Tank Inspector Issues

Hello everyone,

just a quick update – several of you have asked about Tank Inspector not working. I asked Hillin, the developer – basically their entire cloud service went down. The are working hard on fixing the issues, so please be patient.


19 thoughts on “Tank Inspector Issues

    • Actually it’s our cloud service provider (sinaapp) pulled their datacenter plug – really a shame for such a big company. The good thing is after several hours of emergency recovery, it’s working normally now. Thanks for the patience – and thanks to SS for the announcement.

  1. Are you sure this is only a temporary issue? Tank Inspector has not been working for weeks in my case and their website is also down. Funny thing is a friend told me its working fine for him and another one said he also has problems, but he was able to acces the website through anonymizer, so I dont know what to think of it…

    • It offers some live stat data like average tier the tank ends up at, average kills, deaths, income, survivability ect but it has to connect to the server to gather these.

      They could release an offline version with just tank stats data that wouldn’t need to be updated unless there is game patch being released changing something. Why wont they do this I have no idea.

      • The program could still do both of those things if Tank Inspector was installed on the user’s PC though, just connect to the server and read the data. That way, people could still what they have loaded on their PC even when the guy’s server goes down.

  2. There are only two I use.. Gamemodels3d, and WoT tank viewer. Tank Inspector is a hassle.