So, want to buy the T95E6?

Thanks to Louie Xia for this one.

Hello everyone,

would you like to buy the T23E3? Or perhaps the T95E6 from a shop? Well, if you do, you gotta move to China, because a (legit) Chinese webstore is pre-selling (not yet implemented) tanks. That’s the first time I see a pre-sale for a vehicle, that’s not yet in the game.

T23E3 is being sold for 148 RMB (cca 24 USD)


T95E6 is being sold for 889 RMB (cca 143 USD)


That’s what I call capitalism :) Hmmm I wonder, maybe we should have some ultra-special one-time sales like that too? And by one-time, I mean ONE time, not like the KV-220…

The shop lists the vehicle stats as such:

View range: 380m
Avg. Dmg.: 110
Spd for turning: 40°/s
Max. Fwd Spd :56.3km/h
No Avg pen.

View range: N/A
Avg. Dmg.: 400
Max. Armor thickness: 177mm
Max. Fwd Spd :56.3km/h
Avg. Pen for Gold shells:340mm

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        • Well, T95E6 is hardly the first one, M60 and VK7201 has experienced this as well.
          While you guys get Tier X vehicles for CW, chinese players get coupons (about 20% off) for these vehicles.

          Oh, and SU-85i and Panzer IV hydro has been in random battles for at least a year, both purchasable from gift-shop and webstore from time to time. Not to mention tanks like Pz.II ausf.J, MTLS-1GI4, BT-SV and V/IV Alpha can also be obtained via RMB.

    • Well I don’t think that they gave WG that much money as you think. Usual practice when you have daughter company in China is that they keep 90% of theirs profit.

  1. Well, I dont think WG will ever sell a CW tank. Its just the chinese server that isn’t owned by WG directly. They can do what ever they want.

      • They’ve never said that, in fact it is the complete opposite. Keep dreaming or get into an organized clan.

        • Bullshit, I saw the post. Those that do not participate in CW actions will have the opportunity to buy or earn these tanks.

  2. The t23 was in the game at the start and was removed due to the fact is was so similar to the T20. why bring it back?

    T95 looks good though.

    • “The T23 was removed in patch 0.6.5 and replaced by the now tier 8 M26 Pershing. The M26 Pershing’s position at tier 9 was filled by the M46 Patton. At the time it was removed it was said that the T23 would be back in future patches.” Wiki says this. Maybe they’ll add it when light americans line comes out

        • Well the T23 is in the 360 version in one of the Founders pack. Its a tier 7 premium tank there. 1440 HP with the M1A2 gun with 18.43 rounds a min with a +1 MM. So who knows. Maybe EU will do the same one day. As US got 2 premium medium tanks form before. I guess its not a priority.

  3. SS have you any info on if you own a Pz.IV post 9.0 will you get 3 Pz.IV’s same with the Stug III

  4. Lets not forget that WoT in China is being almost totaly independed from WG. Iam sure the majority of money income goes to the company and just a way smaller one to WG. The Chinese gaming market has its extremes on its own and it is becoming more and more bigger. Grinding services from the (in)famous “grind” houses where ppl live almost like slaves playing and exping/grinding 24/7. Ppl there have no problems paying 5 to 6k (yes THOUSAND) of dollars monthly on games.

    Afterall the gaming Chinese fanbase is bigger then the rest of the world combined and Chinas market is a goldmine.

  5. im chinese, in china server you can buy any tank witch is in test server just like
    Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J
    Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f)
    Pz.Kpfw. V/IV
    even the m60 and vk7201
    dont think that is great, that is very terrible.i cant say how bad it are but belive me, that is really terrible,make me sick.
    i cant stand it so i move to sea server.

    • Can i create a chinese account even if i live in EU and transfer my account with all them tanks i have on that new account? PLS TELL ME I CAN! (i need the KV-220 and the Type 59 so much!!!)

    • thx for the links m8, quite interesting to see that.
      but rly, for example 210 Yuan for a T34? like 25€? Or am i wrong with something? Does an “average” guy in china earn much less money than ppl here do?

      JUST 9999.99$!!! ORDER NOW!

      *Disclaimer: Includes special gift tanks and onetime sales, even contains Sturmtiger but doesn’t include Agrimotor! Agrimotor sold separately!

    • Nope that wouldn’t be possible :) But we can actually get all the premium tanks via the store…Pz.IV hydro, SU-85I, SU-76I, VK7201, M60, MTLS, everything.

  6. “That’s the first time I see a pre-sale for a vehicle, that’s not yet in the game.”

    Doesn’t A-32, PzV/IV and M6A2E1 count? They weren’t in the game during the beta but there was chance to pre-order them.

    • U R right guy, fucking noobs in tier 10. Get rid of Chinese server is the best advice I could ever gave to your guys.

  7. We should stop whining about EU, NA servers. At least we don’t have to play on chinese. Fucking rice eaters.

    • Hey ,do you know Chinese Players sometimes go to other servers like EU and SEA , and what we found? Tons of SANDBAGS~~~~~even me can average kill 6 enemies among 100 battles. with just 131 XVM point . A terrible environment creat strong players.

  8. I’m a player from Chinese server,and I want to be honest about the pre-selling of tanks and other problems about premium tanks in Chinese server.VK7201 and M60,which was a prize tank for CW,were also pre-selling when it’s not implemented.If any of you who know some Chinese,you can view the First Page of this online shop and you’ll find there are almost all the premium tanks on sale.Take M60 as an example,when pre-selling,it’s 1088 CNY(almost 200 USD),but then there was a big sale,causing the price dropped to 588 CNY(almost 100 USD).Although I’m not quite interested in these expensive Tier 10 tanks.But I’m really worried about this kind of sale.And the most important thing is,as I mention before, there are almost all the premium tanks on sale in this online shop,and THE PRICE IS GOING DOWN ALMOST EVERYDAY!Take Tier 8 premium tanks as examples,about a year ago,it was about 250 CNY(about 40 USD)(Type 59,WZ111,KV5,Jagdtiger 88 and so on),and now they are almost 150 CNY(about 25 USD)or even 100 CNY(15 USD,SuperPersing)!What’s the consequence?In Chinese server,there are a lot of people buying premium tanks(mostly Tier 8)and use them to bot and make money so that they won’t need to do it by their own(One more advantage is they can use these credits to buy gold shells and they can use gold shells the whole battle,which I think it’s a little bit unfair for others,although I know gold shells it’s not invincible).I know Chinese server is a separate server,which is different from RU,EU server,but I just can’t stop complaining about this.Hope you guys can finish reading this and I hope you can understand what I want to express,thank you!

    • I want to say a few words more,and I think this is much more shocking for you guys…”Do you want to collect all the premium tanks and even tanks which are not selled(only as gifts)?We can help you to realize this dream!Only 5888 CNY(about 1000 USD)!“

      • Don’t worry.These are too expensive to most of chinese.I didn’t often see these.

        • Nah,here’s another Chinese…well,I don’t play top tier battles for most of the time,so just go let them go fuck themselves.

    • Yeah buddy,that’s the problem,there are noobs buying M60,VK7201,T95E6 and Object 907(I believe it will be pre-selling if it’s implemented)!

      • What can’t KDW do? Just let them go fuck themselves and we just killing babies in low tier battles. That’s were real hardcore players always stay in CN server.

  9. I am chinese.Do you wang to konw how we call this? KDW! This means the agent of the WOT does lots of things wo don’t like.PS:my English isn’t very good,please don’t laugh at me,thanks.

  10. 143 USD for a t10? give me a break! this makes me pissed off that they dare to give it such insane amount of price

  11. As a Chinese Player ,maybe Ican tell you some truth. In Chinese Server, Type 59 & WZ111 can be seen iin every battle if in get in a Tier 8 room,and there always 2 or more Type 59 in each side.

    All the tanks can get by RMB, no matter KV220 or IV/V, or B2 or 105 lefH18B2 , and 2J、 MTSG、S35 are selled in 5 RMB, KV220 in 13RMB.

    Well, what should be noticed that 【WZ111 112 t-34-3 IS-2 stil have 300 penetrate HEAT which just cost 9 gold ,. It means even just use HEAT these tanks can still earn some money】. So in Tier 8 & 9 room, we suffer with flood of Type 59 and WZ111. All Tier 8 MT try thei best to fight with Type 59 but lost at last. Even E-75 can’t STOP WZ111′s Attack.

    That’s the WOT in China.