52 thoughts on “New Code

  1. Some day I will buy liek gold gifts for a couple of hundred euros and then give away, just to prove that these codes are small potatoes. Hopefully, then I will get popular :/.

    • DO THIS CODES HAVE REVERSE PATERNS LIKE : here is the link: worldoftanks.eu/content/docs/WGLGRANDF1NALFEELTHEPOWER/
      last part is the code WGLGRANDF1NALFEELTHEPOWER
      than you reverse it : FEELTHEPOWERWGLGRANDF1NAL
      now it looks like the code that SS gave us…. what do you think…all the worlikg links say ”incorrect code” or something like that

      • This is what I said. Links to the WoT-docs-repository are partially online, the related codes (reversed, as you pointed out correctly) will be activated at unknown time.

    • Yeahh I had the same problem… at first I tried with the page code but later I realized they were different… :/
      All the other “posible” codes will be different too?

      • omg guys pls….

        SS gave us all the links to the websites, where the REAL BONUSCODES will be announced. As you recognized, they are NOT like “take the URL-ending and use them as code”…. but this has nothing to do with fail!

        Its very likely, that all following codes will have the same pattern as the last ones, which means: turn around the “WGLF1NAL” and the “INSERTRANDOMPROMOTION” parts


  2. EU players BasBarian says thx for the cool fifty!

    Needed some permanent camo done, yeehaa! :)

  3. tried at 14:20- didn’t work (“You have reached the code usage limit.”)

  4. Just got a “code used up” message on NA server and it’s only 9:30 AM here. Are they releasing them all on RU time, or what?

  5. I have two accounts. Code redeemed successfully on first.
    On my second account I got message that code is incorrect, and after that I got another message that I cant redeem code on this account… how come?

  6. Dang! lost out while commuting to work. I have a feeling this would happen. I believe this may be the case from now on since everyone is looking for the codes now.

  7. Connection timeout 0_o

    What! And now the fucking message ‘to many times tried’ AARGH
    I guess there bonuscode server couldnt handle the trafic…

    WARSAWWGLGRANDF1NAL was finally published today :P but was used up a few days ago
    Sadly I missed the Tweet one today :(
    Both of the above are worth 50