Upcoming Historical Battles?

Thanks to carramba66 for this one.

Apparently, the maps/icons/historicalBattles folder of the 9.0 test client contains some additional historical battles icons


Apart from Prokhorovka (Kursk), Ardennes battle (announced earlier) and Lake Balaton (also in the test), we can see more icons there:

- Briansk (probably referring to the city of Bryansk in western Russia, occupied by Germans from 1941 to September 1943), we can expect more Kursk-style battles I guess.
- Tobruk, most likely referring to the Siege of Tobruk in 1941, most likely involving Germany and Britain
- Taifun, probably referring to Operation Taifun, or – as Russians call it – the Vyazma operation, taking part in September to October 1941, resulting in German victory

32 thoughts on “Upcoming Historical Battles?

  1. My father was at the Siege of Tobruk, AT Gunner, killed 4 German tanks (3xPzII, 1xPzIII) with a QF 2pr.

  2. Why are we having “who’s relative killed the most” competition here?

    I hope they make specific missions for historical battles. Will hopefully bring me back to WoT more regularly.

      • We’ll see how Pershing ‘heavy tank’ armour will stand up to Tiger II. -_- I guess it still has a troll mantlet, but 160 pen will be tough if you are trying to attack from the front.

        Also, funny how you mention that when Jingles just did a video on the M36 and it’s mediocrity due to the M18 existing. Feeling a bit small now, Hellcat? :-D

  3. … yestarday morning there were only two historical battles in the 9.0 test UI – Kursk and Prokhorovka. Now also the Battle of Bulge was added…

  4. “Historical battles” are absolute unplayable garbage on test. Much worse than confrontation. If they lock historical equipment on tanks then they should also lock “historical setup” of teams. Not rubbish setups like 5 su152 1 t34 1 su100 1 kv1s against 5 tigers and 1 ferdi. Absolute bullshit. And I doubt it will get any better, who wants to play some low tier tank that cant pen tiger even in backside.

  5. Hopefully German tanks will finally have their historical Dunkelgelb when Tobruk comes. That camo paint has been overlooked long enough.

    • WG has said they won’t implement other ‘non-camo’ paints, even if they are historical, because it would confuse players (???). Not all players are reds, WG. -_-

      • That makes no sense at all. The Panther/M10 is olive drab and has American camo, yet it never fooled anyone in battle. How exactly does German tanks with overall Dunkelgelb confuse players when the targets are highlighted as red anyway?

  6. IMHO historical battles could be much better if:

    1) They’d be on a new maps instead of simply re-using regular maps.

    2) Matchmaker would force certain team composition, eg. maximum 25% of tanks in a battle can be Tier 6+

    3) There would be more encouragement to play low tier tanks in them (eg. flat bonus 5k (or whatever would be good to cover repair costs if you die from first shot before doing anything) + 10% XP )

  7. Britain can’t take part in any historical battles they’ll have to add numerous new tanks not mention re-work dozens more…..