58 thoughts on “More HD Model Screenies

  1. All shine and stuff – but we need parts ripping off.
    KV-2 HE shot you? There goes your MG, toolbox, wires, handles, antena, fuel tanks, exhaust pipes and lights.

    • would be nice if they do it, but they didnt say anything about it so i doubt they will add it.

      • They said earlier that normal Havok will come later. I hope they will add not only removable parts but also armor mesh changes from hit/penetrations.

        • IIRC they said that they will not make armor durability change after being penetrated etc, they were worried players would be unneccessary confused by that… they do not want even more empty ketchup bottles lying around in first 2 minutes of battle.

    • It will be more like – BAM, GW Tiger hit us for 1800dmg! Damn we are lucky he did not scratch our shiny plastic-look-like armor; really, they make models more and more like they are painted with really thick amount of paint and the photo is taken in factory right next day the paint is no longer wet. I have never ever seen such a shiny tank in my whole life; I give you that the pieces I have seen were far from being new with the most recent models I have seen were active service equipment like BMP1/2 (yes, sadly few countries still have BMP1 as active service vehicle) and the oldest perhaps Renault FT17. One T34-85 is even around 20-30km from my hometown, although that one particular vehicle is outisde on display, so he has to face weather all day long. These WoT models will look nice in garage but will look ridiculous in battle.

      My personal opinion is (no need to read any further, no need to agree with me) that they should make these tanks look like they have been in field at least for few hours if not days, it would be damn hard to keep that Tiger so shiny after few km of moving on tracks from train station to the battle position at El Halluf, any artic map, any map with swamp or mud, almost any map at all. Perhaps on Himmel they would keep their looks for a longer time…

      • WTGF comes out – people whine about tank being dirty.

        WoT HD comes out – people whine about tank being shiny.

        Someone somewhere will always be complaining about something.

        • The middle way is often the best way :) not from extreme to another extreme; and I would definitely not call that one post of mine as “whine”, I am sorry if that sounded as it was a whine; I agree that these models look nice, I just consider it more logical to make it look like that tracks at least once touched ground.

        • Well it’s obviously not the same people complaining, M8.

          I’m in the “shiny is nice” camp, because for all the gritty realizm you might get from your mud-covered object of fixation, it still looks better. And no amount of mud will change the fact you’re not in the steppes of the Caucasus but sitting in a chair playing a sodding game.

  2. Developers say that the new models will more look like a heavy steel beasts. In my opinion it could be done only if all the tanks will get more slow.
    75-ton E-75 rotating at place like a light tank really does not look like a mass of a steel.

      • I think it’ll boost the camping because people won’t see each other for a longer time period, especially in winter maps like Arctic Region.

          • Woras, the Sneaky Rapist :D

            Indirect light tanks buff? Also inb4 new Ranzar movie: some lt ninja-ing around, spotting for his team during snowstorm… Which suddenly ends and lt find itself in the middle of nasty horde of hts and tds. Gangrape ensues.

  3. If you enter a battle with 15 tiger ALL of them will have chip in the paint and dent in the armor at the EXACT.SAME.PLACE.

    • do you suggest WG making 15 different textures that are distributed by RNG? really wanna wait more before a game?

      • Why not… stay with me… make them… hold on, this will blow your mind… look like they… are you ready?… “just came from manufacturer”.
        Mind blown?
        If not then let me remind you something:
        - Storm stated that the fact that the Tiger I in game looks very smooth (as in, the paint is glossy and smooth) is historical, that’s how the vehicles looked.
        ^ So this means that the raw unpainted tank was shot a hundred times and the manufacturer wore off anything on the tank THAN painted it and sent it to the field? Are they so stupid or they didn’t make up their minds?

        • They never said they were new – actually when they were off they get glossier, because they get thinner and the metal starts to show through. By that time they have damage as well, so yeah, that’s a fairly accurate visual.

    • Actually, the main problem in your statement would be “a battle with 15 tiger”. You would worry about a paint scratches not the match maker trolling? Interesting…

    • On those scratches are what you’re looking at in the heat of the battle, right :P What you’re doing now is watching close-ups of tanks very carefully, it’s something there’s no time for during the battle itself.

    • Yeah, and? Hopefully this dreadful and unprecedented injustice will be the last straw that makes you reach for the straight razor. Remember, “go along the street not across”.

  4. Honestly I can’t understand the HD-hype.
    I’m gonna shot those tanks anyway, it doesn’t matter how will they look, High Definition, Low Definition.
    In most cases they are only a spot in my aiming reticle. Find a target, find a weakspot, aim, shot.