Micropatch on WG EU as well

Hello everyone,

as some of you might have noticed, a micropatch did hit the EU server as well (without any notice on the portal). This micropatch contains following fixes:

- hotfixed the disappearing arty shells in arty mode bug
- new hangar (WGL-themed), that will be active from 2nd to 6th April

Because that’s exactly what we need. Another hangar.

43 thoughts on “Micropatch on WG EU as well

  1. That’s so great. And while they fix these issues, they break all mods that use scripts. So if you are using any sound mods like gnomefather’s engine and gun sounds, you are SOL as the game will crash back to desktop upon loading. However it is enough to just kill the “item_defs” folder in World_of_Tanks\res_mods.8.11\scripts as a workaround.

    • Hmmm oddly enough, gnomefeather’s engine mod still works for me, but i did made a backup copy of the main audio folder and overwritten the audio files in it, but yea gun sounds are gone and the vanilla ones after gnomefeather are just…. UGH…

    • Well they did screw up my crew sound mod to that don’t use scripts. As it was back to default to. So they must have done something there to. As I have it installed directly in the res/audio folder. And they did change them to.

    • so did they deleted the gnomefather or it’s still in audio folder,,so i just delete item_defs and that it’s it

  2. WG= noob Team.. nothing more to say..
    putting ressources into the wrong places all the time..

  3. And of course it had to fuck up my mods(game immediately crashes not even reaching log on screen), i only use visual ones like tank remodels, gnomefeather sound mod and lighting mod to make this game less dull looking, now i have to search which one is screwing up the game…..

    • yes sounds fucked up, both GF and Kriegstreibers……but kriegsstreibers Turret Traverse/Rotating sound works funny enough…I use OMC and anything else in it seems to work fine.

      • Yea, didn’t see it when i wrote my comment, yea, everything not connected in some way to “item defs ” seem to work with addition to gnomefeather’s engine sounds for me

  4. “Because that’s exactly what we need. Another hangar.” – I don’t mind. Default hangar is shit.

    • Probably one of mods. I have that ALWAYS, cause I use 25 % textures which dont go into res_mods, but to res folder. After downloading patch client always checks integrity, so if it spots files that are different, begins to download WHOLE game… Sucks, why cant it download only 1 or 2 files that are different?!

      • Yeah, you are right! I was using that 25% texture mod in 8.11 for the first time so this came as a surprise to me! And why the hell client downloading 10GB, when the whole thing is 6,3GB large!? No sense at all!

  5. so there is two weeks left until apr 6, where are the other bonus codes then? i was lucky enough to have a day in this year, when im not online, and thats exactly when they release 3 codes…ffs

  6. No forums still, will we also get the bonus premium day like RU?

    Also they should announce downtime and planned updates…

  7. Are we receving a free premium day like the russians or we have yet to fully embrace the teachings of comrade Stalin?

    My country is in a peninsula, so I will be russian in its next invasion anyways…

    • And the 5 other free premium days we have gotten so far in 8.11 where not enough?

  8. It would be nice, if all of us old beta testers could join as well.
    But i guess that would be too much to ask.

  9. damn, without sound mods it works fine, but the original ingame engine & gun sound is a no go !! i want my “swoosh” back

  10. Just down loaded a patch this morning. Do not know what it is. WoT keeps crashing. Of course, WGNA, made no announcement about any patch.

    • as can be seen above – it is enough to just kill the “item_defs” folder in World_of_Tanks\res_mods\8.11\scripts as a workaround.

      As a matter of fact, if you just delete the “Germany” piece INSIDE the “item_defs\vehicles folder”, it will work, too and you will still have your sounds (except for German tenks….).

  11. So finally it is possible to play artillery again without this extremely annoying and game-breaking bug? Nice. Was about time. I really got sick of having 1/3 of shots disappearing, 1/3 exploding outside the aim circle and the rest of shots that weren’t actually bugged were maybe bad shots or did almost no damage. Had a lot of matches where I think this was a total game breaker. People announce targets and spot and rely on artillery and the shells just disappear into nirvana and arty can do nothing about it and even gets blamed for it.