9.0 Models Customizable

Hello everyone,

I’ve read some worries that in 9.0, the HD models will not be customizable. Well, as far as I can tell, that’s not true. Check this out: Russian player Foxerfit already produced a re-colored HD skin for the Tiger I 9.0 test model:


On the left, the recolored one. Obviously, it’s pointless to give links for a model, that’s not done yet (it’s likely it will change before the patch goes live), but as you can see, it’s possible.

13 thoughts on “9.0 Models Customizable

  1. Umm SS.
    Sorry to say this but a model and a texture are two completely different things.
    For example:
    Turning a m26 pershing into an abrams would be a remoddel.
    And changing the color of the m26 pershing from brown to purple would be a retexture.

    In other words, remoddeling is when you change the shape of something and retexture is when you change the look of something.

    Hope i am clear enough.

      • I am not saying there would be anything to prevent people from altering it, all i said was that the titel is incorrect , and if it is not incorrect that what has been done is not customizing the model but the texture.

    • You are basically right, however they changed the texture layout quite a bit (more files, more complex, etc.) But of course you can still skin them, why wouldnt u?

  2. The easiest way to “mod” a tank is to simply swap/rename the turrets… same as the hellcat/T25 one…

    skinning is easy, because there will always be an image file of some sort, that is not “code” in the same way as the 3d model is… Photoshop can open almost any image file, with the right plugin..

  3. Apparently, some people were scared for the lack of ability to have weak spots modes installed.
    What a disaster that would be… #sarcasm