9.0 Model Changes

Hello everyone,

what follows is the account of model changes I’ve been able to discover in patch 9.0. Unusually, we’ll start with the Americans. You see, American vehicles recieved somethig graphic overhaul. This was not supposed to happen until later actually, as it is generally connected with the coming of the US light tank tier 8. Let’s have a look at it. Oh yea, and nevermind the different color, that’s due to the new shader system being used – just ignore that and focus on the shapes.

Also note that unlike usually, in order to save traffic, the images are hosted at imgur and in order to make one larger, you have to rightclick it and select “view image”.

Chaffee – stock turret visual model change (the lighter one is the new one obviously)

Chaffee elite turret change is much more visible. As you can see, the old “ugly” turret got removed. This is because the old turret did not belong to the Chaffee and was not really an “M24″ turret, it was the T37 turret, belonging to the T37 light tank, which was a successor to Chaffee. When the US light line comes, T37 will most likely be a tier 6 tank, so they are “saving” the turret for it this way.

And here the armor setup. Notice that the new M24 (elite) turret in 9.0 is bugged, the mantlet is not where it’s supposed to be.

M5 Stuart changed as well, the M5 turret becoming historically smaller

And here is the top turret change, which is again much more visible. The Stuart lost its open turret and now actually has a historical closed turret. It is also worth noting that the 75mm howitzer cannot fit the closed turret (there is a reason this turret was open) and is scheduled to be removed from this vehicle, when the American rebalance comes.

Other changes:

- WZ120: completely insignificant change, fixing a millimeter-sized bug on driver’s visor, not even worth taking screenshot
- ARL39: textured reworked to new shader system, otherwise nothing
- apparently, French AMX 105 AM Mle47 now has a turret (the gun looks a bit different) – odd

- Panzerj√§ger I’s armor got fixed in 9.0 and its visual appearance changed a bit as well

- Panzer I became slightly narrower

- Sturmpanzer I got kinda smaller

- Hummel got a bit smaller and its armor more detailed

- M6A2E1 gun got a bit longer

Additionally, a lot of models had their textures changed from “old” to “new” (those bleak ones, used for the new shader system), in game it of course looks better than in the viewer :)

44 thoughts on “9.0 Model Changes

  1. Hmm…the new ‘murican color looks close to some british ones…
    I wonder how we’ll differenciate, for example, the new American M5 from the upcoming british M5(except the nation’s emblem)

  2. Hi SS, you guys have some trouble with the rss feeds? Thunderbird shows no new content after 20.3.2014 and in browser (chrome) I get “error on line 330 at column 3: xmlParsePI : no target name”

  3. hey SS can U ask ur friends from east why are they fucked up login server?
    cos it looks like all Beta Testers cant log in… thx

  4. SS, do the changes to the chaffee top turret mean that it will get a better camo rating ? That would be great if it was true, the camo rating on it is shit. Also, is there a weight difference ?

    • We’ll have to see I guess.. and I hope that it won’t come out like the one in the picture because I bought the Chaffee for two reasons. One, I kinda find the bobby turret cute and 2, I learn how to scout in it.

  5. Will Chaffee lose it’s top gun with that turret change? Will there be any other vehicles’ charracteristics changes?

  6. I already started saving up my texture packages from older versions… I don’t want HD textures or shit like that, I want a gold ammo regulation and less lossy server-side packets coming to my client :)

  7. I smell 37mm T16 autoloader on the M5 Stuart :)

    Elite Chaffee is finally beautiful. Now they just need to rework its gun options, but I’m sure that will come with the rest of the US light branch.

  8. SS, do you know why they constantly keep changing the german brown/panzergrau summer camo pattern? I loved the one in 8.11, but now it’s mixed with either brown/grey and brown/panzergrau, with the latter being the current one on 8.11.

  9. The performance is absolutely fantastic, i didnt believe, that i would be able to enjoy those nice HD models. But wtf happened with some textures?? My AMX 50 100 has ugly black tracks, FV4202 likewise, Centurion I texture looks bleached, on the other hand Centurion 7/1 is fine as it was before and so on. And as i can see here, it seems to be a common problem – Chaffee and M5 textures are ugly as fuck! Is it intentional or the textures are messed up? At least they removed that alien turret. I may even grind that tank now

    • It’s an issue with the current renderer and art file systems. For some reason some parts of the model (namely the guns and tracks) are stored with the geometry normals facing ‘inwards’, and the renderer is hardcoded to compensate for that. The new models seem to be done with a new system in mind, with all parts having normals facing outwards like they’re supposed to, but when you put that through the current rendering system, their normals get flipped over anyway resulting in screwed lighting and dark textures.

  10. Was wondering what the problem is, and why no one else was pointing it out. Thanks for the info Grumpy Stranger. My British flag is so dark you would not even know it was British. On my PC though, I notice I am dropping from about 45 fps to 37 with the new graphics.

    Is the green tint when in sniper mode a bug as well? don’t see why they need to change it from what it was.

    PS, pretty damn sure I click reply not make a new post..

  11. How on earth are they going to balance the M5 Stuart without the 75mm gun? An autoloaded 37mm gun would still have garbage penetration, even if they switched turned the standard ammo into the gold version used at lower tiers.

  12. Dang, I love the current Chaffee turret!

    Knew a Chaffee nerf was coming, but hoped it wasn’t :(

    Doesn’t even look like the Chaffee anymore…….

    • Yeah.. that alien turret is sort of it’s trademark, I hope that they’ll keep the top gun or else it’s gonna be absolutely worthless.

    • It got the turret it actually served with

      You’ll get the bobblehead back when they implement the T37 light tank

  13. The stock Chaffee turret is the pre-production T24 turret. Basically, the prototype turret.

    The upgrade is the production M24 turret.

    This is how it should’ve been all along. And I called it months ago, and Chieftain basically confirmed it.

    Now, the question is, does it lose the 76mm gun? If it does it needs to get normal tier 5 matchmaking..

    • Answer is no. and removal of the “T37″ turret in my opinion is actuallt a plus since from what I know.. lower height=better camp.