47 thoughts on “New 50 Gold Code

  1. yus! thanks mate. that one worked, so lucky to have caught that before going to bed

    (also, where are you finding these? can’t find on the NA website front page, but work fine)

  2. Thanks SS!
    I wonder what’s happening with WG for them to be doing this.
    Anyways, at least I got 2 out of the 3 codes working :)

  3. Wohooo! Made it! Thanks SS, i did not think i would be able to catch one of these cause i have no android.

    • this is from the portal info:

      Alternatively, you may want to use one of the QR code readers that are available online. Just type “QR code reader” or a similar phrase into your preferred web search-engine and choose the reader that suits you best. It’s that simple.

  4. 3 codes and 3 times “too late” …
    *Rage Quit* :D

    I have juste 115 gold, +50 will be perfect for a new slot :/

  5. where did u find the code because I have checked the portal and there isn´t any information, only the code from yesterday.

  6. Don’t understand where you found this code, there was nothing on the website just the two previous ones.

    Bit fecked off because I’ve been purposefully checking the website for updated posts with new codes and I missed this one :/