Oddly enough, there is very little developer reaction on the patch, but I guess a separate post will come.

Also, currently, Common Test 9.0 has one very nasty fail: apparently, players, who were beta-testers, cannot log into it – it throws some sort of error. The official support answer (source) on this issue is:

Thank you for this information. Since the database copied to the test server cannot be accessed, there is no possibility to change that for now. We will forward this information to avoid such an outcome with the next test server build. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us again.

So it probably will get fixed for second round of the test.

- Bison I model size in test 9.0 was decreased in order to make it more historical

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    • Lucky you, but for those of us that have accounts before the EU/US split we can’t log in since for some reason they decided to use our copied US accounts that have been deactivated. That’s what Zmeul has discovered amongst others.

      • I’ve got my account right when closed beta started something like 12/13.04.2011, and it still works for me.

          • He’s using the EU date format, day first, then month followed by year, so April 12/13 2011. Well, that or he’s not sure if he started in the 12th or 13th month of the year. :P

      • I have pre-split account and can log in… Weird O.o
        Had that problem once and wrote to support about it… Maybe that’s the reason…

      • I have a pre-split beta account. I got in some time in July 2010. I have had no issues getting on test so far.

      • Ty for the info SS, I was already wondering why my account was suspended with some cryptic information about the server split.

  1. i can’t login, it says “Your account has been suspended. Reason: this account has been locked on the non-selected server due to your selection during the split into USA/European servers.”

    and i was in beta test….. looks like i have to wait ;-;

  2. Only the US account seems to work for the test(For beta testers). A Year ago i asked to get my US account activated again for posting rights on US forum.

    However Today i only could login to my US account and not my EU account and this explains it…………

    • That is what is happening to me as well. My EU account has the wrong passwrord (despite not bieng changed to amything else for ages) but the NA account (which was created a long time after the game went live) works OK – note they are using different email addresses and passwords.

      This also happened in the last test server.

  3. Every test server since they started allowing EU and NA players on has not had this issue, how do they manage to invent a new fail after so many years?

    Lucky EU 2nd accounts are allowed.

  4. It is nice to see that the Bison I got the changes… I always thought it odd they didn’t change it when they edited the Pz I. The Bison I is however still a POS. But, when and if SPGs come to Historical Battle’s, it will be nice to have it when facing the French in 1940. Although historical ammo loadouts for the Bison I amounts to a whole 3 shells(no joke)… So I have no idea how WG will handle that…

    Sincerely, The Scumbag Alliance.

  5. CBT player since september 2010 and I had no problem logging in yesterday night.
    Haven’t tried to long in today as I fear the queues at every start of PTS.

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      • camopaints on pz. III are totally messed up, didn’t try the other stug, ausf G was ok i think

        • The tier V stug its ok, is the tier IV messed up with the camo like the pz III. Also i want to know why the german tech tree went fucked up. I mean, tier IV stug come after the Marder 38 that is a tier IV too…

            • Most branches split when AFV’s on the same branch share a tier. The 9.0 test patch has the Marder 38 followed sequential by the StuG in tier 4.

              • Which is merely a matter of visual organisation of the techtree.
                Are you telling me the problem is some people *can’t tell the difference*?

  7. It’s not the Beta status or participation if you have a different flag now, it’s dual accounts with the same e-mail.

    I cannot log in on my NA account because they imaged my SEA account. It’s random if you have multiple accounts with the same e-mail address.

    This is old news. The same problem has existed since the beginning of them running test servers.

    The issue many beta test players (those that predate the server split anyway) have is that they were never arsed to get their e-mail address for the split off account changed. I did, and other than occasionally having to use my SEA account (cause I can’t be arsed to change it’s e-mail address) I’ve had no issues. Just logged in with my EU, beta test flagged, account. works fine.

    • took too long to edit. sigh

      Also, if you do have this issue you’re stuck for the 0.9.0 test series. To avoid it in the future (0.9.1 and up) you need to contact support for the other server and have them change the e-mail address for that server. While you are at it you can have them reactivate your split off account so you can troll the other players with your many and varied tags.

      _US (should be _NA, what’s up with that?) so you can be TK’d, _RU to blend in (Learn a phrase in Cyrillic, or just copy paste a swear word or two in it) or _EU and _SG if you just want to be ignored.

      • Never had this problem with any test server before and getting NA support to sort it sounds like too much hassle when I can just use an alt account.

  8. Closed BETA tester and I got in just fine. No wait or Que which was shocking but maybe it’s because it’s only graphics changes and those Russian calculator PCs can’t handle the update

  9. Hint: It’s because of the Login Email Address collision. I had a similar issue once on a test server where it copied my old NA account (before i started over on EU, name Aendaeron_Bluescale, now AuRon_The_Grey on EU) instead of my EU account.

    Change your EU account email address to work around this issue. Contact support on how to do this. Your locked NA account copy will keep the old email address and the next test server will use your new mail address.