8.11 – Crashes caused by Sound Mods

Hello everyone,

just a quick announcement: today’s micropatch started causing crashes of World of Tanks for many people. This is, according to Gnomefather (prominent mod-creator), caused by sound mods, which the patch made incompatible for some reason. ANY sound mods are causing this, including Gnomefather’s historical sound mod. If the game crashes for you, uninstall them and wait for an updated version.

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        • there must be a error on your 0.499 engine version.
          If i install guns first and engines second, i get the python error of
          Exception: error in ‘scripts/item_defs/vehicles/germany/Karl.xml/turrets0/Turret_1_Karl/guns/_600mm_Karl/effects’: unknown effect ‘shot_karl’

          But if i switch them, and overwrite the files from the engines 0.499 with the guns 1.8622, the game runs perfectly. I think the “item_defs” on the engines zip are of the old version.

          Thanks for your great job on the soundmods.

    • I know that something from resmods folder did crash. So I started deleting ally outlines HD minimap
      then I deleted sounds from res mods (Gnomefather’s Sounds). I still got engine sounds but they are all the same like Tiger’s engine sounds on KV1S only my KV-2 has original sound and Tiger obviously :). Guns same all sound same it’s like WOT original concept with Gnome’s edition. I mean all heavies have same engine sounds and all guns with 20mm have same sound but they are not so plastic. Tribute to Gnomefather and all moders for keeping up with all those updates and micro updates. Thank you Gnomie :) . Take time 9.0 is coming should keep the effort for real update. BTW who thinks this micro update could come with 9.0. They’ve started to spam with all those updates.

  1. SS, you may want to add that the reason the sound mods doesn’t work is due to Wargaming adding this litte shit thing called 8-bit Karl to the game in the micropatch, which broke almost everything that had to do with the gun mod, and all the german engine sounds.

    And not every sound mod causes this. Only gun sound mods that uses modified scripts, and engine sounds that modifies the script of German engines.

    • It’s not Wargaming’s business to watch out to not accidentally break any mods. Mods are not supported, so complaining about mods breaking after an update is pretty pointless, isn’t it?

      • Keep playing you vanilla shit then, rest of us like to actually enjoy how the game looks and sounds, which, as of now, is only possible thanks to many great modders, who, it might surprise you, spent many hours working on them. So yeah folks will complain and i’ll be one of them, cause after Gnomefeather’s sounds, standard ones simply suck like an industrial vacuum cleaner.

  2. Adding a tank that cannot be played as an Easter egg which then breaks core script functionality is pretty idiotic though…. If it was a functional feature then fair enough but superfluous objects shouldn’t modify frameworks like that!

    Edit: WordPress had a moment! This was a reply to cronotk

  3. Jimbos also doesn’t. I couldn’t launch game at all until I removed it. seems like this micropatch has broken almost everything

  4. Absolute genius. WG releases a micropatch which basically adds a new hangar and they still manage to screw up the game. I can’t imagine a more pathetic company.

    • I can imagine Serb right now, how terrible….

      hopefully mod devs go quick and fix the sound mods so that we don’t have to listen to the boring standard sounds for long

    • It really isn’t a company’s job to make sure that unofficial mods remain functional…

      • No, but mods no longer work if there was a change in the programming of the engine and all WG did was add a new hangar and they still messed up with the programming, so they failed.

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  6. no sound mods=no game, period

    stupid patch replaced my beautiful kancolle voice with shit stock stupid sounds.

    simply replaced it with my old files, working.

    if it crashes, fuck this game