9.0 Vehicles and Vehicle Changes

Hello everyone,

now we will have a look at the vehicle changes in 9.0. First things first:

Panzer IV got split into three tanks: Tier 3 Panzer IV Ausf.A, Tier 4 Panzer IV Ausf.D and Tier 5 Panzer IV Ausf.H
StuG III got split into Stug III Ausf.B and StuG III Ausf.G

In 9.0, the tree looks like this:


Panzer IV Ausf.A – Tier 3

Stock, Modules, Elite





Panzer IV Ausf.D – Tier 4





Panzer IV Ausf.H – Tier 5





The new Panzer IV is obviously different from the old one, the biggest difference being the 5mm side plates (“Schurzen”) – and yes, they are part of the damage model. Compared to the old Panzer IV, following was changed (elite configuration):

- it gained 20 hitpoints (480 compared to 460)
- speed limit from 48 to 40 km/h (nerf!)
- weight: with the 105mm gun, it lost 300 kg (25,73 to 25,43 tons)
- the armor didn’t change much, the commander’s copula is much tougher than before (95mm) and the 5mm side plates are there
- suspension: higher break force and load limit (vehicle stops faster)
- gun: depression buffed from -7/+20 to -10/+20 (facing front), lost the 50mm gun
- now carries more ammunition
- stock 320hp engine was removed, now has 350hp as stock and 440hp as top (same as before)

Copula and mantlet shapes (picture by Shapeshifter, US forums)


Overall, I’d say it’s a slight buff.

StuG III Ausf.B – Tier 4





StuG III Ausf.G – Tier 5

Nothing changed, it’s the same StuG III on tier 5, including armor setup – it just got renamed.

Next, the official vehicle changes:

T7 Combat Car:

- Maximum forward and reverse speed increased from 38.6 to 56km/h, and from 16 to 20km/h, respectively.
- Ammunition capacity changed from 1,100 to 1,350 shells.
12.7mm MG HB M2, 12.7mm MG HB M2 A and 12.7mm T23 heavy machine guns:
- Rate of fire per shell container increased from 450 to 550 r/m.
- Gun range increased from 350 to 395m.
- Penetration increased from 22 to 27mm.

Light Mk. VIC:

- Gun range increased from 350 to 395m.
- Penetration increased from 25 to 27mm.

Numerous 3D models were changed, I will get to that in a separate post. Other than this, no vehicle characteristic changes came in 9.0.

69 thoughts on “9.0 Vehicles and Vehicle Changes

  1. So the Tier 4 stug is if you actually changed your mind on grinding the Waffle tanks… or WG officially fucked up the German tree..

    • Why? It’s a branch from one tree to another, like the KV-13. It’s the exact same as it was before for both trees, just now they have a branch across.

      • One that we absolutely do not and never need nor want. I call it new WG tactic to “nerf” (lower) number of player-favorite tanks. Let’s see…they did the KV, they now do the M5 Stuart, all arty, the Pz4, StuG, Renault FT, Tiger, King Tiger, with KV1S in “devolvement/downgrading stage”….next thing you know, THEY NERF LOLTRAKTOR.


  2. Dat PZ IV changes…. man, the depression buff is well appreciated – even if it cost 8 kph.

  3. Could just be me, but the Pzkpfw IV Ausf. H feels much
    more mobile than the old tier V Pzkpfw IV.

    Might just be my imagination though… I’m tired… it’s 0300… good ni-… morning.

  4. So exactly what happens to players that have those tanks in their garages with crews?

    • They… get to keep their tanks with their hard-earned crews? Seriously, while SS keeps calling this whole mess a ‘split’, in fact the current t5 tanks stay largely the same, and instead some new tanks having a similar name get inserted into the tree. There aren’t even any major modules being moved between tanks.

    • it’s not really a split, they just add new tanks. The old tanks stay where they are, with their crews and everything.

      • Well that sicks, I mean I hate to be looking for a handout but damn…..help a brother out! I want free tanks!!!!

      • Probably.
        M2 Light uses the MG HB M2, T7 uses the MG HB M2 A (just a guess actually, they’re probably going to relabel the gun that’s on it now, since the T7′s gun currently has the same name as the M2′s, but is actually a different gun)…

        No idea what the T23 is.

        • T23 is a premium american medium tank that got removed from the game a long time ago, I wasn’t even there soon enough to see one. You can still see its model with any viewer, though its main armament is listed to be its coaxial .50 caliber machine gun : “12.7mm T23″ Tough fate !

          IIRC they said something about re-introducing it some time ago. I think they just wanted to apply changes to all guns of that caliber, regardless of their actual use.

    • Works fine here.


      Summing up the questions from above (my questions too, already asked by others):
      1) What’s with the 3 machine guns? On the “premium” T7, will we get to choose/upgrade the weapon?
      2) What will happen to the guyz already having the (classic) PzIV? Converted to D or H, including the crew?
      3) (bonus question) Will we get to pen the damn statpadders in T18, while driving LightVIC or T7? I actually managed somehow to kill (exactly) one while driving a T7, and another one with a VIC. The key is shooting around the gun… but you can’t really to that, except when you have a moron statpadder just camping without moving too much.

      • My money would be on getting a “free” PzIV H. Dropping crews down a tier would cause much whining, and it’s still the same basic tank…just slightly buffed.

      • You can kill T18′s with the VIC easily enough. All you have to do is get behind it… or take it from the side.. or from above. The T7 struggled with them even from the rear since it had worse pen than the VIC but this new pen buff will fix that. The increased speed limit should also help with flanking them. Attacking one from the front is a bad idea even if there is a small weakspot around the gun.

    • Down for me too. I’m using Feeder extension for Chrome.

      Works fine on my phone though. Very strange.

  5. May I ask the research cost of the tanks, i want to grind some tanks before the update goes live

  6. Is that -10 degrees on the PzIV only with the 105 scrubcannon, or did the L/48 get buffed as well?

    Also ahahaha the stock StuG-B.
    just look at that dinky little cannon

    PzIV D looks like it’s going to be something like a tier 4 Pz III/IV. That could be neat.

    • The Pz IV Ausf.H is essentially identical to the Pz IV currently in the game, just with some added side-skirts that adds 5mm of spaced armor to your sides.

      Otherwise, a slight buff to armor and gun depression, and a slight nerf to top speed.

    • No, the old pzIV stays where it is so you don’t get anything. You only get slots when WG pushes a tank up or down the tiers and replaces it with another tank. This is not the care here, you keep your old pzIV at tier 5.

  7. I reseached old tanks with elite state. I hope, if WG don’t give us new tanks and slots as before, at leat, they will give us elite state of these new tanks in techtree.

  8. Expect (but very little Chance) that Hetzer (uhh.. I mean Jagdpanzer 38t) will have their own Branch XD

  9. Is the M4A2E4 Sherman supposed to be available in the tech tree?
    I thought it was a reward tank like the KV-220?

    • I wonder how many times this has been asked…

      The test server is likely copied from the Russian server, and the M4A2E4 Sherman is available in the RU giftshop unlike in the NA.

  10. Why no skirts on StuG III Ausf.G?
    Or do they come in possible StuG IV (alternative hull)?

  11. Pz IV also lost:

    The short 75mm
    The 5cm L/60 gun (not that you would want to use it)
    10mm on the frontal hull armor on the glacis (now 20mm)
    20mm on the turret front cheeks (now 30mm)
    10mm on hull side armor around engine (20mm now)
    2mm on the turret skirts (now 8mm)
    side gun depression (-6.8 now)
    Hull roof armor (11-10mm now)
    Cupola hatch armor (8mm now)

  12. SS what are your graphic specs? I ask because i wonder if these new tanks are extremely poor modelled or you just play on low.
    (especially tier V Pz IV, looks like made from grey papermache)

  13. I kind of expected the new PzIV variants to provide an alternative route to bypass Czechoslovak designs (so they can be transferred to the future EU tree).

    And now that part appears quite isolated and bypassable indeed!

    (on the other hand they could reappear under their original Czechoslovak military designations – LT vz. 35/38)

  14. Hope the Sherman gets split as well, with the 75mm variant at tier IV to compete with the Pz IV D. M4A2 or A3 maybe.

  15. SS can you show new armors on pz 4 tier 5 on screen shot (16 mm and 95 mm old model dont have it). Hmm and the weakspot in hull is lost (machine gun).

  16. now thats what i call a fucked up tech tree. Also, i suspect there would be more tanks in all those gaps at tier 4

  17. 7,5cm derp gun on a tier 3 tank? gg much? 38mm penetration 175 damage, it will 1-hit pretty much every tank in tier 2 and most tier 3 tanks from all sides.

    • 14mm hull armor. It’s your classic glass cannon. Big risk, big reward play style.

  18. They need to sort out that tech tree, looks a mess with 2 columns of tier 4 tanks. It would be better to just add more rows top and bottom.

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  20. Why do they still have the spaced armor doors still open on the new Panzer IV?!

  21. What will happen if I will have Pz 4 and stug 3 in my garage when 9.0 hits live?
    Will I get 3 Pzs and 2 stugs?

    • What do you think….

      like, if you think about this for just as long as it took you to write that reply.

  22. I’m not a big fan of these two tier 4 in a row… Damn it makes the tree really ugly. Why not simply adding a line for the Stug III B under the one of the Marder 38T? Moreover, even if I know that the historical aspect is not the more important and there are many issues like this in the tech tree, it’s strange to make us grind a 1940 tank with a 1942 one.

    • “Why not simply adding a line for the Stug III B under the one of the Marder 38T?”

      Because then it displaces the icon of every tank below just because of that one vehicle, and then for some resolutions that means the tree is stretched vertically and horizontally. The current implementation just means it’s still stretched horizontally, but only a little more

    • Not that I downloaded test client, but I hope StuG, as less armored, will be far more agile – I would prefer StuG then. And I don’t use derpguns :P

  23. Any way to “cheat” myself some free garage slots with the PzIV and StuG splits? Like the free garage slot that players got if they had AMX 12t the in the garage when ELC AMX was introduced?