Panzer IV Hydro – Finally in the Game…

Hello everyone,

so, more than a year passed since its introduction to the gamefiles (two years even?) and Panzer IV Hydro tier 5 premium tank finally arrived. Not with a bang, unfortunately, but with a whimper.


Basically, it comes with Razer shit bundle. I really dislike Razer company, because its junk got “advertised” on FTR via massive comment spam. Until today, the word “Razer” is in fact banned from comments and if you write it, your comment will drop straight to spam folder.

It’s actually sad… a lot of people kinda waited for this vehicle and now you have to buy some useless junk to get it. No thanks, you can fuck off with that, Wargaming.

134 thoughts on “Panzer IV Hydro – Finally in the Game…

  1. [banned word]‘s game booster does work for me though, it’s free and i get about 20-30% more fps in high load games

    • Actually the old Gamebooster 3.0 is better – that was before the company entered the [banned word] affiliation – it is still downloadable if you look around.

    • Normal mouse? Well if you think that Deathadders are normal mice, then it fits the price range of 40-80€ of your normal mice.

      • I had DeathAdder for a long time(2-3 years) and i also think thats just normal mouse. It was twice complaint. I had Logitech, A4tech, and another brands…and i didn’t see nothing special on it only price. There are a lot of another “normal” price mice that are as good as this one.

      • Razer mice insides are not much better than other mid shelf gaming mouse.
        You just pay for that l33t h4x R4Z3R #G4M1NG logos and stickers.

        • Full disclosure: I use a Deathadder, and I have not used any other ‘gaming’ mouse extensively. I payed ~AU$65 a little over three years ago for it.

          I actually quite like the Deathadder. it’s big and comfy, it’s light, the cord’s light enough to not drag and sturdy enough to not wear. I’ve been using it daily since I built this PC in November 2010 and it’s shown very little to no wear. The thumb buttons are also very easy to find, yet at the same time I’ve never bumped them accidentally. lastly, middle-click (wheel-click) which I use frequently for ‘open in new tab’ is light and easy to do without scrolling at the same time – I’ve used plenty of mice with wheels that are horrible for clicking. It’s not anything particularly special, but what it does it does well.

          I agree that [manufacturer] are a bit full of themselves these days, but it doesn’t mean their stuff is bad. It may be a tad on the pricey side, but it’s nowhere near as overpriced as Alienware stuff.

      • this crap mouse shouldn’t cost more than 20€, that’s its right prize, that company uses low quality materials for its products, you are paying for the name, not for quality.

        If you want quality, go logitech, you will pay 40€ for a mouse that can last more than 5 years in top condition under extreme use.

        • True, I had a “you know what” diamondback 3g, in the past 3 years I had to disassemble it for 4 times and replace microswitches in the left,right and middle mouse buttons.

          Now I have a hama urage mouse which costs 15-20€. At first look it’s a “you know what” copy. It’s really good mouse for that price.

        • That’s funny, cause I have a deathadder I bought 6 years ago and it’s still working perfectly fine. Even the rubber coating is 100% intact. I have been using the mouse very, very heavily in those 6 years. My experience with Razer is that they have very excellent quality, far better than Logitech

          EDIT: Actually, the light inside the mouse wheel have expired, other than that the mouse is performing as it did when it was new

      • Come to play on CN server, the CN agent would happily offer you the Pz.IV hydro for 60RMB. (As a matter of fact, this vehicle has been around for at least a year in China).

      • Has just as much butons as a normal mouse, some driver settings like every other mouse and the usual unnecessary DPI (6400… who the hell needs that?).
        And you need to register an account.

        Yeah you are right, not a normal mouse… it’s a normal mouse with lots of unnecessary stuff nobody needs.

  2. That’s sad… I would prefer to buy it in store, maybe even in one of the (in)famous “special offers”, than with the [banned word]‘s hardware (I prefer other producer).

  3. I love R@z€r products, but the only thing I have is an old Deathadder. However, as a registered user, I am constantly bombarded by ads of new mice, keyboards and headsets, which is extremely annoying. I appreciate that I was given a free premium airplane for WOWp, but I don’t even know how to comment on this bundle. As SS said, this is just sad.

  4. Well at least it’s finally in game. This particular bundle deal will only be around until the stock sells out. Then after that maybe we’ll see it on sale in other better types of promotions. Who knows how long that will take though..

  5. $110 in my country, for a sub par mouse and a tier 5 tank that isn’t particularly good?

    Thanks Obama
    Thanks Wargaming
    Thanks Revan

    • I cannot agree more. My logitech wireless is still going strong!
      But, if you will ever buy from The company that shall not be named, buy mice and keyboards because it’s at least of high quality.
      Rzr headphones tho are shit, two of my friends bought them and both broke down in two months.

      • Logitech makes really sturdy mice. My G5 is over 7 years old and still going strong. But I bought Rzr Naga Hex for 80 euros cause I’m a dota geek and I can afford it. It works flawlessly and fits my hand like a charm.

        Now, I didn’t want to advertise that brand here, but smashing whole brand for this deal doesn’t feel right to me. They are overpricing their products for sure, and this deal is very stupid I agree, but I blame WG, not Rzr for this.

        • I had a “company” mouse once, got it as a gift from my uncle. That thing literally disintegrated in my hands, I squeezed it a bit and components just came off.

          A4tech Bloody V8 V-Track Core 2 is what I’m using currently, fits my hand perfectly and that is some seriously sturdy mouse, survived months of carrying in notebook case, fell several times from my table, not a single scratch, like a Jtiger88 fighting an IS-6

          Before all that I was using a Genius mouse, won that in some school contest of something, back at primary school. I lasted for almost 10 years, sadly my mother damaged the cable beyond repair.

        • My G5 is also still very much alive and kicking, although I did upgrade a few times in between, Currently on the G500s. More buttons :-)

    • Microsoft Intellimouse (older model) optical, its the oldest piece of hardware I still use. Its supposed to be off-white and bumpy, but usage has turned it beige and I could practically see my face on it. Still works perfectly…

      Nothing against Logitech, but any mouse I’ve used by them have broken quite quickly.

      • Never had a Logitech mouse, but my 8 year old G15 keyboard has only gotten dirtier with the years, not a single flaw otherwise. Guess I’ll have to take it to the grave with me :D

        As for Rzr, I was never a fan of their equipment, it just seems to be made for other hands. I recently got me a R.A.T. 7, wich is a really nice mouse with all the extra parts and stuff to customise.

    • nah, it’s not a waste of money

      For World of Tanks maybe, but if you play a fast shooter (quake, cstrike, …) your Dell mouse starts jumping around the screen, getting totally confused
      The deathadder is such a good mouse they still sell it for the same price it came out years ago, it’s a 2006 product and people are still buying it

      I like WoT because its so slow and I don’t need to be on adrenaline anymore to play it

      My advice: Try all those different mice and you will see the differences in handling. The deathadder is a big, light mouse with 5 Buttons and very good grip and handling.

      I pair this mouse with a cherry G80 keyboard and have never seen better input devices anywhere (The cherry keyboard is the original professional keyboard using the cool cherry microswitches those totally overpriced ‘professional gamer keyboards’ use, if they even use microswitches. For typing only the IBM Model M beats the cherry G80, but the IBM is unusable for gaming)

      tldr: Deathadder is not needed for WoT, but an exceptional mouse for ego shooters. Cherry G80 keyboard rocks.

    • I have a Rzr Naga, bought it two and a half years ago and I didn’t have almost any problem with it. The only problem was, that I am a pig and I had to clean the mouse, because the switches were so dirty that they didn’t react correctly (doubleclicks, trippleclicks or no click at all, that was annoying as hell).
      Oh wait, there are two things I don’t like about the old Naga – those two buttons on the left front end of the mouse (they are practically useless, unless you want to dislocate your index finger + they make terrible creaking sound) and the glossy finish.
      PS: There is nothing better for WoT than mouse like Naga / Logitech G600, guess why :)

  6. Patience guys…. Remember, last year, Pz B2 was available again only if you have bought some shitty T-shirts as a bundle… Then a few weeks later you could get B2 from the premium shop as a free tank with gold purchase…. So just wait, WG is not stupid.

      • I think there were considerably cheaper than 80,- bundles, but I’d need to re-check. Anyway, I don’t need a fancy ‘gaming’ mouse, so I’d rather buy a giant pile of gold for WoT. Because a pile of Gold is in essence my future Premium subscription.

  7. I think that winners of some contest that won this [forbidden word] pack have the code as well.

  8. meh. I’ll just wait for someone to put up the code on fleabay. :)

    Is the best way to contact you via the blog email? I had some questions about tank development.

  9. Why so much hate on Raser, their stuff isn’t the best, but their worth their price as I’ve head. Though you wont need a Deathadder playing granpa FPS WoT.

    • Heh, for 9 years, untill recently, I used MS Intellimouse Optical. I played CS, CoD, UT and never had a problem with the fact it had 400dpi. I would use it still, if the scroll wheel didn’t wore out.

      Now I have fancy brand (not the banned one) with 1600dpi and the only difference is that cursor movement is a bit smoother, but not enough to be called game changer as these companies like to advertise it.

      Anyway, my point is: you don’t need a Deathadder for any game, not just “grandpa FPS” WoT.

      • Yes, that stuff is true, dpi doesn’t mean that much, but not having acceleration does and how the mouse feels in your hand as long as it’s not too fast.

  10. The biggest problem i have with this mouse is Razer synapse 2 software. You need to log in in order to use it and the data is synched in cloud!!! No thanks, not unless they get the manual offline mode.

  11. Pretty shit tank for such a hefty price to pay, I do need a new mouse since my wireless one is just tragically impractical.

    But lets all be honest here, the tank really is not worth it considering the T-25 is better and even the Chi Nu Kai fetches me more than a Hydro Panzer IV which is slow, mediocre gun and got the same armour as the Chi Nu too.

    • You leave out the most important feature of this rare tank…. preferential MM, which means you will never get a match with 2 tiers above you like you will with the T25 or Chi Nu Kai. Which makes the gun very usable on this medium tank.

      Battle: Malinovka 4/5/2014 6:25:33 PM
      Vehicle: Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat.
      Experience received: 1,174
      Credits received: 42,340
      Battle achievements: High Caliber, Mastery Badge: “2nd Class”
      Battle: South Coast 4/5/2014 6:37:10 PM
      Vehicle: Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat.
      Experience received: 909
      Credits received: 32,017
      Battle achievements: Mastery Badge: “2nd Class”
      Battle: South Coast 4/5/2014 6:56:16 PM
      Vehicle: Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat.
      Experience received: 1,185
      Credits received: 40,927
      Battle achievements: Mastery Badge: “2nd Class”
      Battle: Westfield 4/5/2014 7:05:32 PM
      Vehicle: Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat.
      Experience received: 759
      Credits received: 26,850
      Battle achievements: Sharpshooter, Mastery Badge: “3rd Class”
      Battle: Hidden Village 4/5/2014 8:24:11 PM
      Vehicle: Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat.
      Experience received: 822
      Credits received: 32,668
      Battle achievements: Mastery Badge: “3rd Class”

  12. Don’t now what’s happening but according to my ping tracers, the EU servers are in Austria.
    I’m having ridiculously high ping while I shouly only be 50km from the servers.
    Can somebody else check.

      • I know they should, but my ping suddenly went up relatively high since the micro patch.
        Though that some of the servers went back, and my ping plottings lead me to austria for some reason. Need to check that later.

    • IP locations are based on the address of the company that owns that IP address, not on the physical location of the server (though they often match).

      eg the Asia server is listed as being in Austria too, even though it’s definitely in Singapore.

  13. Hydro is tier V, right? Same as T-25, right?
    So except just another 2x battle to perform while exping the crew what would be the point of having Hydro?

    • Well it does have premium MM supposedly, which by itself is enough to make me kind of want it, but I don’t think I’d pay more than a few bucks for it. It’s definitely not worth 80 bucks.

      • Churchill III has premium MM and is fun as hell, makes a lot of money and XP. Screw the hydro, it doesn’t even look good.

        • Most tier V premtanks with premium MM are crap against tier VI (didn’t try KV-220), and Hydro seems to be a crap even against it’s own tier.

          Recently I bought myself G700 as a replacement to my deteriorating MX 1000, so won’t be able to even check if Hydro is worth anything.

  14. Their headset broke in 3 months.
    Mice are good, I’m told their keyboards are good, but they can go get fucked if they want my money ever again.

    At least this bundle is packaged with the pz4 hydro.
    I would have been pissed if it had been with the SU-85I….85mm gun on a fast, beefy pz3 chassis? I have a 2 year old hard-on for it…

  15. Why do people even care about the PzIV Hydro? It’s a skirtless, fixed-configuration PzIV with slightly higher traverse speed, which’ll probably be canceled out by the underpowered engine and stock suspension resistance. If they decide to add schurzen to it, it’s going to be even worse off because of the added weight.

    Unless WG buffs it quite a bit, it’s not exactly awe-inspiring even among the weaker premiums.

  16. Sorry to hear you got burned by Raz*r spam.

    Although their mice are supposedly nice, although I’ve never had any.

    Looked up the mouse they were selling – meh, my Logitech G700s goes up to 8200 DPI, the Raz*r DeathAdder would be a downgrade. So for me at least, it would be “useless junk,” although I imagine that’s not the case for everybody. It’s certainly an upgrade from an ordinary non-gaming mouse.

    • The Deathadder is their last generation mouse, which is why I’m surprised they picked it for the bundle. I really liked it back in the day, which is why I upgraded to a taipan when it came out. The Taipan is $20 cheaper than the G700S, also has 8200 DPI, and isn’t plastered in buttons either, which is really nice.

      I really don’t like Logitech, they have a tendency to dump buttons onto clumps of plastic, and call them mice. That grip on the G700S looks painful, the way they have your wrist way high like that, and then they dump your fingers down into your mousepad, there’s just something wrong with that.

  17. Just wait. After the morons pay for this WG will bundle it with something else or just put it in the store.

  18. I have a Death Adder that I got on clearance for $20.00, but I like my Wireless Logitech G602 Gaming mouse better. Typical WG BS. I just tried the 9.0 Historical Beta and it looks exactly like the 8.11, didnt see any physics changes with the road wheels as claimed…

    • Oh, so if you would like DA more – it wouldn’t be “WG BS”? I approve your logic.

    • As Dan mentioned: Only tanks that got remodelled in HD have the independent suspension feature, since only they have the updated collision model with 5 point suspension (instead of 2). Try it with the Tiger I, T-54 or M4 Sherman and you will be amazed. Already tried it myself. Love it.

  19. Admin shits his pants each time name R. appears anywhere close by?

    LOL. Hater gonna hate.

  20. Love it. I go to buy the shit mouse for the code and the store page for it is completely broken. It displays a 1990 style white background with lots of links. Piss off [Banned Word].

  21. I knew they would pull this kind of bullshit. The only premium German mediums we can’t normally get are the Panzer IV Hydro and Panzer V/IV (I have all of the other ones except the S35), and of course the only way to get one of them is with an overpriced mouse that costs $80…fuck that.

  22. i’ve got an a4tech optical mouse (wop-49 not z) its like 8 years old (holy shit) and still working now i am like when the hell my mouse die and i have to buy a new one but hell only two things died on this abomination :
    -the painting
    -and i lost one of the “legs”

    this “thing” is made out of chuck norrises beard

  23. logitech keyboards are the best. i used to have a logitech g18 for like almost a decade. best keyboard i ever had

    • I’m running MS keyboard for 9 years, 3 months and 22 days now. And I probably got it for a far less money then you had to pay for a Logitech. :)

      • probably, but does that keyboard light up? or play music or have 27 extra programmable and macro making keys? i think not.

        • 1. Blind typing
          2. Isn’t that what Winamp is for?
          3. I have 30 customizable keys.

          It’s called MS MultiMedia keyboard 1.0a.

  24. RZR are imo gone totaly to SHIT after the Deathadder tbh. I had a Lachesys and the senzor got fucked after 1.5 years. Got now a Roccat Kone 2 and the mouse wheel is broken, the surface totaly worn out after 1 year. I wont ever touch these two producers. After my Roccat dies Iam gonna be a Logitech guy entirely.

    the ONLY product Iam satisfied with from RZR is my Megalodon headset. Having it already 4 years and apart a pretty worn out USB connector, the sound is still great.

    • Yea, used several Logitech mouses myself – some were horribly uncomfortable, other got broken in less than a year. Now I’m running RAT 7 at home for over 2 years and I’m super happy – bought RAT 9 for work. Few of my friends got Razer gear and they all are really happy with it.

      Personal experience may vary.

    • Yea, used several Logitech mouses myself – some were horribly uncomfortable, other got broken in less than a year. Now I’m running RAT 7 at home for over 2 years and I’m super happy – bought RAT 9 for work. Few of my friends got Ra*er gear and they all are really happy with it.

      Personal experience may vary.

  25. Not to worry, I am sure the Russian team will decode the layout used for this code and claim them all before most people even get theirs delivered ;P

    • The lay out for all of the codes are simple… It it is the trying for 100-200 attempts that takes time PLUS WG can see you attempting so many codes and ban you anyways.

      • Trivial solution: distribute possible strings among many, say, 3 per person. It’s almost impossible to prove the conspiracy unless someone rats you out, and they can’t simply disable or revoke all the codes because someone might have gotten them legitimately.

  26. The mouse and pad looks good, I mean the aesthetics. That is the only reason why if ever I would buy it. I still using my 5yrs+old microsoft wheel optical mouse and still awesome.

  27. Use a [banned word] Naga, have for a long time. First one died of abuse, 2nd has been great. No issues. Manufacturers are up, they are down, one made 6 months ago may be ironclad, and then they may cut corners, then they may go, oops, too far and go back to ironclad. Logitech has had it’s share of issues as well (was from reviews at the time that I chose the way I did).

    Read reviews, give weight to >current< reviews.

    As far as [banned word] itself – Give it up SS, they are a good company (in as much as a company can be good) with, IMO, a good product and at one time a bad marketing approach.

    For me it's a non starter, as I said I have a mouse I like, If I was in the market for a new one I might consider it, but is it worth ~$17 for the tank? (you can get the Deathadder for $52) Only you can answer that question for yourself.

    • Well, people on e-bay pay over 100 pounds for Pz II J – and that one is quite common from all of the “rare” tanks.

      $17 can be considered a deal of the year.

  28. Could not agree more with Jiri, including abusing my mouse and broke it. :P.
    i would never ever use another mouse for gaming or surfing, then a mouse just like the Naga. Best gaming mouse I have ever had.
    I will spend extra just for banned word, products, as they are high quality, along with high performance. SS, I dig ya, and love FTR, but your completely and utterly wrong about (banned word), but do understand your dislike of the spamming.

  29. I have owned a deathadder for 2 years and unlike other mice I have yet to kill it. Which is part of the reason I won’t buy this as mine is doing to good to replace.

  30. My desktop is slanted forwards to help accommodate my damaged back, and my mouse occasionally slides off onto the floor … my new Razor mouse broke the first time that happened. I replaced it with a RAT 5, which is a year old, has fallen a number of times, and is still fine.

  31. Haters gonna hate. Even until you try that company’s products, you’re still gonna hate it.

    Well don’t give a shit to you dislikers of “that company”, I’m gonna buy me that mouse.
    Hell I’d rather go with that company or SteelSeries than go with something cheaply made like logitech.

      • lol. Logitech is a master of cheap plastic. Some of their mouses can be literary crushed by squeezing in hand (that’s how I broke one of my – stupid bet with a friend who loved logitech… he bought me another, better one – got broken after half a year (sensor died) ).

  32. Why so much hate? So basically a company is shit and it’s products junk just because of what some random spambot littered comment section with long ago?
    I’m not trying to defend the brand in question, and definitely not trying to defend WG for stupidly deciding to limit this long awaited variant of a very popular vehicle to a expensive accessory bundle, but dude chill out.
    Used to see your entries as mature and neutrally informative, but this definitely wasn’t either of those.

  33. Mrrr…Tough call. I’d buy it for the collector’s value, then sell the mouse to a friend.

  34. The Pz.IV Hydro seems like a terribly inferior Pz. IV, with it’s only redeeming quality being preferential matchmaking…

    Has good gun depression though.

    • If you’ll look at WoT wiki you’ll see that the difference isn’t huge – certainly nothing to describe as “terribly inferior”.

  35. screw [banned company], seriously. i got a deathadder for less then a year now and bij the time it was 6 months old the rubber “coating” on it was allready wearing out. it’s looking more like cheap aluminium mouse by now. sure, it was the $35 variant (without the flashy LED’s), but that’s total bullocks.

  36. You should know better, SS. There is no one-time/unique/neverseenafter tank in this game.

    It will be in the shop in less than a year, lolrazor just got a temporary novelty. There will be shitloads of tears in the line “we bought this shitty 10€ mouse by 70€ to be the only to get this tank and now is on the shop for 20€”

  37. For everyone who “hates” this company because of this reason or that:

    While this is a blog, I don’t expect a whiny response to a company decision because you couldn’t get something you wanted without having to jump through a hoop. No thanks, you can fuck off with that SS.

    I expected more professionalism from you.

  38. I am also not keen on Rz products
    They tend to be overprice with gimmick on their box presentation rather than actual hardware

    As for spec? It kind of meh, most if not all of Gaming peripheral can do as well
    So it down for design and how long it gona last.

    Design is depend on person to person
    but Rz is not really knew for it durability and that is one quality most can agree on

    I actually dont mind this sort of bundle deal that much, but it sucked that it have to be Rz, if it’s other brand be it Logitech Steelseries TT Roccat or whatever I probably buy it without much second thought

  39. Dear SilenStalker, you are one whiny bitch.
    Here is dictionary for that

    So you do not mind to buy premium vehicles and now you are bitching about special offer. If you do not like that does not mean it’s bad. How the hell you expect WG is making money than? They have such big ass company and only 25% of online motherfuckers buying gold. How the hell you think they should act? And you know what, that’s fine that you have your opinion. But there is thousands of people who reading your post and they do not have brain, and will repeat everything you say. Think about consequences. If you do not like it do not play. Invest your time; do not waste on things you hate.
    And you saying the mouse is bad? Its freaken awesome!

    • Dear SRStrom you do understand that FTR is where SS can post “HIS” thoughts and views he does not force you to read or even agree with them just like i am not forcing you too agree with mine just think off that before you start insulting him

      • Thats what I said. I am fine with his oppinon. But most of WG communities are turning in bitch clubs. SS has big responsiblity on his shoulders. Well I am fine with Wg and I like the game. But there is tons of others, whos opinions is formed with help of others.

  40. Death Adder is awsome mouse. Nothing to dislike about it really. I’ve had g500 for 2 years and their shitty cable actually torn for no good reason, had it replaced with some cable from a 2$ mouse.

    Also using logitech g710+ and three cup switches broke in a month or so without rage usage.

    I’m now with the banned’s name deathadder and its a lot better than the overpriced logitech products.

    Also if you buy that mouse you get the tank for free. It’s a fair deal so don’t bash it.

  41. well… just wait a while and suddenly it will be in premshop or even ingameshop… just a matter of time… meanwhile there is PLENTY of other tanks to play ;)

  42. Deathadder is a really nice mouse, but have (had) some problems. Few years ago, I bought the first one (got a nice deal ~30 USD).
    After 2 or 3 years of use, the mousewheel sensor fails, so scrooling is pita.
    It was a common problem with this model, dunno if they sorted it out with current revisions.

    But 80 bucks? How the hell did it get so expensive over the years?

  43. No one is forcing you to buy the mouse!
    Look at it as just an added bonus for those that would like to buy a WOT branded Maus (see what i did there ;)
    Premium pz IV is not something that will motivate anyone to purchase a gaming mouse for 80$ if they dont want to buy such gear in the first place. I will probably make them buy this brand and this model exactly but not motivate a not planed unwanted purchase just to the damn pz IV hyrdo

  44. I’m exclusively using Razer mice for years now, because no other mouse fits me as well as my current Taipan. The only other manufacturer I would touch would be Logitech, but I’m simply not comfortable with their mice. Razer does have their problem though, durability is generally lower than Logitechs, my Taipan sheds its black surface cloaking, but the underlying surface feels the same.
    Oh and PIV Hydro? I feel it’s the same as our normal PIV, with a new bottom. Well better than the 726th T62 clone…

    • Try RAT mouses – they’re right now a most comfortable thing on a market, mostly thanks to the fact that you can adjust them perfectly to your hand. Logitech doesn’t come even close. Only thing I’m missing is a version with multiple keys like Naga

  45. The deatheadder is actually quite a good mouse. Until a few years ago their stuff was bad but they’ve really picked up things in the last couple of years, quality is much improved.

  46. I can never afford their stuff (partially because my parents think it’s too ex), and here I am using a cheap, ~$20 china gaming mouse that works after 4 years (scrolling is slightly screwed after much abuse) though the grip doesn’t meet my expectations (i prefer bigger mouse, i have big hands)

  47. “You can fuck off with that, Wargaming.”

    -> That’s why we love FTR! <3

  48. Sorry, but I already got a spanking new Roccat Kone Pure and it totally kicks ass. Not to mention that the WoT Raz mouse looks horrible. That orange color and the weird text placement with the annoying “Roll Out!” is just disturbing.

    No way.

  49. Hi all.
    Just to let you know that I tried to purchase one.
    What I got was.
    This item is currently out of stock.

    I guess that clever people bought them to make a profit on eBay with the codes.
    I recently bought a Pz II J code on there for 100 pounds, would anyone like it for 150? :)

  50. Found a Clan Mate, who wanted the mouse, I paid for part of it, and get the code for the Tank. There are about 160 tanks in my garage, I like getting the rare ones.
    I may have gone for it, had I needed a regular mouse, I’m about to build a desktop, but I use a cordless Logitech Trackball mouse, and love it. For my left hand though, I use a Razer Nostromo game controller, its a great control combination, with my keyboard in the middle for the commands I do not want on the Nostromo.

  51. Im a happy banned Naga and banned Deathstalker user.
    Personal experience: i bought Naga (mouse) and Lycosa (keyboard)…. after a year the keyboards touch window started fucking with me, skipping songs and movies and such shit. I found out that they stopped with lycosa’s production because of some shitty production problems and also that my keyboard was one of thouse series with such problems.
    Than i got a free reclamation for it. They traded it for a brand new banned Deathstalker which is 30€ more expensive. So im prety positive about the Rancher products…

    Plz no bad comments, its only my personal opinion.

  52. i’m using deathadder since it came out. i have my 3th one atm. last time i tought “its gettiing old, maybe i need a new one soon”^^

  53. I bent over and grabbed my ankles and said OK Razer give it to me… . They did I got the bundle for $54 with the Hydro tank which is fun to play has preferential MM and makes on average 25k a round.

    How did i get it for $54 use the code you idiots!!! 20STORECREDIT

    what a bunch of crying noobs…… oh and the mouse totally sucks