they mostly suck.

  5. Hmmm… maybe my PoS Ployer momo might do it… Allwinner A10 with Mali 400

    It can do some HD gaming but not all, the higher speed stuff struggles, but slower speed with high detail is fine…