143 thoughts on “WoT Official Girls und Panzer Voiceover

  1. Well, that would be nice… if I was Japanese. I don’t understand a single word she says even I saw the first episode of Girls und Panzer (with subtitles of course) and I have to say, that voice just annoys me. It is always the same (the melody of voice is the same). The only voices I enjoyed was the Mafia dubbing (in czech).

  2. … why o why? Maybe somebody make a mod that brings the whole look of that “Underagedgirlsinshortskirts und Panzer” to WoT, i am sure a special type of people will like that. facepalm.jpg

  3. This love of anime is weird. I don’t mind if female voiceovers are added, but this? Good lord…

      • I have that skin too Retia, but Pz IV in 9.0 it’s going to change, and that skin in CT don’t work like many others :(

        Do you know about it? Do you know how that skin can work in 9.0 and forward?

        • I think it will have to be remade completely, since they added the Schürzen.
          I hope the skinner will remake it, and knowing how dedicated the chinese modding/skinning community is it will probably be very fast :3

          I’m also looking forward to my new tier III and IV Pzkpfw IVs that will hopefully get some GuP skins, too :3

          A friend of mine is already working on remaking Tiger I Karlsland (Strike Witches) skin.

    • Yea, I kinda hope there will by Anzu or Rommel version as well, Miho’s voice is annoying to me and I watch shitloads of anime >_>

  4. Can’t wait!
    Well I’ll find a way to add this only for germans and keep natonal voices for the rest of the nations.

    • Hey Nishizumi77, do you remember me? We happen to meet in two battles, in the first in Komarin I had D.W.2 and I notice you that I had a skin of Nishizumi in D.W.2 XD. In the second in Serene Coast I had VK 30.01 H and I notice you that we meet again XD.

      I’m glad to see you here, this is the skin that I have, I’m going to show you because if you want to donwload it: http://wotcn.duowan.com/tzpage/3718.html

      About Girls und Panzer voice pack, I’m waiting for it many timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Finally, thanks WG, at least you have just do one thing fine…

  5. now we just need a mod that replaces the destroyed tanks for tanks with the white flags including sound track.

  6. Perfect use of voice-acting budget.
    The voices are just unbearable, now. I can’t imagine how annoying, it could be during a battle.

  7. I’ll stick with my “Team America” voice mod thanks.

    Because you know how committed “Girls and Panzers” are when they get down on their knees and suck my cock.

  8. i wouldnt install such shit even if someone would pay me too

    but again in japan there are shops which sells used child underwear

    • Lulz. This comment shows how retarded you are along with the others who cry about such puny shit.

  9. Soo….

    * they can’t get GOOD sounds into the game (like, use gnomefather’s sounds or copy them if you have to call it your OWN)
    * they can’t get a single patch right without at least partially breaking the game (mods, sounds, FOV, microlags etc)
    * they can’t implement things that even REMOTELY make sense
    * they can’t FIX stuff that is broken because they don’t have TIME for it


    Someone really should set these guys straight, ffs…

    • WG didn’t even force people to install this shit.
      Do you even know it’s a mod?
      It means, it’s A fucking optional options for people that would like to use it.

      Stop whining kid

      • it’s not that. It’s the fact that the good stuff they ignore and bullshit they waste resources for that they should have used elsewhere. Got it now?

        • It’s not a bloody waste of resources. It’s a part of their advertising budget, except unlike regular ads, it comes with something that players can toy around with for a bit.

    • As soon as devs responsible for this “mod” cut off their balls. This should help them understand target audience better.

  10. Way to be open-minded, lads. Your tolerance of other cultures is stellar.

  11. I must say, the amount of insults just because of one single mod WHICH IS MADE INDEPENDENTLY by WG JAPAN and has nothing to do with anybody since it is OPTIONAL…

    Seriously, everybody, stop being such whining babies. Either you like it or you dont. Stop fucking insulting a nation because of it.

      • It pisses me off when people start using stereotypes and insults because of one single thing like that…. I swear, people are so butthurt over everything these days..

      • this is AWESOME, at last an official voice pack.
        i hope they make a gundam 8th ms team one next :D.

        and yes, the ammount of bigoted retarded fucks commenting this newspost is appalling, hope they get removed from the gene pool or at last SS erases the fuck out of those retarded comments

        • “hope they get removed from the gene pool or at last SS erases the fuck out of those retarded comments”

          Grow up, kid.

          btw if you have any complaints regarding me, pls send them to complaints@wjde.eu

          • “grow up, kid” coming from the retard that posted “As soon as devs responsible for this “mod” cut off their balls. This should help them understand target audience better.” rrrright…
            and also, why do you jump on the retard bandwagon when you where the *least* offender(the comment above) of the packs of stupid imbecilic redneck ignorant anime-haters that have been posting?

            evidently you know jack shit about target audience because this is a insanely awaited mod and GuP is a monster of a franchise.

            so “kid”(as i’m sure i’m much older than you, or at least you act like a kid anyway), FUCK OFF and GTFO

            • You are very lucky that SS tolerates your language, which is far worse than mine.
              As well as in other places where ppl are entitled to their opinion and a right to speak their mind – as in here , i spoke my mind , and you , whatever your name/age (like i give a fck) is, you can GTFO , bcos this isnt your thread to act like it is.

              So, grow up kid , bcos ur behaving like one .


              As for “fuck off”, im sure that you dont have the balls to say it to anyone in the face IRL, but here you are cocky…

        • 8th ms team? Me want! Would be better if someone made one from zz (imo pretty funny)

          • well 8th MS is the most “realistic-ish militaristic” gundam, all the other have super bullshit emo-mutants and shiny light and flashes battles.
            8th ms is awesome they use ballistic weapons all the time, no bullshit “bullet avoiding” magic powers.
            and they even get taken down with RPGs!, how awesome is that!, they’re essentially tanks with legs!!

            BUT, i dont particularly remember much “clear” battle chatter in 8th MS hat would serve for a good voice pack :/

            • all the other have super BS emo mutants eh? i didnt notice much in crossbone (favourite series of mine)(except the part when they thought seabook was dead)….. i guess i should read up again.

              well if there aren’t enough battle chatter, why not replace it with exploding sounds of MS?

  12. All was fine for me until the ‘panzer vor’… I could never stand it. Nty WG, if i ever wanted to use a voicemod I’d be using the TG one…

    • After Lolek and Bolek voiceover , along with Calimero`s “It is injustice,it is” after being ammoracked


      loved Calimero, L&B not so much

  13. Good, now that they spent money on such useful and game improving feature, unlike crap servers no one really needs, when can we expect well-thought-out and “immersive” (no pun intended) official Pedobear-themed skin in HD?

    After all, you are either into this or otakuphob (sounds familiar?), no other way to look at things.

    Its black and white for you folks.


    • Yeah, it’s not like the people who made the voice pack are completely independent from the team that actually works on new game features AMIRITE GUISE!?!?!?


  14. I prefer the male Japanese voice-over we already have. This is just too annoying to listen to while battling.

  15. I admit I’m a TOTAL FAN of Girls und Panzer, I like Kuromorimine, Erika, Mio, etc… but NO THANK YOU!

    I’d rather put up with old crappy US and Russian voice than this disgusting piece o’ sh*t. Girls aren’t really for tanks… well except Russian and Israeli Garupans.

    • “Girls aren’t really for tanks.”

      *Remembers 17 year old Gefreiter, female, loading the gun of a Leopard 2A6*
      Oh, well, she was a teen not a girl, right? ;P

      As for Miho’s voice, a matter of preferences, as usual.
      Personally I have the habit of installing a random anime voice mod and then not reinstalling it with the next patch cause it got old/annoying.

  16. Under-age tank-loving girls much? No thanks.

    I have my Motoko Kusanagi w/ Tachikoma… =w=

  17. How many retards commenting on this post…..
    I mean, these retards know it’s a Mod right?
    Do these retards even know the definition of mods?
    Or how about put this in simple way.
    Want to use it? Use it.
    Don’t wanna? Don’t use it, ignore it and fuck off.
    It’s not like WG forced everyone to install this.

  18. Well I gotta say I was actually looking forward to this mod but now not anymore. Its just WAY too much kawai desu, I thought they would take it a bit more “serious” style. This is really only for hardcore otaku.


  20. What the hell is this? I never understood people that watch anime, but then again they can do what ever they want and I shouldn’t be judging them… But for me anime (some of them) looks like some kind of porn for kids or something. Everytime I saw a part of anime there were half naked female characters or some kind of freaks with a blade bigger than a bus. Naruto was cool when my brother watched it but dubbed on english. Non-dubbed anime is so annoying TO ME, like they’re being raped when they talk. The only thing I like from Japan and that part of Asia are Samurais with Katanas and their traditional bamboo/wooden houses that they used to have. This is just my opinion, but I’m sure more people don’t like this than do. Most of wier shit I’ve seen came from modern Japan, and that can’t be unseen.. To people (anime lovers) saying that this is optional and it wasn’t made by WG, yes, you are right but just as much you like it, other people hate it. And there are more of those that hate it. Didn’t mean to offend somebody, just writing my thoughts.

    • Oddly in my part of asia (or singapore at least) a lot of us hate english dubs… I cant explain exactly why but it just sucks. A lot. I’d rather read the subs then mute the goddamn episode.

      • english dubs of anime sound like B-movie porn, ALL of them, english is not a language made for correctly expressing feelings via voice like the myriad of japanese onomatopeyas and inflections they use.
        so when they try and dub it, it ends up as the moanings of a porn flick, period.
        In fact, if i blindfolded you and made you hear to a porn movie and a english anime dub, you’ll NEVER be able to tell the difference (same moans, same wooden voice acting, improper voice selection, etc etc).

        And this goes for ANY dub, not jpn->eng, when a material has been made with a certain voice, it must be watched/seen WITH the original voice, as that’s the only way that will maintain creative fidelity the way the creators intended you to see them(use subtitles if you must), EVEN if you don’t understand the original language.

    • Replay it while using “gamecam”. Then edit it in Windows Movie Maker. Then put it to youtube.

  21. Its interesting to see the bashing at Girls Und Panzer, As much as I like the anime and did tried a voiceover once during patch 8.4, I’ve got to say its borderlining annoying. I am a softcore Otaku and military enthusiast and in this case, without the colourful tanks and ceil shading, it just dosen’t fit and I prefer much sterner and rougher version of the national voice mode.

    I can understand those who bash this because its an anime and I do agree, anime are weird and not for everyone. But for those who goes as far as to say it’s socially wrong is going to far. Yes there are some borderlining 18SX scenes, but so is every mature movie out there, and I treat both as equal. Some animes are rated as 18SX and simply put it, its not for kids. Kids watching some animes are like letting watch Cloud Atlas(there are sci fi, explosion and nudes in that show). Shows like Higurashi, Guilty Crown, Clannad and Angel Beats are just beautiful shows that are animated, and just because it is animated doesn’t mean it has to be for kids. I do agree like everything, things that are taken to its extremity will prove wrong, that’s where Weeabos come in going as far as declaring Waifus and buying Dakimakuras; I like to read Nazi history but that dosen’t meaan I should gas every Jew that come in my way. Anime has a unique way of storytelling and Seig Heil at picture of Hitler night after night before bed. And in defense of Girls Und Panzer, its been pointed out by many historians including the Cheiftein as the most historically accurate tanks ever put into a show

  22. Instead of turret rotating sounds or complete sound overhaul because default ones sounds like shit, here have some of these underaged miniskirted squeaky voiced Weeaboo gurls. And it’s so awesome to watch the butthurt of all these faggots with anime avatars defending this sickness. *grabs a shield and sword* Let the flame wars begin.

  23. Now i demand that somebody should make a MLP themed voiceover! (Luna as german, Celestia as soviet, AJ as MURICAn, Twilight as chinese, Rarity as french, Pinkie as japanese and RD as brit)

  24. You guys talk too much. This shit for someone, heaven for others. How about about concentrate on how fucked might be the patch when they make it live. it’s nice and awesome now on test, but when they will launch it, it might fuck up everything, like 8.11 did. Anime non-lovers get over it, it’s optional, you don’t like it, don’t use it, they are not asking you money for it. PS: not a fan of this voiceover myself, and anime, but it’s all about preferences.

  25. This thing is nice. Time to go for some “Pantsu Vor!” :v
    Btw: I wonder if this voicepack has diffrerent voice for each nation? (like Maho’s voice for Ger, Katyusha’s for Russ….)

  26. This mod pack speak way too much
    Even for me who enjoys this show and anime in general

    so meh, may have it for shit & giggle for a while then get back to something more bearable
    imo the unofficial GuP voice mod is still better than this

  27. The amount of butt hurt here is amusing. Though I prefer my KanColle VP, the knee-jerk reaction to a mod developed by the WG Japan team is priceless. Granted, it was because of the current link between GuP and WoT for their own target audience (Japanese players and those who watched the anime) and the fact their own money and collaboration allowed them to make this.

    And then there are people saying “They should’ve spent their money more wisely to upgrade x feature.”

    They did. This was from the WG Japan office, I doubt they had much actual programming input for anything but an official mod.

    It’s not being ‘forced’ onto anyone, but people misconstrue “WG Made This” into “YOU HAVE TO INSTALL THIS NOW OR YOUR GAMEPLAY SUFFERS” rather than “Hey you GUP Fans out there, we collaborated with the VA because it’s a mutual partnership between our office here in Japan and the studio. Have fun!”

    It’s a reminder that somewhere, someone will take a perfectly normal hobby, and demonize it. Hell I get the same thing when I go shooting.

    • Agreed. Don’t want it, don’t get it, no one is forcing you, no need to bitch and whine about whether it is ‘gay’… I mean I don’t mind people saying what is wrong with it but just saying it ‘gay’ or very short worded answers really isn’t constructive at all. Personally I think they should give a more of a ‘radio’ sounding tone to it to make it seem more like they are speaking to each other through a radio, etc…

  28. I can appreciate a good anime, and GuP was, at the very least, entertaining, but these voice-overs sound annoying. The lines are too long and voices are too high-pitched. It’ll give most people headaches after a few rounds. Not all the characters in the anime sounded like that. Couldn’t they pick a better voice actress for the job?

    I’ve heard unofficial GuP voice mods which sounded better and even had voices for when the gun is ready to fire. I hope this is not the only version they release. With the fanatical loyalty of some fans of specific characters, there might be more versions.

    • I’m assuming they actually used Mai Fuchigami, and her voice is really highly pitched. And yes some of the fan made ones are better sounding, considering I helped test and evaluate the early ones.

      • I’ve read that this is just part one. Hopefully, the next ones will sound better. It can’ be helped if the voice is as it is, but I hope they make the lines more brief.

  29. People need to relax and realise that this is an international game. Never mind anime fans that might like this, what about the people who actually live in Japan, play the game and by all account spend a hell of a lot of money on it?
    Funny how people can be such bigoted idiots over something so trivial.